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Deliciously Fascinating Cheesecake Facts That Will Spark Your Interest

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Although cheesecake is a widely adored dessert, there is much more to it than meets the eye when you order cheesecake online for delivery. This irresistible treat has an intriguing history and science behind it that you might not be aware of, from its beginnings to contemporary variations.

People enjoy cheesecake because of its delicious flavor and smooth texture. Although almost everyone enjoys nibbling on a sweet slice of cheesecake, they are unaware that this dessert contains much more than just cheese, calories, and sugar. You will love cheesecake even more after reading these incredible facts about it.

1. Protein, vitamins, and other nutrients

A single 8-inch New York cheesecake (approximately 1,200 g) contains approximately 3,900 calories. It is a nutrient-dense food with over 300 g of total carbohydrates and approximately 67 g of protein. Aside from that, it contains 274 g of fat, vitamin D (6.1 mcg), calcium (620 mg), iron (7.7 mg), and potassium (1,094 mg).

2. New York did not invent cheesecake

The New York-style cheesecake is well-known throughout the world, but few people realize ...
... that cheesecakes did not originate in New York or America. The earliest known cheesecake dates from the fifth century BCE and was discovered in Greece. Greek cheesecake, was made of fresh cheese patties rolled in flour and sweetened with honey.

In the early 1900s, modern cheesecake was created. Modern cheesecake is credited to Arnold Reuben, proprietor of the well-known Reuben's Restaurant and Turf Restaurant. In 1929, he used his Jewish cheesecake recipe and kosher ingredients to create the New York-style cheesecake. He is also credited with creating the well-known traditional Reuben sandwich.

3. Greece, the Olympics, and cheesecake

Greek athletes were given cheesecake long before New Yorkers could even dream of such a sweet treat. The Greeks gave cheesecake to their athletes to eat for energy and power at the first Olympic games at Olympia (Greece) in 776 BCE. Greek weddings also included cheesecake as a ceremonial dessert to represent the couple's enduring engagement.

4. Cheesecake existed long before its name

Although the Greeks created the first forms of cheesecake many years ago, the word "cheesecake" did not appear until much later. The Forme of Cury, the first English cookbook ever published (circa 1390), also contained recipes for cheese tarts called "Sambocade" and "Tart de Bry," which were nearly identical to modern cheesecakes. However, the term "cheesecake" did not appear until the middle of the 15th century. The modern cheesecake, on the other hand, was created much later, in the early 1900s.

5. An unintentional invention gave rise to American cheesecake

Without its essential component, cream cheese, America's favourite New York-style cheesecake is lacking. What is more intriguing is that William A. Lawrence, who invented cream cheese, was not even attempting to create it in the first place. In 1872, he discovered how to make cream cheese while attempting to imitate a French Cheese Neuchatel. Years later, the cream cheesecake mixes and extra egg yolk gave the cheesecake its renowned, silky flavour.

6. The Cheesecake Factory got its start after a cheesecake recipe appeared in a local newspaper

One more intriguing cheesecake fact is that The Cheesecake Factory, one of the most well-known cheesecake producers in the world, got its inspiration for its original cheesecake recipe from a Detroit newspaper from the 1940s. The Cheesecake Factory's founder, Evelyn Overton, used the newspaper recipe to make a cheesecake and received a tonne of praise for the dessert's excellent flavour.

At that point, she had the inspiration to start The Cheesecake Factory. She and her husband Oscar moved to LA later that year and opened The Cheesecake Factory there.

7. Cheesecake is not actually a cake

A cheesecake has a cake-like appearance, but it lacks the characteristics necessary to be considered a cake when you order cheesecake online. It does not contain any flour, baking soda, or baking powder. Additionally, cheesecake does not resemble bread in structure. Additionally, a cheesecake does not rise when baked, unlike a cake. As opposed to a cake, a cheesecake is more of a tart.

8. A cheesecake can be prepared either baked or unbaked

A cheesecake can be prepared in two ways: by baking it or by chilling it. When cheese, eggs, and sugar are combined and spread over a cookie or sponge cake crust, heat is used to give the mixture a creamy and smooth texture. An unbaked cheesecake, in contrast, is chilled to give the mixture a smooth, custard-like consistency. Although it does not have eggs, it does have gelatin.

