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By Author: Sherry Roberts
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Question One
Structural changes to an economy normally refer to the widespread, long-term variation in the fundamental structure instead of being short term or microscope employment and output. Among the various changes in the structure of the United States economy is the strengthening of the monetary policy to counter the increasing inflation in the country (Willis, 2013). The toughening of the monetary policy has been significant in dealing with the rising inflation as well as the volatility of output.
Additionally the US economy has gradually shifted from an economy that was dominated by the manufacturing industry to the one dominated by the service delivery industry. Additionally the interdependencies that exist between the domestic industries have declined with a general decrease in the overall requirements multipliers. The development of the imports sector has consequently had a huge impact that has resulted in the decline of the domestic industries (Willis, 2013). The same period has seen the contributions of the non-manufacturing industries becoming stronger in the U.S economy, with rates that are fast growing as well as a decline in the industry linkages.
Some of the measures the Americans can take to reduce job, unemployment, job hazards, as well as job dissatisfaction include education and training, reducing the power of trade union in their bargaining of high wages. Additionally offering firms’ employment subsidies as well as improving the flexibility of the labor market will manage the unemployment rates. Reduction of job hazards can attain via thorough and regular maintenance of equipment; ensuring hazard correction procedures implemented as well as training the employees on the use of equipment (Willis, 2013). Handling job dissatisfaction attained via giving the employees additional control, encouraging social connectedness, promotion of good health along with creating an atmosphere of growth.
Question Two
ADHD is normally found to exist alongside other mental health conditions such as opposition defiant disorder and learning disability. The controversy surrounding the existence of the condition relates to whether the condition is normally a neurological description of a condition that is normal. The controversy normally augmented by the fact that there is no physical test that exists about the condition. In this case, it is true to argue that the condition is normally over diagnosed, with some parents pushing the diagnoses too hard and have their child labeled as having the condition (Virta, Mattsson, & Kallio, 2015). The best treatment of ADHD possesses two vital components that include the psychotherapy interventions for both the children and adults coupled with medication. Research demonstrates that the application of medication alone will not help in treating the condition especially in addressing the core issues that child or adult is facing. Thus as the medication reliefs the symptoms, the individual with the condition will require the skills necessary to live with the disorder (Farmer, Allsopp, & Ferron, 2015).
DSM-V argues that ADHD possess a pattern of behavior that is present in numerous setting leading to performance issues in educational, social as well as work settings. According to DSM-V, the child should possess a minimum of six symptoms for the side of inattention cluster and hyperactivity along with impulsivity criteria. The older adolescents along with adults need to possess a minimum of 5 symptoms to classify as having the condition. These symptoms are meant to assist the clinicians in identifying the typical symptoms of ADHD easily in the specific stage of the patient's life (Farmer, Allsopp, & Ferron, 2015).

Question Three
At the age of 54, the police alleged that the wealthy Montgomery politician Ruthann Aaron attempted to hire a hitman to murder her husband as well as another man. She had tried to hire William Mossberg, who was a local landfill owner to kill her husband but went to the police immediately. The police requested Mossberg to work with them consequently agree to murder her husband and Kahn. She later arrested as she was to run for an at-large seat in the Montgomery county council (Johansen, 2015). During her first trial, she had nine psychologists/psychiatrists argue that the brain injury she suffered in her childhood abuse made her incapable of realizing what she was doing was against the law. She discovered to have borderline personality disorder after an assessment of multiple psychiatrists. One of the jurors decided to hold out leading to the declaration of a mistrial (Bonnie, et al, .1996).
The defendant, in this case, does qualify for the plea of insanity in Maryland since borderline personality disorder impairs the mental as well as emotional functioning of the patient. Assuming that the same psychologists/psychiatrists would assess her mental functioning, the same result would have been the same even in the different state (Johansen, 2015). The state of Hawaii policy on the plea of legal insanity is that the individual is not accountable for the criminal act as a result of their mental disease or defect. In the event (s) he lacks the substantial capacity to either acknowledge the wrongfulness of their commission to conform their conduct to the expectations of the law (Bonnie, et al, .1996).

