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Consider Shade When Cleaning Artificial Grass: A Simple Guide

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By Author: Damien Alcock
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 It's a luxurious feeling, isn't it? But like any luxury, your artificial turf deserves some care. Whether it's the happy dance of sunny mornings or the peaceful embrace of dark evenings, your garden is the canvas on which you paint your dreams. But these dreams require a little reality: maintenance.
Artificial turf has revolutionised modern homes. It promises an evergreen oasis without the hassle of traditional gardening. Our goal at Ezy Decking has always been to combine nature with the desires of the homeowner. Our passion is not just to sell a product, but also to support dreams, nurture desires and bring homes closer to the tranquillity of nature. 

The fact is that while artificial turf requires little maintenance, it is not “maintenance free.”Correct! To make it last and look as good as the first day, you need to treat it with a little love and care. That's why we're here to accompany you.

Why Is Proper Cleaning Important?

1. Improving ...
... Your Home's Visual Appeal

Go out and imagine what your guests will see after their visit. The exterior of your home is the first impression, and like a well-tailored suit or a perfectly fitting dress, your garden sets the scene. Clean, vibrant grass provides more than just visual appeal – it breathes life, character and warmth into your home. It's not just about maintenance; It's about getting the dream home you've always dreamed of. Imagine the lush greenery glistening in the sun after you have been thoroughly cleaned, almost as if it were winking at the sky.

A home's outdoor appeal often shapes the perception for the interiors. As the saying goes, "First impressions last." Keeping your artificial grass spick and span ensures that this impression remains consistently delightful.

2. Increasing the Life of Your Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf, like the valuables in your home, is an investment. Time, natural elements and regular use can cause wear and tear. Today, good cleaning is not just an aesthetic issue, but a promise for the future. It ensures that green spaces remain flexible, fresh and attractive for many years. 

In 25 years of helping homeowners realise their outdoor dreams, we've found that those who maintain their lawn regularly enjoy its beauty much longer than those who neglect it.It's the small efforts that often lead to lasting success.

3. Providing a Secure and Clean Play Area for Children and Pets

Do you remember the childhood memories of playing on the lawn, the joyful moments of watching the animals play? Your artificial turf is not just a design element; It is an oasis of memories. By cleaning your playground regularly, you can ensure that it is free of dirt, allergens, and anything else that could be harmful. Every workaround, every cleaning will ensure that laughter continues to feel safe and joyful. 

If artificial turf is not maintained, it can accumulate dirt, debris and even small objects that can be dangerous. Regular cleaning will minimise this risk and create a safer gaming environment.

4. Defending Your Investment

When you choose artificial turf, you have chosen a lifestyle: a harmonious combination of luxury, comfort and beauty. However, like any investment, it requires protection. A good cleaning is like a shield that protects not only the weeds, but also the dreams and memories associated with them. 

Think of cleaning artificial turf like servicing your car. The better you care for it, the longer and more efficiently it will serve you.You wouldn't buy a luxury car without ever servicing it. Treat your lawn with the same respect.

The Benefits of Regular Brushing
Imagine running barefoot across the lawn, with every blade of grass bouncy and bouncy, almost making you want to dance. This feeling of wealth and joy of life that it evokes is a testament to his well-being. And do you know the secret of this joy? This involves gentle care through regular brushing.

Why Brushing Is Important

Any work of art, no matter how durable, requires regular attention. Your artificial turf is no exception. If left unattended, it may lose its aesthetic appearance and become dull and full of dirt. Brushing your teeth isn't just a chore; It is a labour of love that makes each synthetic strand look big, proud and beautiful, reflecting the spirit and dreams of your home.

Choosing a Brush

Now before you run to the shed and grab the first broom you find, pause for a moment. Your lawn deserves finesse. Choose a broom with soft bristles. While stiff bristles may seem effective, they can be too abrasive and damage delicate fibres. It's like using a thick brush to create a delicate painting. The damage can be irreversible.Remember, the goal is stroking, not rubbing.

Brushing Method

This is where the magic happens. He stands at the edge of the grass with the broom in his hand and thinks about the direction of the blades of grass. They have a natural inclination, a favourite dance move if you will. Always brush in this direction. This means you can not only be sure that dirt is effectively removed, but also that every blade swings harmoniously when stationary.This maintains softness and prevents the fibres from becoming flat and lifeless.

