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As A Busy Accounting Professional, Prioritise The Growth Of Your Practice By Making Time For It

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By Author: Damien Alcock
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In today's competitive landscape, expanding your accounting business is essential for long-term success. However, the reality is that time constraints and numerous challenges often leave accounting professionals struggling to find the hours needed to focus on growth. 

The Importance of Practice Growth
As an accounting firm, it's essential to keep growing your practice to attain success and remain competitive in the market. Practice growth can bring an array of benefits to your business, such as increasing revenue, attracting new clients, enhancing reputation, and staying ahead of your competitors.

One of the significant benefits of practice growth is increased revenue. As your firm continues to grow, so do your client base and the services you offer. This leads to more business and increased revenue for your practice. A great example is a firm that started as a small business accounting practice, but through strategic business efforts, it grew its client base and ...
... increased yearly revenue by over 50 percent. The revenue growth resulted from the firm's efforts to offer additional services, including audit, tax, and financial services.

Attracting new clients is another significant benefit of practice growth. As your accounting firm grows its operations, it gets exposure to other clients in the market, making it easier to attract new clients. One accounting firm was able to double its client base in six months by expanding its services and increasing its online presence. With an increase in clients, their sales revenue and reputation grew significantly.

Reputation enhancement is another benefit of practice growth. A good reputation is vital in attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. As your accounting firm grows, so does its exposure, which provides an opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise. This was the case with an accounting firm that had been struggling to attract clients, but after expanding its services and focusing on client satisfaction, it experienced an increase in referrals and positive reviews, which, in turn, enhanced the firm's reputation.

Staying ahead of competitors is yet another benefit of practice growth. As your accounting firm expands its services, it gains an edge over its competitors. With more areas of expertise, you can offer your clients better services, which ensures they remain loyal to your firm. This was the case with an accounting firm that diversified its services, including introducing cloud-based accounting, alongside traditional accounting practices. By expanding their services, they outpaced their competitors and ultimately grew their client base. 

Challenges and Time Constraints
It is not uncommon to be faced with multiple challenges and time constraints on a daily basis. These challenges can range from heavy workloads, unrelenting client demands, and the pressure of tax season. Juggling all these demands while still maintaining a work-life balance can leave one feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at Jane, an accounting professional who was tasked with handling the accounts of a rapidly expanding startup. Jane was thrilled to work with a startup and was excited about the challenge of helping them grow. But, as the months went by, the workload increased, and the deadlines became tighter. Her schedule was always full, and she was struggling to find time for anything else.

Jane knew that if she didn’t find a way to manage her workload and maintain a work-life balance, she would soon be burnt out. She started by prioritising her tasks and delegating some of them to her team members. This helped to reduce her workload and free up some time for her to take on some new projects.

Another challenge that Jane faced was the pressure of tax season. During these times, her workload tripled, and her clients’ demands grew even more. However, Jane found a way to manage this challenge by starting early and breaking down her workload into smaller tasks. This helped her to stay on schedule and meet all her clients’ demands without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall, Jane’s story is a testament to the fact that accounting professionals can face multiple challenges and time constraints. However, by prioritising their tasks, delegating some responsibilities, and breaking down their workload into smaller tasks, they can maintain a work-life balance while still delivering on their professional responsibilities. 

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles 
Have you ever felt like something was holding you back from achieving your personal or professional goals? Maybe you have identified the obstacles, but you are hesitant to overcome them. Or perhaps you are unsure what the hurdles are that you need to jump over. Whatever the case may be, if you are an accountant, you are likely to face some challenges on your journey toward growth and success.

Fear of Change
One of the primary obstacles that hinder accounting practice growth is fear of change. Many accountants feel comfortable with the traditional methods of accounting they have been using for years and are slow to adapt to new technologies or processes. In addition, new software and procedures may seem costly, complicated, or risky. However, embracing change is necessary to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in the market. Besides, with the advent of advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain, accountants must stay up-to-date with the latest developments or risk becoming obsolete.

Lack of Confidence
Another obstacle that can hold back accounting practice growth is a lack of confidence.
Accounting can be a complex field, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure about one's capabilities. Many accountants feel like they are not technically proficient enough to handle some of the challenging tasks they face. This lack of confidence can also make it difficult to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, or even management.

Limited Resources
Limited resources can also hinder accounting practice growth. While it is normal to face budgetary constraints, it can be more challenging for small- and medium-sized firms. They may not have substantial marketing budgets, the latest technologies, or the best talent. These resources are critical to the growth and success of any accounting firm. Lack of resources can lead to missed opportunities, low employee morale, and decreased growth.

Overcoming the Obstacles
Recognising and addressing these obstacles is vital to achieving growth and unlocking your potential. Here are some tips to overcome the obstacles:

Embrace Change
Change is inevitable, and embracing it is one way to overcome the obstacle of fear. Technology is revolutionizing the accounting field, making it more efficient and effective. By embracing these changes, small business accountants can grow their practices by providing robust solutions and services that meet client’s needs, such as data visualisation, machine learning, and data management.

Boost Your Confidence
To overcome the lack of confidence, read widely and research issues you are uncomfortable with, attend training sessions or collaboration with peers, and strive to learn new skills in your practice area. Getting feedback from your clients, stakeholders, and team members can also help you recognise your strengths and weakness, and enable you to address any areas where improvement is needed.

Leverage on Available Resources
Limited resources can be overcome by leveraging available resources such as outsourcing, hiring part-time contractors, and using social media platforms to promote services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Joining professional bodies and attending conferences or local meetings is a great way to network and leverage the knowledge and expertise of others. 

Tips for Making Time 
Time management has become a critical skill in today's fast-paced business environment. With numerous distractions and competing priorities vying for your attention, it's easy to let important tasks slip away. However, if you want to be successful, you must learn to manage your time effectively. The following practical tips can help you make the most of your time and achieve your goals.

1. Set Achievable Goals
One of the most essential aspects of time management is setting achievable goals. Start by breaking down your long-term objectives into smaller, manageable steps; this will make it easier to track your progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to prioritise your goals according to their importance and urgency, and create deadlines for each step along the way. This method will help to keep you on track and motivate you to achieve your objectives.

2. Delegate Non-Core Tasks
Delegating non-core tasks to team members or outsourcing partners is an excellent way to manage your time effectively. When you focus on strategic initiatives rather than tasks that can be handled by someone else, you can achieve much more. Moreover, it is also helpful for increasing productivity and team member satisfaction. By delegating tasks, you simultaneously empower your team and save time, allowing you to concentrate on core business goals that require your unique expertise.

3. Automate Routine Tasks
Automation can save you a significant amount of time and energy, especially regarding accounting processes. Accounting software and automation tools can help streamline tasks and reduce the margin of error associated with manual efforts. By using these tools, you can achieve greater accuracy and increase operational efficiency, freeing time for more productive activities. As such, automation can be particularly helpful when dealing with repetitive tasks that require a significant amount of time and effort.

4. Utilise Networking Opportunities
Networking is an excellent way to build strong professional relationships and grow your business. Whether it’s attending conferences and industry events or joining online communities, networking presents opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about new developments in your field. By expanding your network, you can build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy professional, which can lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.

Wrap Up!
The path to success may be riddled with challenges and busy schedules, but it's crucial to invest in your practice's growth. Setting aside time for expansion, embracing small goals, delegating work, automating tasks, and leveraging networking opportunities will lead you to new horizons of success.

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