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The Benefits Of Outdoor-free Play In Children's Development    By: Andy
Outdoor free play is essential for children's overall development. It provides numerous physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language benefits.(read entire article)(posted on: 2023-01-29)
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কিভাবে একটি ভালো পরিবার গড়ে তোলা যায়    By: SOUVIK
একটি পরিবার গড়ে তোলা একটি পরিপূর্ণ এবং ফলপ্রসূ অভিজ্ঞতা হতে পারে। একটি সফল পরিবার তৈরি এবং বজায় রাখার জন্য, কিছু মূল নীতি এবং অনুশীলন রয়েছে যা বিবেচনা করা দরকার। এর মধ্যে রয়েছে শক্তিশালী যোগাযোগ দক্ষতা বিকাশ, ইতিবাচক সম্পর্ক গড়ে তোলা, পারস্পরিক শ্রদ্ধার পরিবেশ তৈরি করা, আর্থিক দায়িত্ব বোঝা এবং স্বাস্থ্য ও নিরাপত্তাকে অগ্রাধিকার দেওয়া।(read entire article)(posted on: 2023-01-25)
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The Dark Triad Of Personality    By: ImPerfect By- Urveez Kakalia
It is a well-known as well as an established phenomenon that every individual possesses a dark side rooted in their personality which has certain negative qualities. However, as a result of this dark side, some of the personalities might contain several offensive and malevolent qualities which might interfere with the norms of society, communication patterns, style of living, code of conduct and healthy adjustment to a community.(read entire article)(posted on: 2023-01-20)
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The Benefits Of Playground Markings In Schools    By: Signet Play
Playground markings in schools provide many benefits to children's development. These markings can be used to create a variety of games and activities that encourage physical activity, improve cognitive skills, and enhance social and emotional development. Playground markings act as a guide for children, providing them with a safe and controlled environment to run, jump, and play in. They also provide an opportunity for children to learn and practice important skills such as counting, spelling, problem-solving, cooperation, communication, and self-expression. Signet Play is a playground marking company in the UK that offers a range of playground markings specifically designed for schools and educational institutions. They provide a wide range of games and activities that are fun and stimulating for children and help them to develop important life skills.(read entire article)(posted on: 2023-01-12)
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How To Get Pregnant With Pcos: Treatment Options    By: Budget Fertility
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that interferes with more than just your fertility; you might first be diagnosed with PCOS when trying to get pregnant. This is because it's a common and treatable cause of infertility in women.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-12-23)
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Top Seven Advice For Parents Of Preschoolers For Better Parenting    By: vorphy
Children's academic, social, and emotional development is promoted by good parenting. You can encourage a child's full development by using these top parenting tips for pre-schoolers.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-10-07)
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How To Lock Your Android App With Multiple User Limits For The Kids    By: Excellentrank
One of the great things about owning an Android smartphone is that you can install many different apps. However, one downside to this freedom is that your kids can also install many apps on your device that you may not want them to access. This article will show you how to lock your Android app with multiple user limits so the kids can't access it without your permission.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-10-06)
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Why Do Newborns Sleep So Damn Much?    By: David
Our article is about newborn babies and why do they sleep so much. All the detail information about their sleeping schedule and all their sleeping habits and their reasons. Have you been wondering why your baby seems to be sleeping so much? Or does he or she appear fussy, cranky, and irritable? Here we have shared all the reasons that newborns sleep so much, so now you can know why your baby is waking up at night often, what are the causes for this and how to stop it. Most unseasoned parents give a great deal of thoughtfulness regarding the rest their children get, continuously trusting (fingers crossed!) that each short-term stretch gets somewhat longer. Obviously, your little one will ultimately get an entire evening of closed eye, yet infant and child rest for the most part falls inside a reach and differs by age. And keeping in mind that it's enticing to contrast your angel and your companion's, realize that your sweetie's rest plan is exceptional to her, very much like her lovable nose. In any case, in the event that you're considering how much rest children need and whether yours is in good shape, read on for more about how long a day your child ought to be dozing and how to let know if your little one is resting excessively. As a new parent, it's almost alarming how capable babies are of sleeping nearly all day and all night long. You might be wondering how babies can sleep so much in the first place.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-10-06)
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Raising A Digitally Responsible Kid    By: Harshad Valia International School
As parents, we are constantly worrying about the safety of our children. We want to make sure they are well-rounded individuals who can survive worldwide, which also includes educating them on how to be responsible digital citizens. There are many ways to inculcate good digital habits in your children, and one of the most important aspects is to start early. You can commence this by setting basic rules and guidelines for your children from a very nascent age. This will not only help them develop healthy digital habits but also will stay with them throughout their online lives.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-14)
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All You Need To Know About Learning Styles    By: Harshad Valia International School
No one learning style fits all students, Every student has their own strategy that aids them to remember information more efficiently while studying. Some kids learn while they take notes; some make diagrams; some prefer to listen to the teacher attentively, etc.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-26)
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