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Getting Started With Mern Stack Development: A Beginner's Guide

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What Is a Web Development Stack?
A web development stack is the collection of tools and technology used to build a website or web application. Web development stacks, also known as solutions stacks, are made up of all the programming languages, frameworks, libraries, servers, software, and other tools that Web Developers need to finish projects. While web developers are allowed to construct stacks that meet their specific needs, some tech stacks, such as the MERN stack, operate so well together that they have become industry standards. Web development stacks are frequently utilized by the same team, allowing them to work more efficiently, minimize unnecessary errors, and accelerate the development process.
What’s in the MERN Stack?
The MERN stack is one of the most widely used stacks in web development. It includes MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. Let's take a look at each component and what it does.
MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database application that is popular for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. When using structured query language (SQL) databases, ...
... you must declare and confirm a table schema each time you attempt to insert data. MongoDB, as a document database, maintains multiple documents in a single collection rather than the traditional tables and rows seen in relational databases. This enables many objects to be kept in a coherent manner using diverse sets of fields, which is very useful when dealing with complicated or real-time data.
That is only one of the many reasons for MongoDB's appeal; others include the ability to handle the most difficult requirements at any scale, the ability to store large amounts of data, and drivers accessible in dozens of languages. Web developers also like MongoDB because its ad hoc queries, indexing, and real-time aggregation offer significant data access and analysis capabilities. Because of these several enticing attributes, MongoDB has become the world's leading NoSQL database, with more than 28% of professional developers reporting frequent usage in 2024.
Check out more about Why you should learn MERN stack.
Express.js is a back-end framework that works with Node.js to create single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. Express.js, the most popular back-end framework among professional programmers, has grown in popularity because its powerful application programming interface (API) facilitates routing; the framework also aids in the organization of server-side web applications into the more manageable model-view-controller (MVC) architecture while remaining fast and lightweight. And because Express.js simply requires JavaScript, it's easy to create online applications and APIs.
React is a front-end JavaScript toolkit that creates user interface (UI) components for single-page applications. The library was designed by a Facebook software engineer to streamline the company's app, increase its performance, and simplify code maintenance; it was made available to the public under an open-source license in 2013 and has slowly grown in popularity since. In fact, React is now the most popular JavaScript library in use today, with over 40% of Web Developers polled by Stack Overflow claiming considerable use in the previous year. Developers choose React over other frameworks because its modular style allows them to alter individual components without having to update the entire website, reducing development time and simplifying maintenance.
Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment (RTE) designed for back-end development and based on Chrome's V8 engine. It enables JavaScript code to be executed outside of a web browser, allowing developers to rapidly create fast, scalable server-side web applications.
Node.js is frequently incorrectly referred to as a framework. Though the misconception is apparent, a framework and a runtime environment are two distinct concepts. A framework is a collection of tools that provide a standardized method of developing applications; it serves as scaffolding for an application, providing a consistent structure with solutions to some of the most frequent development difficulties already built into its architecture. In contrast, a runtime environment is a platform for executing commands. In this scenario, the Node.js RTE allows JavaScript to execute on the server side rather than just on the client side, as it was originally designed to do.
It's also worth noting that Node.js isn't a programming language, which is another widespread mistake. Node.js is designed to support a certain programming language—JavaScript—and its aim is to allow backend code to be written in JavaScript, but it is not a programming language in and of itself. It merely offers an environment in which JavaScript can operate.
Why Is the MERN Stack so Popular?
The MEAN and MERN stacks, for example, have a comparable composition to the MERN stack. While the other stacks have been around longer, the MERN stack has grown in popularity for a variety of reasons.
1. The World's Most Popular Library is encased in the MERN Stack.
The MERN stack's popularity stems in part from the inclusion of React, the world's most popular library. React has become an indispensable tool for web developers since it significantly simplifies the construction and management of an application's user interface (UI) while enhancing overall site speed.
2. The MERN Stack is simple to learn and use.
Another reason for the MERN stack's success is its ease of learning and use by Web Developers. MERN is a full-stack solution based on a single fundamental language: JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world. Because developers can program a full application from front to back using JavaScript alone, the MERN stack is significantly easier to understand and use than stacks that require knowledge of Python, Ruby, or PHP.
3. Several big companies operate on the MERN stack...
MERN stack's popularity has grown as high-profile organizations employ the technology to build their own websites and applications. Netflix, Uber Eats, Airbnb, Instagram, and Walmart are among the companies that presently employ the MERN stack. When significant, well-known firms utilize a given technology solution, its reputation is enhanced in the eyes of Web Developers; they now have multiple real-life case studies demonstrating the MERN stack's functionality, versatility, and dependability.
4. The MERN Stack Is Well-Supported
The MERN stack's prominence is also due in great part to the support of Facebook, the author of React, and a passionate user community. Though React was originally developed as an internal tool to optimize Facebook's UI and make the app easier to maintain, the library was made available as an open-source project only a few years later.
Because Facebook is the world's largest social media network, React attracted an immediate audience when it was published. Web developers started using React more frequently once they realized it was easier to understand and use than alternatives. There is currently a robust community that continues to provide vital support on sites such as Stack Overflow and Github, assisting each other in resolving any React-related issues.
5. The MERN Stack is a highly effective and reasonably priced solution.
The MERN stack's success is due in large part to the fact that it works. The MERN stack is extremely flexible and developer-friendly, making it simple for programmers to build a website or application from start to finish quickly and efficiently. It's also cost-effective because the complete stack is built with open-source solutions!
How You Can Learn the MERN Stack
Enrolling in web development classes that cover each of the MERN stack's four main components—MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node, is the best way to learn the Mern stack internship from any prestigious institute that can provide you with practical knowledge rather than theoretical.

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