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Reducing Noise In The State

By Author: Sherry Roberts
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The society needs to create a surrounding where people can exist and enjoy their property freely without interference. Each and every individual in the community has a role to play if we are to live better lives. The problems our society faces are due to the lack of collaboration between all the stakeholders in the community. Our society overlooks the minor details in the actions that they partake and forget to look into the miniscule details of the impacts of these actions. People engage in activities that create noise for others either intentionally or unintentionally. These people need to comprehend the effects of their actions and also strategize on how to live harmoniously with others
Noise will never be a constructive regardless of the situation. It only causes disturbances and confusion among the members of the community. Therefore, I detest the vice and also challenge all the individuals in the society to indulge in activities that better their lives and those of their neighbors by reducing the amount of noise. There are some sources of noise in the society that is construction sites, barking and howling of dogs, garbage and bottle collections and licensed venues and commercial premises. Other sources of noise in the society include neighborhood noise and major events. Understanding these sources and the impacts of the noise created by them allows us to make the necessary steps to mitigating the issue (Schexnayder et al., 1999).
Construction sites are part of the daily lives of human beings that they cannot avoid regardless of the situation. Nevertheless, the construction sites are a major contributor to noise in the society (Schexnayder et al., 1999). The clanking of the gadgets and other noises created during the process of construction are infuriating and frustrating. These noises are major hindrances to the concentration of people and also act as primordial communication barriers. It is hard to concentrate on what you are doing or the assigned obligations with the loud noises made by the equipment and the people working in constructions. As stated earlier it is impossible to ban constructions in an area completely as they are equally as useful especially in the expansion and the repair of the area. Therefore, the society should come up with strategies that accommodate both options that allow construction but minimize the noise made during the process (Schexnayder et al., 1999). There are several strategies that the community can take to better this situation. The construction sites can modify their equipment and technology to makes less noise than before. The construction sites can also purchase new equipment that makes less noise. The construction sites can locate far away areas to carry out most of their activities to prevent affecting the residents.
Dog barking and howling is another vexing cause of noise in the community especially at night (Schexnayder et al., 1999). Dogs have the tendency of barking at interesting objects or when the owner does not take care of them. It is inevitable that the dog will bark or howl; however, excessive barking and howling is a form of disruptive noise. The dogs particularly howl and bark the largest during the night. It is quite a bothersome form of noise that impacts the peace of the residents when they are sleeping. It is extremely difficult to sleep or study at night with the excessive howling and barking of the dogs. How can one engage in sleep if all they hear is the howling of dogs at night; isn’t it very uncomfortable? Unnecessary and excessive barking of the dogs only happens because the owners to the dogs to not take them through proper training as such they act rowdily. Domestic dogs need to go through training that educates and builds experience on living harmoniously with the man population. These dogs get trained to bark only when necessary and at controlled tones (Ross& Mirowsky, 1999).
It is also prevalent for there to be licensed venues and commercial premises in the society (Pok et al., 2003). These premises are also primordial sources of noise in the community such as clubs and pubs. These areas have permits to host activities that bring about noise to the community. Clubs offer music services to their customers to entertain them as they are consuming alcohol or other products offered by the premise. The noise from these premises might be enjoyable for one person but a nuisance to another person especially if they are busy doing something very important. The best way to handle noise caused by licensed venues and working premises is setting the maximum level of noise the premise should exude. The team developing the standards carries out research that ensures that the premise continues to benefit from the noise; however, it does not affect other residents within the proximity (Pok et al., 2003).
Neighborhood noises are quite common in the society. People’s activities are the major source of noise in the community. As such the activities, they engage in cause problems for other residents living in the proximity (Pillai, 2009). Some of the activities that create noise in the community include unregistered parties, and quarrels and disputes between neighbors among others. These events create an unnecessary disruption to the functions of the members who live in the proximity of the area hosting the event. It is incredibly difficult to concentrate on your functions when there is a party next door. The only thought in one’s mind is joining the party. Quarrels between neighbors are exasperating especially if the cause of the fight was a trivial matter. It is difficult to manage noises made by the neighbors; nevertheless, the best approach would be to create hefty rules that curb excessive noise in the community. The community as a whole should handle the development of these rules to prevent situations where they infringe on the rights of others (Pillai, 2009).
Other inevitable services that cause noise to the society are transportation and work. The community needs transportation to move and transit goods from one area to another. It is an essential aspect in the current economic world. The transportation vehicles such as cars, trains and planes among others make noise as they move about in the state. The engines of the machines make noises as they are generating energy for the vehicle. The vehicle also makes noises during transit due to the friction caused as it moves against the wind. The noise can at the time be irritating or might disrupt important functions by reducing the concentration levels. Getting rid of the vehicles is not a solution to the problem; however the developers of the vehicles can produce cars with engines that produce less noise. The state can develop policies that ensure that developers create cars that produce the least sound possible (Pillai, 2009).
The world transformed into an industrial epoch in the early 1700s marked by the development of revolutionary industries that apply heavy machinery to run their processes. The heavy machinery produces a lot of noises when they are carrying out their functions (Pillai, 2009). The large industrial complexes are crucial as they produce the largest amount of goods that people use daily. As such banning the heavy machinery and the industries is out of the question. Though it is challenging the society has to find a way to reduce the noises made by the heavy machinery in the industries. Some of the approaches to this issue include developing machinery that produces less noise as it is functioning. Another viable approach is developing the industry in far away from the residential area to prevent the noise from disrupting their livelihood (Pillai, 2009).
These causes depict that the activities of people are the primary causes of noise in the society (Miedema, 2007). Sustaining a healthy environment where people can enjoy their lives and carry out their functions peacefully is fundamental. Even though there are varying sources of noise, they all share the same impacts on the society. One of the prevalent impacts is that it disrupts the peace and tranquility of the residents. It also limits the concentration of the residents which is a primordial hindrance to the activities they carry out (Miedema, 2007). The state and the nation have already designed laws to take care of noise pollution issues; nevertheless that does not prevent the vice from occurring again and again (Miedema, 2007). The issue of noise is a persistent menace to the well-being of people. Creating a noise free environment is mandatory for the well-being of the community. I believe that every individual yearns for their alone time where they peacefully carry out their responsibilities without interruptions. As such the community should take drastic measures against the aspects of people’s actions that create noise. Every member should understand their role in this fight and show commitment towards success in reducing noise in the community. People should be wary of their actions as they may potentially affect others whether it is intentional or not. The only way to combat this menace is through the cooperation and collaboration of the residents (Miedema, 2007).
It is evident that noise is becoming an excruciating nuisance in the society since people do not want to reflect on their actions. There are numerous sources of noise in the society; however, these are just products of unregulated human actions. Every type of noise has its effects on the people in the community, but the most prevalent is the disruption of harmony such that people can not enjoy their lives or property peacefully. People need to reach out and immobilize ways to live with others without infringing on their space. These facts show that the current laws and regulations set by the state and federal government can only do so much hence combating this menace will take a joint front to succeed.

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