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Conversion To Islam In The Medieval Period

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By Author: Brayden Lin
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Notably, the author brings about this statement by the use of some quantitative methods. According to experts, this is a perfect way of bringing out an annoying phenomenon to prove either its advantage or a disadvantage as affected. This essay does not only emphasize the exact sources that the author has employed in presenting his arguments, but also explains the connection of the book to the issues discussed in the class.
According to the expert, he did not only give some examples in studying ideology and the religious conversion. Moreover, he incorporated his study by the use of a word in emphasizing some certain Islamic cultures to bring out his point. Basically, he has gone further to seek his interpretations and findings, which he used to stimulate the further experimentation on a social historical research. Being a scholar and a researcher, he perfectly goes through this phenomenon with the clarity it deserves for the benefit of readers. However, the truth of the matter is that although he reiterates the suggestive and tentativeness personality of his approach and the necessity of a further detailed study if the ...
... need for his study confirmation is required. It is equally important to note that his work is pertinent for its exciting and methodology used to accept interpretations in its challenges. It follows that this is a main strategy he has used to get his sources in trying to solve out the secrets and facts behind the conversion of Islam.
Having put that across, it is pertinent to understand that Bulliet’s methodology explains his examination of the dictionaries of the Islamic biography. This biography actually offers a brief account of some prominent Muslim figures in the following criteria. Firstly, he evaluates the name itself, as well as the place of origin of their male ancestors.Over two-third of all the names related to Persians has initiated some genealogical sequences. With that, he comfortably hypothesizes that the names he has studied are the names of Persians, who actually are being Muslim converts. The secret behind this is that he compares his study with the religion fusion of the second generation. In other words, he has discovered that parents showed the commitment of the new religious affairs by giving Arabic names to their sons.
Persons aged within seventy years spans and 35 years spans for a generation, as well as twenty-five years are being at the credible age of translation for initial converts. He has gone ahead and plotted the conversion on a percentile graph. This plot has led to a curved ball shaped line, which gave him the permission to group the converts into categories. The graph has bared the knowledge of innovational diffusion studies in accordance with the probability of conversion at a given time. All these ones were a proof of study that made him get into a deep analysis of conversion to an Islamic phenomenon. It is notable that this has given him enough evidence to give a clear conclusion in line with the study he was pursuing.
Bulliet has tabulated his finding in the following criterion on another graph. For the first part of 2.5%, he has named them innovators; for the next part of 13.5 % he has called them early adopters. The following part of 34 %, he has named them the early majority. In addition, for the next 34 years again, he has called them a late majority. Finally, the last sixteen percent he has called them laggards. The combination of the above two graphs following the root of the dictionary evidence is what has brought him to the conclusion. Here, he has concluded that the combination of the above graph stipulates that most converts gave their sons either names occurring in both the Qur’anic and Biblical traditions. Besides, it happens with the names having the Muslim significance. Some examples of Muslim names that had the strong religious significance were such as: Ahmad, Mohammad, al-Hussein, and Ali. These ones are being only the examples. Moreover, the ones that occurred in both the Qur’anic and Biblical traditions were as follows: Isma’il, Abraham and Yusuf and other Arabic names. He goes further to identify the three known stages in naming processes. For instance, the innovators that have been converted from Arabian tribes literally chose the names from some general or large influencers.
Opposing a popular legend which affirmed that Islam forced upon a subjugate basically by the power of his sword at the time when the tribal hordes swept out of Arabia, the research done by scholars, for instance, Bulliet, has convinced them that the individual conversion was not a fortnight deal. It was a process that had spread over many centuries and that the Islamic society was a gradual creation. This linked some cultural traits not only from the several conquered areas but also from the original Arabian rulers. With this in mind, it is necessary to note that Richard Bulliet’s Conversion to Islam in the Medieval Period is actually an attempt to bring out a relationship. This relationship has involved varying schedules of conversion that was evident in six central Islamic regions. Those ones were major by then as well as the course of the social and political history in those areas. Basically, it is promising to note that the argument of Richard has been based on the biographical dictionaries recoded by the prominent Muslims.
