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Pre-roll 101    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Consumers themselves were rolling joints before the advent of legal, regulated markets. With the proliferation of cannabis dispensaries, however, the demand for pre-rolled joints increased. In today's society, pre-rolls are the standard gift for cannabis enthusiasts and the first recommendation for those just starting out with the drug.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-21)
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Canada's Online Dispensaries: Pros And Cons    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
It's for good reason that the number of Canadians using online dispensaries keeps growing. Still, a sizeable minority of Canadians are unconvinced by these claims and stick to buying weed in brick-and-mortar shops instead of online. This is largely due to the fact that many customers are wary of buying cannabis online for fear of their personal information being stolen, while others are hesitant because they are unsure of the quality of the product they will receive. Others prefer the social atmosphere of brick-and-mortar dispensaries. However, this is only because they aren't considering the many positive aspects of Canadian online dispensaries. What, then, are these benefits?(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-21)
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What's The Real Difference Between Sativa Vs Indica Edibles?    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
The consensus view in the cannabis community holds that Indica strains have the most potent relaxing effects, including couch-lock and sedative influences. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are thought to be more upbeat, with focusing or energizing effects across the board. Because of this, hybrids fall in a gray area between the two extremes, with their characteristics ultimately determined by the "dominance" of Indica or Sativa in their genetic makeup.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-20)
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What Is Terpene Humulene And What Are Its Benefits?    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Terpenes are found in cannabis' glandular trichomes and leaves, like cannabinoids. Over 200 terpenes contribute to cannabis' aroma and impact patient treatment outcomes. Humulene is a non-cannabis herb and flower terpene. Like Pinene and Myrcene, it's essential to cannabis' aroma. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and appetite-suppressing properties.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-05)
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Why Are Cannabis Hybrids Popular?    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Cannabis hybrids are the latest trend. Crossbreds combine Sativa and Indica dominant plants to create a new strain. Breeders can mix two different species when hybridizing. This creates more balanced effects than mixing two stimulating Sativa strains.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-09-05)
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Guaiol And The Function Of Of Cannabis Terpene    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Pinene gives cannabis strains an evergreen and minty aroma. Pinene is a common and well-studied cannabis terpene. A less common terpene also adds pine flavors. This is the terpene guaiol, which has therapeutic benefits and appears in a few popular strains, albeit in small amounts.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-31)
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What You Need To Know About The Cannabis Concentrate Hash    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Sieved hashish is made from harvested and cured cannabis resin powder. Modern methods sift trichomes from plant material using fine mesh or silk. Mesh or fabrics with varying pore sizes help refine trichomes. The kief powder is pressed into flat, hard, or chalky hash bars, slabs, or bricks.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-31)
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Cannabis (marijuana) Concentrates 101    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
Trichomes are minute, mushroom-shaped, hair-like substances that coat cannabis plants. These growths, which round the developing marijuana flower, are where the plant makes its cannabinoids. Trichomes come in a variety of kinds that can be gathered. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, can be found in very high concentrations in the end products, which are typically referred to as cannabis concentrates. These marijuana products with a high THC content can be dabbed or evaporated and ingested with a vape pen.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-22)
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An Introduction To Using A Dab Rig    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
The marijuana industry and community have had a very successful twenty-first century. The fact that more and more states are finally legalizing marijuana shows how close it is to being as commonplace as wine or alcohol. You could have even wished to participate.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-22)
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What You Need To Know About Edibles    By: Sativa Bliss Canabis
The variety of cannabis edibles is enormous and keeps expanding. Gummies, brownies, cookies, hard candies, mints, beverages, capsules, soluble pills, and more are available. Exploring all of these possibilities can be a wonderful adventure, but edibles can also be daunting because of how much longer their effects endure compared to inhaling cannabis. And there's no going back once you consume them. So, before you start, here is what you should know.(read entire article)(posted on: 2022-08-22)
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