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Choosing Between Artificial Grass And Turf: A Guide

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By Author: Damien Alcock
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The choice between artificial grass and real turf makes a statement about the very surface that is beneath your feet. It all comes down to elegance, excellence, and a genuine desire to transform your garden into a tranquil haven. It is critical to comprehend the subtle distinctions between these two possibilities, regardless of your level of experience as a homeowner or where you are in the process of transforming your outside space. 

You're not alone in this choice because of Ezy Decking's extensive experience and our mutual desire for perfection. You are accompanied at every turn by a reliable companion.

Recall that each decision you make will get you one step closer to your dream outdoor hideaway. Let's give it our best. 

Synthetic Grass

It's clear that homeowners are growing more and more enamored with fake grass. However, why? 

Advantages of Synthetic Grass

Minimal Upkeep
The low care required by artificial grass is one of its most alluring features. Envision a lawn that ...
... relieves you of the tedious task of weekly artificial grass maintenance. Imagine an area that flourishes without requiring laborious fertilisation or frequent irrigation. Indeed, artificial grass affords you this convenience. You get to take back your weekends and enjoy your outdoor sanctuary more than working hard for it.

Regular Appearance

There's just something so charming about knowing that your lawn will always be a vivid shade of green, rain or shine, summer or winter. Artificial grass is not subject to the whims of the environment. Its year-round lushness, vibrancy, and aesthetic appeal guarantee that your outdoor area is always ready for impromptu get-togethers or peaceful times by yourself.


This grass is more than just any grass; it's a sturdy partner for your outdoor fantasies. Artificial grass offers a long-lasting connection with proper care, frequently remaining by your side for a solid ten to fifteen years. It's an investment that endures and grows in value with every year that goes by.

Negative aspects of synthetic grass

Absorption of Heat

Even though artificial grass is a marvel in many aspects, it is not without its problems. One of these characteristics is its propensity to hold onto heat, particularly on those sweltering summer days. So keep that in mind while you're organising those afternoons spent barefoot. However, you may simply overcome this obstacle if you have a little foresight and use outside carpets or strategically placed seating spaces.

Original Expenses

You already know that quality is not always cheap. Even with all of its advantages, artificial grass could initially be a bit pricey. That might be an investment worth making, though, if you take into account the long-term savings—imagine the lower water bills and the money saved on upkeep.

Advantages of Natural Lawn

Real-Life Experience

There's nothing like the feel of real grass. The gentle touch and energising aroma of freshly cut turf welcome you as soon as you step outside, bringing you right into the middle of nature. It is a sensory experience that cannot be duplicated by synthetic substitutes; it is more than just grass. Natural turf offers an unrivaled outdoor luxury for individuals who value authenticity.

Contribution to the Environment

This is the point at which your decision transcends your backyard. Selecting natural turf is a green choice that benefits the ecosystem. The production of oxygen is greatly aided by real grass, which makes breathing outside all the more rejuvenating. In addition, it supports a healthier ecology by acting as a natural carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide. In fact, your modest green space can be an eco-warrior, battling against threats to the environment.

Surface Cooler

Have you ever noticed how much cooler the outdoors feel, particularly in the sweltering summer months? Temperature regulation is innate in natural turf. This implies that your natural turf will provide a cooler, more comfortable surface for you to relax on during those sunny days outside, enhancing the quality of your outdoor experiences.

The Negatives of Natural Turf

Elevated Upkeep

Although there is no denying the beauty of natural turf, it does have several drawbacks. It needs to be regularly mowed, watered, and occasionally treated to keep its lush appearance. Imagine it as tending to a live thing; it will flourish with proper care but may wither away if not. But because of Ezy Decking's extensive knowledge, you'll learn effective techniques to maintain your grass and make sure it stays the talk of the neighborhood.

Dependency on Water

Although it can be somewhat thirsty labor, a gorgeous green lawn is a delight to behold! Natural turf requires regular watering, particularly in drier conditions. Sometimes, this will show up in your water bills. Achieving a balance is crucial; you may want to think about creative irrigation techniques or choose grass varieties that are appropriate for your area's environment.

Things to Take Into Account While Making a Decision

Choosing the correct material for your outdoor retreat requires consideration of environmental concerns, affordability, and usefulness in addition to beauty. It's an assurance for the future. Let's talk about the crucial elements you need to consider before making your choice.