It states that Bulliet has traced a lineage of the hundreds of notables, dating back to the ancestors that had actually adopted Islam. With this, he narrates that genealogy begins with a non-Muslim name. Then, that person undergoes some conversion and due to that he gives his son a Muslim name. Now, for your information, from the counting generation, one can actually establish the time of conversion. Meanwhile, the information regarding the geographical information distinguishes a country of origin. Using the graphical data and the well-tabulated information, Bulliet has so far analyzed a timetable of conversion. His first conversion graph points to Iran; then - to Iraq; later it shows to Syria, Egypt and Spain. Tactically, he manages to use the modern European names in conjunction with some geographical concepts, as well as questioning the appropriateness of the term ‘medieval’ tracing from the European history and coming to the Islamic one.
It is clear to note that in most cases this person has used the comparison approaches to analyze his data. For instance, one of his outstanding approaches was while he was comparing his stylish use of data to the model the information was diffusing. It was the development of American sociologists. This is when he footedly described the spread of some cultural and technological innovations in the United States during the twentieth century. It is clear that his study is one of those studies that scholars dig deep into a root cause of everything. Then, he gives the best for the benefit of his readers. Any people that wish to study the lineage of conversion to Islam can perfectly do that. The manner in which this scholar is expressing his ideas is very interesting. However, to some people, they argue that still there is a lot of information that should be proved. Anyway, the information given by Bulliet can be correct. Generally, it is correct to say that this essay speaks in depth how conversion to Islam has come about basically during the Medieval Period. The pertinent things that propelled this assimilation had been related to the cultural beliefs. This is considered according to Richard. Any person will always appreciate the fact that if he can follow up the study and argument Bulliet brings out in his essay, the root cause of conversion will be clear then.
Having put this detailed information regarding the Muslim conversion across, it is better to understand how this phenomenon is related to our class work. The concept of conversion is brought out perfectly with the help of some graphical data and genealogical sequences. As much as many people might think, this is the history. The matter is that this is a very pertinent part of the essay written by Bulliet. It educates how the certain culture can completely influence another one. Therefore, it is related to the class work due to the fact that students get a chance of understanding themselves, their culture and origin of their religious beliefs. In most cases, when pupils are well-educated on the cultural matter, they perfectly understand their well-being. As a result, they literally cover or uncover the hidden ideas.
As a part of understanding our history, this reading injects all positive desires into students. After reading this book, they can perfectly notice where and when the conversion has taken its roots from. The same reading makes any student get a hint on how the majority can influence the minority and the location of a place. Actually, this conversion is what has made Asia to be a region of Muslim converts or believers. Again, this essay has so far created a channel where an individual may be able to learn the future of their religion as well as to predict the outcome by doing the simple mathematics with the use of graphical tabulations as well as a comparison. It also educates individuals on how to use a certain borrowed concept and reach on the given real argument, the same as Bulliet does. He actually has used his graphical representation and compared his study by the information, i.e. a diffusion model. It was the development initiated by American Sociologists aimed at evaluating the spread of cultural and technological innovations basically in the twentieth century in the United States. In so doing, students have become more innovative and creative to manipulate the puzzles they are going across daily, while in trying to understand the world around.
With this knowledge, the virtues of this book by Bulliet are considerable. In addition, one can be able to cite the meticulous attention literally due to a wide range of evidence. There is a perfect printing job done with the footnotes and the careful constructions of a hypothesis that one cannot doubt due to its convincing information presented by the author. The value of this can be traced perfectly not only in the value of some previously badly cited items but also due to the discovery of novel things. This is what catches the readers’ interest much. Finally, the inclusion of the Arabic chapter provides with the pertinent information in the forthcoming edition. In conclusion, this research work does not only base the data presented on some assumptions, but also on a well-tabulated phenomenon summed up by an admirable scholar. As the heading displays this is exactly what the author brings out for his readers to get some knowledge of conversion among Arabs.

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