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7 Signs That Your Phone Needs Repair

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By Author: Angelika Muderris
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The cost of premium phones is going nowhere but up. This is not surprising given that these newly released models come packing with impressive features that are sure to give you more bang for your buck. However, the high price of premium mobile phones does not sit well with many smartphone users in that they prefer to extend the life of their current device as much as possible. Although buying refurbished mobile phones seems like a great idea, especially when it comes to replacing your old device, it pays to know the signs your phone is going to die.
Signs That Your Mobile Phone is Nearing Replacement
Smartphones come with a lifespan that can be extended depending on how well you take care of your device.
Although some can reach more than five years, the tricky part here is when the operating system can no longer be updated which means that your smartphone will be at risk of attacks. This is because the security system is no longer receiving updates which is critical for the safety of your device. So, what are the signs your phone is going to die soon? These are the warning signs to watch out for.

Screen Anomalies.
The screen is usually the first thing to get broken in any smartphone because of its delicate nature. Although smartphone companies are using sturdier glass covering at the front, most of us have this uncanny ability to crack the display. Aside from that, one of the signs that you will need to think of getting refurbished mobile phones when anomalies like vertical lines or a flickering screen startup. You can have it checked if you like or consider a replacement.

Power Button is Acting Up
Most mobile devices that we have today have fewer buttons compared to before. However, the power button will always be present as a means of turning your device on and off. Although a malfunctioning power button doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to replace your old one, it may be a good idea to start looking at refurbished mobile phones in case the button gives up entirely.

Unstable Operating System
There are instances when an upgrade for your device’s operating system can lead to a malfunctioning phone. This is probably due to the upgrade not being compatible with the current unit that you own. If you haven’t updated your phone’s OS yourself, but it is causing your device to crash and your apps to shut down unexpectedly, then it is a sign that you should back up all of your files then restore them to factory settings.

Bulging Battery
Another sign that you should consider getting a replacement phone is when the battery pack has already bulged. This won’t be a problem if the mobile device that you own has a removable battery because you can easily replace it with a new one. If yours is a non-removable one, you are better off getting a replacement unit instead since it can be costly. If you notice that your phone’s rear cover is already bulging, stop using it as soon as possible and bring it to a service center. This way, you will be able to prevent further damage to your device.

Lagging Touchscreen
This is a screen related issue wherein the touchscreen isn’t responding well. Perhaps it is reading your commands wrong too. If this is the case then this is one of the signs your phone is going to die. The cost of having your phone’s screen replaced may be more expensive than you realize. If that is the case, then your safest and cheapest bet is to stick with refurbished mobile phones as a replacement.

Overheating Device
What other signs should you watch out for to know if you need to start looking for a replacement device? Well, if your smartphone tends to heat up quickly even when you are not using it, then it is a good indication that something is wrong with it. There are several possible culprits at this point, such as your battery, or its internal components. The best solution here is to have a service technician check your phone out.

Unexpected Shutdown
There will be times when your mobile device shuts down on its own. This is not unusual, but when it happens repeatedly, it may mean that the battery is already malfunctioning. If you are not sure what is causing the issue, the safest approach here is to have an expert go through your device. This way, they will be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and have it fixed for you.

How to Know if Your Phone has Internal Damage
Admit it, you have dropped your precious smartphone one too many times already, but without the screen cracking or getting chipped, you are confident that it isn’t breaking down on you at all. But there are a few tell-tale signs that there is something happening with your smartphone already. The question now is how to know if your phone has internal damage? Here are a few signs that you should keep an eye out in case you dropped your smartphone by accident.

Lines on your mobile phone’s display.
So, you have dropped your mobile phone by accident and not a dent or scratch on its screen. But if there are lines that appear on the display afterward, it is a good indication that the internal components have taken a hit.

Slow response on a touchscreen.
Another tell-tale sign that the internal components of your device are malfunctioning is when the display is a bit slow when it comes to responding to your swipes and touches. If you find yourself pressing hard on the display or having to swipe repeatedly just to get to the app that you want to access, the internal hardware may have been damaged somewhat when you dropped your device.

Applications tend to crash.
What else can you watch out for to determine if you have damaged your phone from the inside? Well, if you are constantly battling with your applications because they often crash, then you might need to bring your smartphone to a repair shop to determine if the components can be saved or whether you should start looking for refurbished mobile phones instead.

Shorter battery life.
If your phone’s battery is no longer giving you several hours of usage, it might be that the drop has jogged some of its components hence your battery is no longer functioning properly. This can be solved by getting a replacement battery if it is a removable one. On the other hand, you might want to consider a replacement phone if yours is a non-removable one since the cost won’t be exactly cheap.

Are Refurbished Mobile Phones Great Alternatives to a Broken Device?
Now that you know the signs your phone is going to die, you are probably thinking of buying a brand-new one instead. This is a good idea since nothing beats brand new, but at the rate that recently released mobile devices are going, they do not come cheap anymore. This is why, considering refurbished mobile phones instead may be a better idea especially when you are on a budget. But why get one?

Refurbished to be like new. One of the biggest reasons why getting this type of mobile device is because it will look and work like it is brand new. This means that it will not be easy for you to discern whether it is brand new or not because of the way it was refurbished. Just make sure that you get one that is labeled as pristine or as Grade A.
Can come with accessories. This will depend on where you have bought your refurbished device. There are shops that do offer accessories for free. If you will be buying from the manufacturer, you might not be able to get such deals with them.
Warranty is in place. Another reason why you should get a refurbished smartphone is that you can also receive a decent coverage for the device. Look for a retailer that offers up to a year of warranty which is the same that you will get when you buy a brand-new mobile device.
Returns are possible. Even when you buy refurbished, you can get a cooling period where you can test run your purchased device to see if it works for you or not.

As a smartphone user, knowing the signs that your mobile phone is having some problems with its hardware and software can help you be in a better position in deciding whether you need a new device or if it can still be repaired. The ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak but they can already provide you with information on whether it is high time to repair your device or replace it.
The next time you see signs your phone is going to die, consider getting refurbished mobile phones as a replacement for your device. Not only will this save you money, it will also work like new too.

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