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K9 Advantix Ii Uses For Infestations Of Flea, Tick, Lice And Mosquitoes In Dogs

By Expert Author: Allvetmed

K9 Advantix II is a monthly flea, tick, lice, and mosquito preventative for dogs.

K9 Advantix II prevents infestations of flea, tick, lice, and mosquitoes in dogs.

Fleas attach themselves to pets in order to consume their blood. As these tiny pests take their blood meals, the skin inflames causing pets to itch and scratch excessively. The dog flea; Ctenocephalides canis, are tiny, just 1-5 mm in size having flat bodies. Pet owners may not be able to view the fleas themselves but will be able to view a product known as flea dander. Flea dander appears as black dirt within the pet’s hair, this so called dirt is in fact digested blood defecated by the flea. Fleas not only infect the dog themselves but act as a vector for tapeworms and bartonellosis disease.

Ticks are small parasitic creatures which live in wooded or over ground areas of the country. The most common varieties of ticks include; Deer ticks, Black legged ticks, Gulf Coast ticks, Brown Dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, Yellow Dog ticks, American Dog ticks, Wood ticks, European Dog ticks, and Paralysis ticks. These ticks attach themselves to dogs, feeding on their blood, until they become engorged with blood, eventually bursting. Once the tick has burst, the head remains within the skin forming a pyritic located spot. Ticks can also transfer disease including; Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Canine Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Hetatozoonosis, or cause tick paralysis.

Chewing lice is known as Trichodectes canis. Under the microscope, chewing lice have a wide head and large jaws. They can adhere themselves to the dog’s hair coat by burrowing inside the hair shaft making them difficult to extricate. A dog infected with these louses will continuously chew at himself, leaving bald patches of hair.

As a pet owner, it is difficult to prevent external parasitic infestation during warm months. In order to keep your pet’s healthy; dedication to treatments and proper care is a must. Pet aliments caused by ticks can be wide ranging and include fever, swelling in the joints, loss of appetite, pain in body or limbs and difficulty in walking. Additional ailments cause by these external pests include; anemia, lethargy, purities, hairless, and weight loss.

Although ticks and fleas distress all breeds of dogs, fleas are most commonly found of the dog breed the beagles.


1.What steps should I take if my pet has adverse effects from product?
Locate the nearest emergency veterinary clinic promptly.

2. What duration of time should I expect for this product to take affect?
Works within 12 hours.

3. How often do I apply the product?
Once a month, every month.

4. After applying the product my dog licked the application site. What should I do?
This product is not safe to be ingested, contact your veterinarian or emergency center immediately.

5. What could I do to put a stop to my dog’s desire to lick the application site?
Speak with your veterinarian to issue your pet an Elizabethan collar for the short time it takes for treatment to dry. You should also prevent other pets from licking the site with isolation.

6. I missed last month’s dose, can I administer both doses this month?
You should never apply two doses at once. Continue this month with the regular dose.

7. How early can I begin using this product on my dog?
This product is safe to use in cats older than 7 weeks.

8. Can I bathe my dog after I treat him with this product?
You can bathe your pet as soon as two hours after treatment. Product is waterproof.

9. If I only apply the product just between my dog’s shoulder blades, how does it terminate the fleas on the entire body?
This product actually is absorbed into the skin and is spread using your cat’s natural sebaceous oils.

10. When is the best time to apply this treatment to my dog?
Apply product at a time you can watch your cat for adverse side effects, once monthly, and at least a day after bathing.

How it Works
K9 Advantix II uses active Imidacloprid and permethrin ingredients to attack parasite nerve cells. This action repels and kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Remove tube from package.
Use succors to cut off the tip of applicator.
Locate application site between the shoulder blades of cat.
Split hair down the middle until skin is visible.
Place tip of applicator directly on skin and squeeze.

Note: it is not necessary to apply treatment anywhere other than between shoulder blades. Natural skin oils on the dog will spread product.
Application works best if you do not bathe your pet before or after treatment.

PET: Product labeled individually for cats and dogs. Do not use product off label. Avoid ingestion of product as product is toxic to be ingested. Keep out of reach from pets.

HUMANS: Not intended for use on humans. After applying product wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Do not ingest product. Store product away from children.

If Swallowed: Immediately contact a poison control center to be instructed of the situation. Offer water to affected person if said person is in a state of consciousness. Do not encourage the individual to vomit unless instructed by a medical physician.

If in eyes: If product residue affects the eyes, keep the affected eye open while flushing said eye with water. If individual wears contact lenses, remove the contact and continue flushing eye for five minutes. Continue to cleanse the eye for 20 minutes and contact a medical physician if irritation occurs.

Storage and disposal
Storage: Store product at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F.

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