9. Cheesecakes have many uses

Greek cheesecake first became well-known in New York before being exported all over the world. You can find different types of cheesecake at various locations because each has modified the recipe to their preferences.

10. Various bases, or even none, can be used for cheesecake

Cheesecakes are typically baked on a cookie crumbs crust. It is not necessary though. You can experiment with different crusts, such as shortbread, graham cracker, pastry, etc. Alternately, you could bake a cheesecake with no crust at all. Without putting a crust on top, you can combine everything and bake it.

11. Savoury cheesecakes are also available

Unlike savoury cheesecake, which is regarded as an appetiser, sweet cheesecakes are considered desserts. Ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, and pesto are all present in it, making it a fantastic starter. Dry breadcrumbs for the crust, cream cheese, eggs, basil leaves, and other ingredients can also be found in savoury cheesecakes.

12. Indian Chhena Poda

India has its own cheesecake, despite being known for its spices and hot cuisine. The state of Odisha in India is where Chhena Poda, the country's take on cheesecake, originated. A mixture of sugar, nuts, and chhena, a type of cottage cheese, are baked to create it. It tastes remarkably like Spanish basque.

13. There were postage stamps with a cheesecake flavour

Once upon a time, cheesecake and cheesecake-flavored postage stamps were both available for purchase. In 2006, the Austrian Postal Service released a postage stamp that said, "Let your tongue travel," and it was flavoured like Häagen-Dazs cheesecake. These stamps were given to devoted Häagen-Dazs clients who purchased ten or more scoops of ice cream. An entire month was planned for the campaign. The flavoured stamps, however, were gone from the shelves in less than two weeks.

14. There is cheesecake-flavored Kit Kats

The 120 g cheesecake-flavored Kit Kat is produced in Japan. The package contains nine mini bars. Although customer reviews claim it tastes great, the cost is excessive for a Kit Kat. Initially released as a limited edition, the cheesecake-flavored Kit Kat was later added to Nestle's permanent line-up.

15. Popular cheesecake flavours include

According to a survey, the most popular cheesecake flavours that you can order cheesecake online for delivery include chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, lemon, funfetti, and strawberry. Along with the flavours, other cheesecake favourites include mango key lime, original cheesecake, white chocolate, raspberry, etc.

16. There are also shots of cheesecake

There is such a thing as a cheesecake shot, and you can get one at a restaurant or make one at home. A cheesecake shot can be made at home in under 30 minutes with just a few simple ingredients: crushed biscuits, melted unsalted butter, Philadelphia cheese, caster sugar, soured cream, plain chocolate, and cranberry sauce.

17. Dairy-free cheesecakes are also available

Due to lactose intolerance, millions of people worldwide are unable to consume dairy-based foods like cheesecake. However, to accommodate people with conditions like lactose intolerance and other dairy-related allergies, restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory have added dairy-free vegan and allergen options to their cheesecake menu.

18. You can get sick from cheesecake

Many of the ingredients in it have a short shelf life. Cheesecake is significantly more likely to go bad because of these highly perishable ingredients. As a result, a cheesecake can easily become contaminated if it is handled carelessly, and eating it can make you sick. The most typical cheesecake food poisoning symptoms can last for two days to a week and include nausea, headaches, stomach aches, and others.

19. Fruit and cheesecake go together well

While most desserts and fruits do not mix well, cheesecake and fruits do. In fact, adding fruits to cheesecake enhances its flavour. Among the most popular fruit-flavored cheesecakes are those with blackberry swirl, lemon, passion fruit, cherry, cheesecake stuffed apples, strawberries, etc.

20. A cheesecake can be stored for up to a week

A cheesecake can only be kept for two hours after it has been baked or taken out of the refrigerator. However, it can last up to three days if you store it in an airtight container. However, a cheesecake can last for five to seven days when made with fresh ingredients and kept in good condition in the refrigerator. You can even create a cheesecake that lasts up to two months if kept properly in a refrigerator.


Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, or even a family gathering, ordering cheesecake online is a must-have treat to enjoy. It feels soft and delicate on the palate and adds a lot of sweetness to your life. So, read the fascinating facts listed above while lounging on your comfortable couches and enjoying a cheesecake.

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