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Advice To Umar And Ali (ra) For The Salvation Of Muslim Ummah

By Author: Ady Grewal
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In fact, Umar and Ali both were the most beloved and very close to the Prophet of God as they had immense contribution regarding the dominance of Islam. Umar was most familiar in his anger and no one could have the courage to speak in the front of him. That’s why Muhammad (SAW) prayed that God might show Umar the right path. And thus, one day in extreme anger Umar had planned to assassinate the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but on the way, he had informed about the embracing of Islam from his sister and brother-in-law.

He at once moved towards the house of his sister where he heard the recitation of the Holy Quran from the outside. He knocked at the door violently, so his sister got a mind that certainly that would be the Umar. She opened the door and found Umar furiously. Umar began to curse both of them and demanded to withdraw the Islam. His sister replied that she was also the daughter of Khattab ibn Nufayl and would remain steadfast regarding her true faith. After that, Umar asked the reason why both had accepted Islam. She recited some verses of the Holy Quran and the soul of Umar had relieved.

Then, Umar compelled to think about the true faith and finally, he (RA) rendered his person to Allah’s Apostle and embraced Islam. He (RA) took apart in several battles to boost Islam. After the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Umar was made the second Caliph of Islam from the Islamic state. Umar (RA) strictly followed the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and arranged the system of state in a peculiar way. He (RA) introduced the tax system and removed the poverty in the whole Arab Peninsula. Still, the reforms of Umar (RA) can be realized by you through Best Umrah Packages 2020 in Arab land.
Ali (RA) was the first Islamic figure who embraced Islam. Ali (RA) was the most familiar in his valor and sent many disbelievers into hell during the wars. The greatest victory of Ali (RA) was conquered the fort of Khaybar. The fortress was so complicated that the Muslim army forced to go back but Ali (RA) showed his power against the Marhab who was the most familiar in fighting. Ali (RA) separated the head of Marhab from his body at first attack. Ali (RA) was the fourth Caliph of Islam and contributed his skills to boost the state and Islam as well.

During the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), there was a companion (Sahabi) who had great love to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but never visited with Allah’s Apostle. In fact, Sahabi (Companion) is said who visited the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the state of Iman (being a Muslim) but Awais Al-Qarni was the man who got the title of Sahabi (Companion) without visiting the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) because of immense loyalty, affection and love with Allah’s Apostle.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said to Umar and Ali (RA) that you must visit Yemen to meet Uwais Al-Qarni for the salvation of whole Muslims because Allah (SWT) would not reject his pray.

Indeed, Uwais Al-Qarni was the Sahabi who did not meet with Muhammad (SAW) but had so much love that he pulled all his teeth at hearing about the martyrdom of Prophet’s tooth in the Battle of Uhud. Moreover, there was no other instance regarding mother caring except Uwais Al-Qarni who served mother even could not see to Muhammad (SAW). Like Uwais Al-Qarni (RA), plenty of other Sahaba also devoted their lives in the love for Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Their shrines are also found all over the world particularly in the Arab Peninsula. If you want to see them, so the best option is Hajj and Umrah Travel Agent UK who will take you more close to them.

So, that’s why Allah (SWT) had a great love for Uwais Al-Qarni (RA) because of having a great love for Muhammad (SAW) and serving the mother. To fulfill the order of Muhammad (SAW) Umar and Ali (RA) set off towards Yemen to search Uwais Al-Qarni (RA).

As they reached Yemen they did not find Uwais (RA) because most of his time was spent in the woods grazing the livestock. At asking where Uwais Al-Qarni would be found, so someone told them that they could see Uwais in the woods because he was a shepherd.

When both Sahaba (RA) reached in woods, he was pretty busy in his Salah. After finishing the Salah, they introduced themselves and described the Prophet’s advised. He said, I daily pray for Muslim Ummah. Both Sahaba (RA) much impressed by the simplicity of Uwais (RA) and love for the Prophet of God.

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I am Ady Grewal and specifically providing information about all kinds of Umrah Packages through Islamic Travel. Truly, my major purpose is to make sure the religious obligation of UK based Muslim brothers and sisters by providing the information of cheapest packages from the UK to Saudi Arabia. If you are interested to perform Umrah, so you are at the absolutely right place. May Allah (SWT) fulfill your holy dream.

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