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10 Best Sleep Hacks For Better Sleep

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By Author: Garima Sharma
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Face it, everything is harder and less enjoyable when you are sleep deprived. You are irritable, moody and less competent when you lack sleep. Using these sleep hacks, falling asleep deeply will become a breeze. Read on to find out how you can improve your sleeping quality and quantity by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

1. Set an alarm to go to bed

Going to bed consistently at the same time every night is the best way to get better sleep every day. We say this because this method tunes up your biological clock in a very organic way. It's not fair to stay up late and constantly wish we had gone to bed earlier the next morning. If you find it difficult to stay on track with your calming bedtime routine try setting an alarm to go to bed, stay away from your devices and close your eyes. Initially, you might not feel sleepy right away because your biological clock needs some time to adjust to your new habit. But within a week, you will start getting less cranky when the alarm goes off. It works!

2. Don’t hit the snooze button

Those few precious moments of sleep after hitting the snooze button won’t do you any good. The sleep caught between the alarm ringing is not high-quality sleep as it disturbs the REM sleep (the deepest sleep). This makes you feel groggier than when woken up during other lighter stages of sleep. We don’t mean jumping out of bed in the morning but try setting the alarm for a little late and a more practical time For example, if you are setting your alarm for six and snoozing it till six-thirty, just try setting it to six-thirty. This will help you avoid hitting the snooze because you are hitting it only because your body needs that extra half an hour.

Also, try placing your alarm at a farther place, i.e put it on your dresser or table, instead of at your bedside so you have to get up to turn it off. Make sure you have something to look forward to when you wake up. A delicious breakfast or taking your pet for a walk can make you less likely to hit the snooze button.

3. Warm-up

Warm hands and feet work like magic for falling asleep quickly . Put on a pair of clean socks and use a warm blanket when you hit the sack. Sipping on hot beverages like herbal tea, chamomile tea, or warm milk can also warm you up and relax you into sleep.

4. Keep your room dark

Absolute darkness and restful sleep go hand in hand. Even the most subtle glow from digital alarm clocks can rob your slumber. Use blackout curtains if you live on a busy street. If you can’t cover up light sources in your room, try using a silk eye mask that is also comfortable on your skin. Keep your bedroom a no electronics zone and set a digital curfew to avoid using phones, laptops and tablets at least an hour before bed.

5. Paint your bedroom a tranquil color

Mild pastel shades are effective in calming you down. The color can be anything from relaxing blue or a warm yellow, the exact shade doesn't really matter as long as it is calming you. However, use matte shades instead of glossy ones.

6. Ban furry friends from bed

Everyone loves cuddling with their pets but try to restrict them from the bed. Each purr and tail wag is more likely to disrupt your sleep, no matter how well behaved your pet is. The animal dander can also trigger allergic reactions and disrupt your sleeping. Consider banning your pet from the bedroom when you go to sleep.

7. Nap Wisely

A little daytime snooze is recommended but remember to not sabotage your nighttime sleep. Try napping between 1 pm to 3 pm. Napping at this ideal time can boost memory, improve alertness and makes you more productive. Limit your naps to no more than 30 minutes and avoid napping close to bedtime. Drinking a cup of coffee immediately before napping can also naturally wake you up within half an hour.

8. Try Yoga, say a prayer or Meditate

Yoga, meditation, even prayer are all very effective in coaxing your mind to wind down and relax. These quiet activities slow your breathing and heart rate and ease you gently into sleep.

9. Get some sunlight as soon as you wake up

There's nothing better than bright light to prompt your brain to stay awake and alert. Being exposed to some natural light when you wake up in the morning can help reset your biological clock (the body sets this based on sunlight, sunrise and sunset) and drift into sleep a little earlier. This hack is particularly effective for night owls as they habitually go to bed late and are unable to fall asleep at an earlier time even if they want to.

10. Avoid drinking too much water in the evening

Drinking plenty of water before bed makes you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom frequently, which is very disruptive to a good night of sleep. That feeling of having to choose between the bed and the bathroom is worse than a break-up. If you don't want to feel this, limiting your water intake before bed is a good idea. Although proper hydration is mandatory for efficient health functions that include sleep, it is better to drink enough water during the day and limit drinking water and other liquids during the few hours prior to going to bed.

Keep your mind worry-free before bed. Change into a comfortable set of clothes, pack your bed, and even consider preparing a delicious breakfast that would motivate you to wake up. If your job sucks, you should at least have a meal that excites you. Above all, it is important to keep a soothing sleep environment by investing in comfortable pillows and mattresses. Do these, and you will fall asleep in no time.

More About the Author

Garima Sharma is Wink & Nod’s media manager who has vast experience in PR, branding and digital advertising. Her interests revolve around everything sleep, be it about bedrooms, sleep science, sleep diet, sleep techniques or sleep products like mattress, pillows, bedsheets, towels and accessories such as mattress protector and travel neck pillow. She has worked with several innovative startups in the past and specialises building visibility and buzz through extensive media outreach thereby making known the value offered by brands to consumers. https://www.winknod.com/

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