Spot Cleaning - Quick Solutions for Unintentional Spills

Life in all its unpredictable beauty sometimes spills onto the immaculate artificial turf. Whether it's a fun wine night with friends, an ink art activity for kids, or an unexpected accident, spills can be disheartening. But with immediate action and a little knowledge, your oasis will remain intact. 

Immediate action is key: Just as timely sewing can save you nine hours, acting immediately when you notice a leak can save you many hours of thorough cleaning. In the world of artificial turf, timing is the golden secret to maintaining its appeal. Cleaning up spills quickly will prevent them from accumulating and keep your lawn looking bright green. 

Cleanse, apply, rub and rinse: Here's a four-step mantra worth following. Start by gently wiping the spill with a clean cloth and absorbing as much as possible. Then apply a mild cleanser diluted with water to the affected area. Using a soft brush, gently scrub in circular motions, being careful not to damage the grass fibers.Finally rinse with cold water. Thanks to this cycle, the escape will not have time to become a permanent presence in the Garden of Eden.

Your safety net – Mild cleaning agent: In the huge world of cleaning agents, the mild cleaning agent is your faithful companion. It is gentle on grass and effective against stains. We recommend always having a bottle on hand, but it is very important to avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals.They can be too abrasive, affecting the turf's vibrant colour and durability. 

For stubborn stains: Every owner knows them: stains that cannot be removed. But here's a little secret from our experience: A mixture of equal parts vinegar and water can be magical. Especially when it comes to stubborn culprits like wine and ink, this age-old solution works wonders to restore your lawn to its original beauty.

Monthly Deep Cleansing: A Longevity Ritual

As with any precious object, there is a secret to discovering its timeless beauty. Thorough cleaning, done carefully and consistently, is the magic spell that keeps the magic alive. Let me explain a ritual that we have perfected on our long journey into the world of decking:

Use a hose: First, spray the artificial turf gently but thoroughly with water. It's not just about wetting the surface; It's about preparing the canvas. This step loosens surface dirt and prepares the grass for a thorough cleaning. 

The Gentle Touch: If the grass is wet, apply a mild cleaning solution. Here's a tip from our treasure: choose environmentally friendly solutions. You are kind to your country and respectful of our planet. Distribute the detergent evenly. Imagine massaging it and letting the herb absorb the nutrients.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Now use a soft brush to gently scrub the weeds. The movement should be strong enough to combat the dirt but gentle enough not to damage the lawn. Remember, it's like stroking the hair of someone you love. You can be confident that every blade receives the care it deserves.

The Grand Finale - Rinse: After brushing, spray water on the lawn again and make sure all of the cleaner has been rinsed away. When the water is clear, you will see the fruits of your labour: a piece of living, clean and animated greenery. 

Wisdom for Sunny Days: In summer, always choose early morning or late evening for this task. This not only prevents possible damage to the lawn from the hot sun, but also ensures that the water does not evaporate too quickly and that thorough rinsing is possible.

Warfare Against Weeds

Imagine your own beautifully designed outdoor oasis, where every blade of artificial turf stands tall and proudly reflects the delicate hues of the setting sun. But then, like an unexpected guest, a single weed grows on the edge and tries to disrupt the peaceful landscape. As surprising as it may sound, even the modern miracle of artificial turf is not immune to the tenacity of nature's rebels: weeds. 

Over the years we have worked at Ezy Decking, we have seen some raise eyebrows when the mention of weeds on artificial turf comes up. ,,As?! " they ask. The truth is that while an artificial marina reduces the need for constant maintenance, it is not an impregnable fortress. Weeds are insidious; they look for small gaps and edges and want to reclaim their territory.

Weed Killers That Aren't Chemical

Before you consider starting chemical warfare, stop and think. Do you remember the passionate dream of an ecological and aesthetic outdoor space? Let's not contaminate it with harsh herbicides. Instead, opt for natural herbicides. A solution of vinegar, salt, and dish soap can work wonders and help get rid of these pesky intruders.This is an effective mixture that will ensure your lawn remains pristine and the environment intact.

Examine and Prevent

If we would like to give one golden piece of advice based on our extensive experience, it is this: always be wary of the limits. Regular checks, especially of the lawn edges, can prevent large-scale infestation. It is on these edges, which are often least noticed, that the weeds want to make their first move.

