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Keto Intermittent Fasting

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Keto and intermittent fasting

Here's what to expect with doing keto and intermittent fasting together - the issues you'll experience and the benefits which will unfold as you succeed.

Congrats on finding this – a complete A-Z overview of keto and intermittent fasting. We'll take a look at all the things that happen to you and all the barriers that you may run into.

This is focused on new keto folks, the new people so they could see everything working together. I know it looks complex, but it's pretty easy, so let's go through it.

So on a pre-keto day, you are having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don't forget about the snacks, right? Meal, snack snack…meal, snack…meal, snack snack

snack, right? That's the average person. You're just pretty much grazing the whole day.

before keto

You've got belly fat, fatigue, memory problems, lack of focus. You're craving , high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and diabetes.

But other than that, you're doing great!

So what is the common denominator of all these high levels of insulin? That's right – insulin resistance, which is causing high levels of insulin.

That's what's creating all these symptoms.

So these symptoms are the tip of the iceberg.

Keto intermittent fasting

This is the iceberg, okay? So we have to fix this. The way we do it is through keto because keto is going to lower the carbs and it's going to reduce the insulin, right? Intermittent fasting works because you're going to eat less frequent, not the amount (you can eat until you are full), but less frequently because every time you eat you trigger insulin, so the combination is really good to lower insulin. Okay, so you want to start it, right? So now between day one and day three, you may go through a transition period, where you might feel some symptoms of low blood sugar, such as getting light-headed, some hunger and cravings, maybe a headache. You have to realize it's temporary and if you give up right here, you're going to lose the benefits of all the great keto benefits down the road, so just realize it's going to happen and just hang in there, but you can actually increase potassium and a good multi-vitamin with B to make it even smoother.

I recommend electrolyte supplements and nutritional yeast tablets, too. At most, we're going to do three meals only. No snacks because we're transitioning from sugar to fat. So when you make the transition, you're going to make new cellular machines that run on fat and not sugar anymore. Okay?

That's key to keto adaptation

Now the way to do that, as you're going to go from one meal to the next, you're going to have to add some fat to satisfy you so you don't get hungry. So fat is the thing that you need to adjust so you have just the right amount. You want to avoid having too much fat, too.

You don't want to feel bloated and get a headache, right?

You want to eat just enough to go from this meal to the next meal when you're satisfied.

You'll need to play around with fat intake, and adjust it. Things like brie cheese can help you.

Nuts. Cashews are good, walnuts are good, avocado is good, eggs are good. Any of those fats are really healthy. And if you were to do a hamburger, for example, it has twice as much fat as protein versus a steak which has twice as much protein versus fat, you'd be better off with the hamburger because the fat helps you go from one meal to the next.

Make sense?

So make sure you have enough greens, whether it's salad vegetables, because we want to start increasing potassium. Very important.

You need about 5,000 milligrams of potassium.

That's between seven and 10 cups of Salad. That's a nutrient dense food to allow the hunger to go away because your body is finally going to be satisfied of nutrients. Okay, so you're not eating these empty calories so, but primarily you're going to get a lot of potassium to really help reverse this insulin resistance problem.

keto and constipation or fatigueNow you may experience constipation, for example, in which you might need to even add more potassium

It might also be the vegetables you are consuming, maybe too much kale.

. If you're having too much kale, that can bind you up. If that's the case, switch the vegetable, but let's say you have keto fatigue and you're tired.

That usually means low salt, so add some more sea salt, and by the way, when you're doing a ketogenic diet, you need about one teaspoon of sea salt every single day compared to a normal diet.

Okay, so we need more sea salt. Not table salt to actually prevent fatigue and help your body with the electrolyte, sodium and chloride. Alright, so we're going to do this for awhile. We're going to get used to it. Now we're going to slowly graduate to two meals per day.

The way we're going to do that, one good way is to take our breakfast and start to push it towards lunch. In other words, when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, am I hungry?

No? Good! Continue with the Keto Diet and Some Intermittent Fasting

Go longer. Keep going longer and longer, because if you do this right, you wake up at night, you've been fasting all night and now you're not hungry in the morning.

Push it further and further and further until you'

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