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A Complete Guide On How To Unblock A Toilet [infographic]

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By Author: Harley johnston
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A blocked toilet is an unwanted and nauseous situation that every household faces due to multiple reasons. The problem is a mix of awkwardness and outrage while looking down into a toilet that will not flush. As the water level in the toilet rises, we get afraid and wonder how to unblock a toilet? We sulk and wish that the issue will one way or another be resolved by itself and we be saved from the gross task of unblocking (and wreck) of toilet blockage by ourselves. What’s more embarrassing? When you’re a visitor in another person’s home and you have used a toilet that would not flush.


If you’ve been in a restroom with a clogged toilet and no toilet plunger, you’ve likely asked yourself: will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

A blocked toilet will normally unclog itself after some time. Most things that blocked toilets are water-solvent which implies they will in the end break up in the toilet water. When the toilet blockage happens the weight of a flush is sufficient to clear the pipes.

This may sound basic, however, there’s ...
... a couple of more things you should know before you let that poor clogged up toilet battle for itself. How about we get to it!

Will a Toilet Unclog Itself?
There are two interesting points to consider:

What caused the toilet blockage?
How big is the blocked toilet?
What Caused the Toilet Blockage?
Letting the toilet unclog itself is possibly going to work if the thing that caused the toilet blockage is a natural, degradable material. Basically, if you flushed something other than human waste or tissue. BAD NEWS! the toilet won’t unclog itself. Some normally flushed things that shouldn’t be flushed are sanitary pads, diapers, and wipes. These things are non-degradable which means they can cause a toilet blockage.

How Big is the Blocked Toilet?
The following thing you have to consider is the way enormous or serious the blockage is. If your blocked toilet lasts for a few minutes, you have a fractional stop up. This kind of blockage is the least demanding to clear and this is on the way to unclog itself.

In case you’re considering how long to stop, I’d express that 30 minutes to an hour needs to be sufficient to break down the most blocked toilets.

In any case, if you have an extreme toilet blockage where your toilet doesn’t unclog by any stretch of the imagination, it’s impossible that your toilet will unclog itself.

Along these lines, if you have a major toilet blockage, or it simply doesn’t appear as something that can clear itself, It is recommended to picking a toilet plunger and fixing it as quickly as time allows. If you don’t have a toilet plunger then don’t stress. We have a few different ways if you are wondering how do I unblock my toilet without a plunger?[/vc_column_text]

Step by Step Instructions on How to Unblock a Toilet Without a Plunger
There are three simple approaches to unclog your toilet with things many people have around their homes. We should dive directly in.

1. Toilet Brush
The best way to unblock a toilet without a toilet plunger originates from individual experience. Once, trying to move to another loft, my toilet got unclogged and my unclogger was pressed in a crate. In any case, I have a mastermind, so I got the following best thing, my toilet brush.

While a toilet brush may not be as successful as a toilet plunger, it can still achieve a similar result. A toilet plunger works by pushing water through your toilet plumbing with more weight than only a typical flush. This unsticks the blocked toilet and lets the water stream. Similarly, you can use a toilet brush to push water through the toilet unblocking its way.

2. DIY Plumbing Snake (Toilet Auger)
If you have a toilet blockage that is too huge for your toilet brush to deal with, you can make your own pipe snake (Toilet auger) using a cloth holder.
A Toilet auger is a long bit of wire that plumbers put through channels as toilet unblocker tools.
Just unfurl a clothing holder and work it through your toilet channel. If you feel the blockage, try to stir it around to unblock the toilet.
If you choose to try this way, It is recommended using a plastic-covered wire holder or twisting the end of a wire holder as the sharp metal on the end could scratch the porcelain of your toilet.

3. Pouring Hot Water
Putting heated water down the channel can work as a toilet unblocker.
You should not prefer to use bubbling water, as the stun could make your toilet split. Getting hot faucet water from your sink or your shower would work fine.
When you have your heated water, simply pour it directly in.
Quick Tips to Unblock a Toilet
There are two or three different tips to achieve this objective. The first and simplest tip is to stop the water from your toilet and turn off your water valve.

1. The Toilet Water Valve
Practically all toilets have a channel and valve connected with the tank towards the rear of the toilet. Turn this valve off to keep water from topping off your tank.

Remember: Righty tighty, lefty loosey!