Use and Objective

"What's the primary purpose of my outdoor space?" is a question you should ask yourself. Is it a place where your kids can play, a place to unwind on the weekends, or a place where your pets may run around freely?

For Kids: Take into account the safety and softness of the ground if you see yourself and your kids having a great time playing on sunny afternoons. Natural turf might be a great option because of its cool, cushiony texture. Nonetheless, artificial grass is a strong competitor because of its resilience, which guarantees that it can endure the rigors of vigorous play.

For Recreation: Are you going to perform yoga outside or tanning? While natural turf offers that genuine touch and sense of connection with nature, artificial grass can provide a consistently level and comfortable surface all year long.

About Pets: Hey, animal lovers! Listen up! Pets can occasionally be a little rough on grass. Although natural grass may feel more comfortable under their paws, artificial grass is resilient to digging attempts and stays green throughout the year—even if Fido chooses to play rough.

Financial Considerations

Don't just glance at your finances; take a serious look. Consider the long term even though the initial cost of artificial grass may be more than that of natural turf.

Costs Up Front: Artificial grass may be expensive at first, but there are benefits as well.

Long-Term Expenditures: Natural turf requires constant watering, mowing, and fertiliser, which adds up over time. On the other hand, artificial grass saves you more money over time because of its huge cost reduction after the original installation.

Stance on the environment

You probably have a soft place for Mother Nature if you enjoy being outside. Thus, consider your responsibilities to the environment.

Water Consumption: During the hot summer months, natural turf particularly benefits from water. Artificial grass, on the other hand, never loses its color, making it a blessing in drought-prone locations.

Sustainability: There's no denying that natural grass benefits the environment by producing oxygen and sustaining little ecosystems. It is a living, breathing thing.

Installing and Maintaining Tips

Synthetic Grass

It takes more than simply selecting the ideal kind of grass to create the ideal outdoor retreat—perfect installation and careful maintenance are also essential. Thus, here's how to do it perfectly if you decide to go with artificial grass' allure of low maintenance:

Best Practices for Installation:

Base Setup: Begin by tidying the space. A solid foundation, ideally composed of a blend of broken rock, guarantees appropriate drainage and offers a level surface. The lifespan of your artificial grass might be greatly impacted by this initial stage.

Seaming: Make sure the grass blades point in the same way while placing multiple rolls of grass. Press the seams together using high-quality adhesives or seam tapes. The idea is to make them nearly undetectable so that your grass appears seamless.

Sand infill should be applied uniformly. This keeps your grass fixed and upright while also giving it a natural sensation underfoot.

Maintaining Pristine:

Steer clear of Heavy Objects: Prolonged exposure to weighty objects might cause the blades of grass to get flattened. If this occurs, their upright posture can be restored with a little brush.

Treat Stains Very Once: Although artificial grass is generally stain-resistant, spills should be cleaned up very once using a solution of mild detergent and water to preserve the grass's pristine appearance.

Regular Rinsing: The brightness of your grass can be diminished by dust, pollen, and other pollutants. Its revitalising lushness can be preserved with a once-monthly washing.

Organic Turf

Natural turf is charming because it's genuine, but it takes a little know-how and commitment:

Getting Ready for Soil and Planting:

Soil Testing: It's important to know the pH and nutrient profile of your soil before you plant. Most grass species have an optimum pH of 6.0 to 7.5.

Tilling: Move the upper four to six inches of soil. This aeration may really improve things by giving your seeds a comfortable place to take root.

When seeding, pick a kind of grass that will grow well in your climate and be used. After equally dispersing the seeds, gently scrape the dirt to make sure they are well covered.

Hints for the health of vibrant turf

Mowing Advice: Never chop off more than one-third of a grass blade at once. This keeps your lawn thick and lessens the likelihood of weeds by preserving the strength of the grass.

Watering Method: In order to encourage the development of deeper roots, water deeply and infrequently. The best time is early in the morning since it minimises evaporation and delays the start of grass illnesses.

Annual Aeration: This could be the key ingredient that many people miss. Little holes pierced through the earth allow nutrients, water, and air to reach the grassroots. This promotes deeper root growth and stronger, more robust lawn growth.

Contact Ezy Decking Today!

Ezy Decking provides premium artificial grass & synthetic installation services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW areas. Call us today!

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