So check regularly. If you notice weeds growing, take care of them immediately.Acting now will save you the hassle of additional cleaning.

Pets and Synthetic Grass 

Anyone who owns a pet knows that damage can occur. In addition to their apparent ugliness, pet injuries can lead to unpleasant odours and hygiene problems if left untreated. The textured shine of artificial turf prevents these contaminants from penetrating deeply, making cleaning easier. Key here? News.Resolving the situation immediately is the golden key to preserving the original charm of your garden.

Techniques for Quick and Simple Cleaning

Immediate disposal: As soon as you notice faeces, take a plastic bag or scoop and remove it. It's simple and ensures that the chaos doesn't have time to calm down and spread.


Rinsing is essential: After removing solid contaminants, a quick rinse with a hose ensures that all residue is removed. This simple step will go a long way in keeping your lawn clean and odour-free.

Enzyme Cleaner: From time to time, especially if you notice a persistent unpleasant odour, it is worth using a natural enzyme cleaner.These cleaning products break down organic matter, preventing odours and bacteria from persisting. It's not just an aesthetic problem; It's about creating a safe play environment for your pets and family.

Creating a Pet Zone
Here's a little tip from our experience: Consider allocating a specific spot in your garden for your pets. Not only does this exercise them, but it also ensures that clutter stays in one place, making maintenance much easier. Place his favourite toy or present this area to him while he plays, and he will soon recognize it as his favourite spot. This minimises overall maintenance over time and ensures that the majority of the lawn remains in pristine condition.

Turf Protection from Heavy Items and Burns

You see, heavy objects may look pretty on a green background, but they can be the equivalent of a high heel on a wooden floor: they leave their mark. Over time, these bumps can rob your lawn of its youthful charm. At Ezy Decking, we believe every homeowner deserves an outdoor space that not only looks pristine, but also stands the test of time.

The Heavyweight Problem

Every time you place heavy objects on your lawn, it's like putting pressure on a spring. Once released, the spring does not always spring back perfectly. Therefore, get into the habit of moving objects such as furniture regularly. This simple mixture prevents the weight from concentrating in one place for too long and gives the lawn the breathing space it needs. If you like to change room layouts frequently, this could be the design challenge you've been waiting for. Create a new look for your garden every month!

Reflect and shield

The sun may be the best natural photo filter for Instagram, but it can also be a silent destroyer. Have you ever noticed how mirrors or reflective surfaces can increase sunlight? This increased sunlight directed at your lawn can literally burn it. It's like using a magnifying glass under the sun. 

Pay particular attention during the sunniest hours of the day where these reflective burns may occur.Regularly checking and adjusting nearby reflective surfaces can save you a lot of heartache.

Keep an eye on your grass.

For those who love the idea of relaxing outdoors on luxurious furniture, here's a golden gem from our quarter-century of experience: Consider using rubber mats under the feet of outdoor lights. Not only does this distribute the weight and avoid those dreaded impacts, but it also adds a layer of protection for extra durability.

Heat Management

Ah, those sunny days when the golden rays of the sun decorate everything they touch. While this brilliant dance of the sun can be unforgettable, it can also transfer unwanted heat to artificial turf, making it look more like a hot pan than a peaceful, green oasis. 

Based on our extensive experience on the Gold Coast, we have found that one of the least known properties of artificial turf is its tendency to heat up significantly. Especially when you spend many hours under the incessant influence of the summer sun.

The Easy Hose-Down

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. On particularly hot days, lightly moisten the lawn with water. It's amazing how a short hose can instantly cool a surface, making it pleasant and comfortable for barefoot walks or impromptu picnics.

Why it works: Artificial turf does not have the natural cooling properties of real grass. Real grass stays cool by absorbing water from the soil. Mimicking this effect by sprinkling artificial grass on top can help eliminate some of the accumulated heat.

Consider the Shade

If your lawn is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, it is worth considering adding shade elements. This can be an elegant pergola, strategically placed parasols or even tall plants. Not only does this keep the lawn cooler, but it also adds an aesthetic element to the garden. Imagine sipping a cool drink in the shade as the artificial turf cools beneath your feet, enjoying the gentle embrace of a windy afternoon.

Why it's a game-changer: Shading devices serve as a barrier between the relentless sun and the lawn.They reduce direct exposure and thus control the temperature. In addition, they improve the aesthetics of the outdoor area by combining function and form.

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