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Brief History Of The Conquered Of Makkah

By Author: Muminah Tannous
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The Life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is considered to be an example for all believers. There are different events that exemplify the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s struggles and his character.

The Conquest of Makkah: Preparation-

When Islam was well established, Allah decided that time had come for His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his community to enter the city of Makkah. They would purify the Kaaba (clean the Kaaba from statues) so that it would be a blessed place of guidance for the whole world.

This event happened in the great Month of Ramadan and the great Holy Quran also revealed in this month. Allah Almighty great rewards those persons who perform the Umrah during the Month of Ramadan, therefore, people should get the Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package from trusted companies to perform this holy month.

A Broken Treaty:

In the Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyah, it was laid down that anyone who wanted to enter into a treaty and alliance with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be able to do so and anyone who wanted to enter into a treaty and alliance with the Quraysh should be allowed to do so. The Banu Kuzaah entered into an alliance with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) while the Banu Bakr entered into an alliance with the Quraysh.

Long-term hostility existed between the Banu Bakr and Banu Khuza'ah. Banu Bakr attacked the Banu Khuzaah and killed some men of Banu Khuzaah. In this attack, Quraysh helped the Banu Bakr. Amr ibn Salim al-Kuzai went to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and asked for help.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied, you will be helped, Amr ibn Salim! He then sent a man to Makkah to get confirmation of the attack and to offer the Quraysh the chance to redress their crime. Their reply was impulsive and they ignored.

Abu Sufyan came to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Madina and also went to visit his daughter (Umm Habibah) who was the wife of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Yet, when he went to sit on Prophet (PBUH)’s carpet, she rolled it up from under him.
Confused, he said to her, my daughter, I don’t know whether you think the carpet is too good for me or whether I am too good for the carpet.
She answered, this is the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s carpet is too good for me or whether I am too good for the carpet.
She replied: This is the Prophet (PBUH) of Allah’s carpet and you are an unclean idol-worshiper. I don’t want you to sit on his carpet.
By Allah, Abu Sufyan answered. You have been spoiled since you left me.
Abu Sufyan went to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but he didn’t receive any answer. Then he went to Abu Bakar Sadiq (RA) and asked him to speak to the Prophet (PBUH) for him but he refused.
The Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah asked the Muslims to start preparing for a mission but he asked them to keep it a secret. Later he declared that he was going to Makkah and ordered them to get ready.
He said, O’Allah! Stop the informers of the Quraysh so that we can take Makkah by surprise. He left Madina with 10,000 men in Ramadan 8 Hijri and advanced as far as Marr-az-Zahran where they set up camp. Allah hid this information from the Quraysh, so they waited in uncertainty.
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was commanding the army and he ordered the campfires to be lit. Abu Sufyan ibn Harb was observing out the ground for the Quraysh, he said: I have never seen so many fires or such an army.
Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib recognized Abu Sufyan’s voice and called to him, See, the Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah is here with his army. What a terrible morning the Quraysh will have.
Al-Abbas took Abu Sufyan to the Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who said, “Woe to you. Abu Sufyan! Has not the time come for you to admit that there is no god but Allah”
Abu Sufyan answered: How kind and gentle you are! By Allah, I think that if there had been another god besides Allah then he would help me today.
Woe to you, Abu Sufyan: Is it not time that you recognized that I am the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah!
Abu Sufyan answered, ‘May my father and mother be your ransom! How kind you are! But by Allah, I still have some doubt as to that.’

Al-Abbas intervened. Woe to you, Abu Sufyan! Become a Muslim and testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah before you lose your head. Then Abu Sufyan accepted Islam and such became a Muslim.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was generous in granting pardon to everyone so that no one in Makkah need be killed that morning. He announced, whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe. Whoever locks his door and enters the mosque is safe. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said his army not to use arms against anyone when they entered Makkah unless they met resistance or opposition.

On the morning of Friday (20 Ramadan, 8 Hijri), the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) of Allah entered in the Makkah whereas his head bowed and his chin touched the back of the camel. Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was reciting Surah Al-Fatih as he rode to Makkah in the victory.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had said his men when they entered Makkah, Don’t fight anyone unless they attack you. 12 of idol-worshippers were killed when they tried to stop the Muslim force. When Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) went to Kaaba first and performed Tawaf. There were 360 idols around the Kaaba. Muhammad (PBUH) purified the Haram by destroying all idols.

Nowadays, every pilgrim gets amazing feelings when he enters the city of Makkah during the Hajj season. He performs his Tawaf as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed the Tawaf around the Kaaba at the conquest of Makkah. Millions of Muslims will participate in this year from all over the world, therefore, most Muslims use Cheap Hajj Packages to perform Hajj because it is obligatory.


The conquest of Makkah had an impact on the Arabs. It showed that Islam is the religion of Allah and pave the way for the whole of Arabia to acknowledge the faith.
“When comes the help of Allah and victory and you see people entering the religion of Allah in throngs” (Surah Al-Nasr)

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