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Why Breaker Boards Are Without A Doubt The Best Way To Install A Deck

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By Author: Damien Alcock
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Every outdoor enthusiast recognises the allure of a deck that compliments the home while blending in with the surroundings. But what is the key to creating a faultless deck that will survive the test of time? Simply put breaker panels. 

These unsung heroes are the gold standard for installations as a critical component of decking. If you've ever wished for the perfect balance of luxury and durability for your outdoor space, you've come to the right place. We don't only provide composite decking solutions at Ezy Decking; we create works of art. We're excited to share with you why breaker boards aren't just a good choice—they're the best, based on our extensive experience. 

Making Smooth Transitions

Imagine standing in a perfectly tailored suit and seeing a misplaced button. It's not just about the looks; it's also about the craftsmanship. Similarly, when it comes to decking, establishing a smooth design is critical. 

Designs for Continuous Decks

The beauty of a deck is in its uninterrupted movement. Every plank should stretch naturally, integrating with the next, producing a visually appealing and structurally solid expanse. Consider it a canvas on which to paint your outdoor moments. You don't want the canvas to be shattered, do you?

Why Are There Sudden Ends? You Didn't Make the Cut

Consider the jarring effect of a deck's abrupt ends. They not only disturb the visual continuity of the deck, but they can also jeopardise its integrity over time. It's like a story with an unanticipated, unsatisfying twist. You're engrossed, only to be quickly pulled out. Such interruptions on a deck can distract from its opulence and perhaps cause structural issues in the long run.

Rescue Using Breaker Boards

This is when breaker boards come into play. These stones are meticulously placed to guarantee that every plank exactly aligns, eliminating unsightly joints and reinforcing the entire construction. The end result? A deck that emanates elegance and speaks of high quality, providing you with an outside environment that not only looks great but is also made to last.

The breaker board serves as a lighthouse in decking, directing each plank to its proper place and ensuring an aspirational yet feasible design. You're not just building a deck with Ezy Decking; you're creating an outdoor legacy.

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Every deck, no matter how beautiful, faces a tremendous foe: Mother Nature's whims. Your deck is constantly at odds with the weather, from the blistering summer sun to the chilling winter winds, and the infrequent downpours in between.

Now, let's get a little technical—not too technical, I promise. The basic component of most decks, wood, has an intriguing behavior. Wood boards expand when exposed to dampness. In contrast, they contract in dry conditions. This constant dance of expansion and contraction can cause wear and tear over time. Consider wearing a pair of shoes that are continuously changing sizes; it will inevitably exhibit signs of distress sooner than you'd like!

However, this is where breakerboards come into play. Breaker boards act as silent guardians for your deck, providing much-needed help. These boards promote even wear distribution by segmenting the deck and allowing for controlled movement. The end result? A deck that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting. It's like giving your deck a foundation as strong as your passion for the great outdoors.

Improve Aesthetic Appeal

When you begin the adventure to create your outdoor retreat, you are sculpting a masterpiece that connects with your essence, not just a practical location. Your deck, in all its opulence, should reflect your ambitions, your hopes, and the peaceful times you adore.

Here's where breaker boards come in handy. They are the decking world's artists, not just construction marvels. Breaker boards provide a world of design possibilities. Consider using rhythmic patterns that dance in unison with the natural elements, or perhaps stark contrasts that speak to your daring personality. These boards allow you to experiment with designs that appear avant-garde but are actually the result of expert precision and your unique taste.

The magic, however, does not stop with patterns and contrasts. Breaker boards provide an unrivalled palette of customisation. Whether you choose a simple elegance or enormous luxury, breaker boards will complement your concept. They support your creative spirit by providing a blank canvas on which you can paint whatever you choose.

It's not just about laying down planks in the realm of decking; it's about curating an experience. An experience that not only feels luxurious, but also reflects your individual journey and style. 

Waste Reduction and Resource Efficiency

Here's something you might not know: decking projects, as gorgeous as they sound, frequently come with an unanticipated challenge: material waste. Consider this: lengths of high-quality wood that appear to be too short to be used are put to the sidelines, only to be discarded later. It is not only a financial hardship, but also an environmental concern. But what if we told you there was a way to turn these forgotten treasures into something spectacular?

Breaker boards come into play in this situation. These treasures allow you to make the most of those shorter pieces of decking material. Instead of throwing them away, breaker boards provide an attractive alternative by incorporating these pieces perfectly into the design of your deck. The devil is in the details, and with this technique, you're not just designing a deck, but a symbol of efficiency and luxury. 

Reduced waste can result in significant financial savings throughout the duration of a decking project. When those scraps of wood are used wisely, they can result in significant cost savings. It's like unearthing hidden savings that are just waiting to be discovered. But it's not just about the money; it's about adopting a sustainable mindset. Reduced waste means less impact on our valuable woods, matching your decking goals with the greater goal of environmental preservation.

Simplifying Deck Maintenance in the Future

Every deck owner will agree that keeping a clean deck isn't just about looks. It is about preserving that personal hideaway where you may connect with nature and relax after a hard day. The natural elements, from blinding sunlight to unrelenting storms, will eventually wear down even the most durable decks. This brings us to the looming difficulty that many are facing: the daunting process of deck maintenance and possible replacements.

Breaker boards divide your deck into more manageable portions rather than viewing it as a single monolithic thing. What does this have to do with you? Consider the possibility of detecting a slight fault or wear in a specific location of your deck. Instead of dealing with the daunting chore of renovating the entire space, you can easily change just that section, owing to the genius of breaker boards. It's the equivalent of mending a single tile rather than replacing a whole floor.

This leads to long-term benefits for the outdoor enthusiast in you that cannot be exaggerated. First and foremost, there is the indisputable luxury of time savings. Instead of spending numerous hours (or even days) on extensive repairs, you'll be able to enjoy your outdoor retreat again in no time. Then there's the financial benefit. Sectional replacements are always less expensive, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. But, perhaps most importantly, it's about peace of mind—knowing that the integrity of your deck remains unaffected and ready to withstand many more seasons.

Contact Ezy Decking

Ezy Decking provides premium quality composite decking boards with 10 years structural warranty to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW areas. Buy Now!

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