Question Four
The individuals I normally consider as being great is Theodore Roosevelt, having been a reformer, soldier, explorer, naturalist and the 26th president of the United States. My career in the law enforcement offers the unique opportunity of being a great since I have the opportunity to protect the society from the criminal activities as well as from acts of terrorism. I am going to handle the feeling of safety that my fellow countrymen have made me feel truly great already. In my leisure time, I am will be organizing the youth in the streets into groups and design activities that will keep the busy and avoid being drawn into criminality.
My main focus will be for those youths in the neighborhoods characterized by drug abuse engaging them in productive voluntary activities that will make them feel appreciated by the society. Ensuring that they enrolled in school will be the other objective through partnerships with the local collection facilities ensuring that they have skills they can use to generate a livelihood. Thus, my general perception is that if can make my society feel safe and at the same time make the youth turn into constructive life situations, my greatness would is affirmative. The youth from the best breeding ground for criminality through socialization thus ensuring that they opt out of the crime life, them the safety of the society would be guaranteed.
Question Five
On Tuesday, the 28th of July 2015, I visited the park where the majority of us go to play as well as relax. However on this day, my objective was not to play but study how people appear to be dealing with their loneliness, isolation, and alienation. I was observing their general movements, interactions with others, the rate of work as well as their general mood. In this case, I was studying everyone in the park as it was made of the young and the old as it would give me a more generalizable conclusion (Tatlilioğlu, 2013). Among the models, I realized that the aged were using included dissatisfaction with their social relations, harboring negative attitudes regarding life, as well as passing judgments on others.
Others were dealing with loneliness by preoccupying them with a lot of work, being unable to create personal relationships as well as overreacting to the everyday issues. Additionally most of these individuals had no one in their company as they were always in deep imaginative thoughts. Any attempt to interact with them faced with a great challenge as they were unable to initiate any form of social contact as they were feeling insecure (Goossens, et al,. 2015). These individuals were completely against any idea related to them joining activities that had many people since they did not want any popular interactions.
Question Six
• Some of the poor ways I have previously attempted to deal with stress include drinking too many cups of coffee in the hope that it will make my day more lively thus forget the current problems. The intervention has been making the situation worse as I have been having sleepless nights only to have an unending day and more stress pilling (Lincoln, et al, 2015).
• Eating a lot during the times I am stressed been a coping mechanism I have been trying to use. It is making the situation worse as some of the things I have been eating such as ice creams are spoiling my teeth. Additionally the issue of weight gain as a result of the unhealthy eating is making the stress more due to the weight gain and the poor general health. The fact that I have previously been forced to drop out of some games I used to enjoy as soccer has raised my stress levels (Oorsouw, et al, 2014).
• One of the most successful methods I have used to deal with stress has been undertaking physical exercise on a daily basis. I have realized every day I run around the block after school followed by a warm shower has been raising my spirits’ and resolving some of the issues that were generating the stress. The general body relaxation has made been making my days very livelily without any trace of stress (Oorsouw, et al, 2014).
• The other attribute that has greatly assisted in the reduction of stress in my life has been the elimination of the negative attitude I had towards life and replaced it with gratitude. On most occasions, I looked at situations in the context of the harm and difficulty that would possible result from them. Since I begun looking at the same situations in a positive manner, the stressors are no longer (Lincoln, et al, 2015). The rate at which I am succeeding in most of my undertakings has also gone up since the concentration and dedication have improved.
Question Seven
In what ways does how we feel about ourselves affect our physical health as well as that with our significant others?

Willis, J. L. (2013). Implications of Structural Changes in the U.S. Economy for Pricing Behavior and Inflation Dynamics. Economic Review (01612387), 88(1), 5.
Farmer, J. L., Allsopp, D. H., & Ferron, J. M. (2015). Impact of The Personal Strengths Program on Self-Determination Levels of College Students With LD and/or ADHD. Learning Disability Quarterly, 38(3), 145-159.

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