If your toilet doesn’t have one of these, it’s in not an ideal position, or it’s simply too difficult to even consider turning, don’t stress, you can in any case prevent the toilet from topping off using the following technique.

You can protect it by raising its level with the head of the tank and sliding something under it to keep it there.

This will keep the tank from overflowing with water, if you flush it once, you won’t have the option to flush it once more.

2. Raise the Toilet Float
Another tip to keep your toilet from overflowing is to raise the toilet to drift.

The tank on a toilet tops off when the buoy in the tank dips under a specific level.

Try not to stress if you have no clue about what I’m discussing, it’s very simple.

When you lift the cover of your toilet tank, it should look something like this: (attach images) infographic

Complete guide on how to unblock a badly blocked toilet. Do let us know if we miss anything. We’d love to add it for you.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent A Blocked Toilet From Overflowing?
It’s a smart thought to know how to unblock a toilet when it’s full while you try to get it unclogged. First of all, if your toilet is blocked and not draining, don’t flush it. Since we have that covered, the other way to keep your toilet from flooding is to cut the water supply to the toilet tank.

How to Unblock a Toilet With Cling Film
Bathroom tissue will as a rule clog a toilet, which can be fixed with cling films. In case you’re unsure about the nature of the tissue, you can search the name to check if it is degradable effectively in the water.

A few toilet drain unblockers require the help of an expert to unclog toilets in the best way possible. Contact a plumbing worker today for your toilet from 24|7 Home Rescue. They will answer all your queries related to how to clear a blocked toilet.

The main relief in this feared situation is that it happens to all of us. What’s more, it may make for a decent story for your friends to appreciate. But, cheer up, there are some basic answers for this consistently awkward occasion. Coming up next are tried and tested solutions that have done some incredible things for some. A helpless soul answered here about how to unblock a toilet pipe

Never really pause, flush.

Toilets, similar to all pipes channels, work by the power of gravity. A full bowl of water applies its own weight on the blockage and, after some time, will clear the blockage for you. So if you have more than one restroom in the house, simply use it, or as long as could be expected under the circumstances. Try to flush once more. if it’s a standard blockage (an excessive amount of paper, by and large), this is shockingly powerful.

WARNING: When you do the test flush after the toilet blockage period, be prepared to stop the water flow to the bowl (see Top Toilet Tip, below), just if this technique didn’t work.

Include toilet unblocker liquid. Hold up as far as it would be easy. Flush!

This is plainly the favored tip when you’re not at home and would effectively prevent from breaking the news to your hosts. A couple of good unblock toilet caustic soda is maybe the most famous tip.

How to Unblock a Toilet with Baking Soda?
Other lucky spirits have shared that baking soda has done the stunt pleasantly, as well. The hypothesis here is that the baking soda separates the waste quicker than water alone. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to flush, be ready to stop the water to prevent overflow.

How to Unblock a Toilet with a Plunger?
Plunge like a master.

As a matter of first importance, standard cup-type toilet plungers don’t function well on toilets since they can’t give a decent seal over the channel opening. Rather, use a rib unclogger, which has an elastic sleeve that reaches out down beneath the domed cup, or boot, segment.

If you have zero results after a few attempts, let the clogged sit and try once more. Still no progress? Time for drain rods!

How To Unblock a Toilet With Drain Rods?
Use a wardrobe wood or drain rods.

A storeroom twist drill, or toilet drain rod, works simply like a standard channel snake however is uniquely made to set the sharp turns of a toilet trap without damaging the bowl (which standard drain rods can do). Put the end of the drain rod into the pipe opening, with the twist in the handle shaft highlighted the channel course.

Wrench the handle clockwise and work it in and out a little to unclog a toilet.

Top Toilet Tip:
For solid help with toilet blockage, contact an authorized handyman from 24|7 Home Rescue.

how to unblock a toilet infographic

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Infographic by https://247homerescue.co.uk/
The best way to unblock a toilet is to prevent yourself from having one in the first place. People often forget that a toilet is not a garbage bin. Your toilet is basically there for keeping waste away from your home and that is why nothing should go inside your toilet beside your biological waste.

Materials such as diapers, facial tissues, dental floss, flushable wipes, sanitary pads, and much more, must stay away from the toilet! Even materials such as “flushable wipes” are not so flushable.

Usually, our experts at 247 Home Rescue find non-flushable items in a toilet. Even with these essential tips, there will be moments when you need to call us.

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