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We Are All Gods People

By Author: Eric Harrod
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I am a Christian and I have accepted Jesus Christ being my Lord and Savior and that he gave his life by the cross so that I could be forgiven of my sins.Why is this significant for me to say to you? Because I am flawed, exactly like most of you. I am also a sinner and I've done various things in my days that I am not proud of and I was wrong to carry out them. The sound thing is that I am forgiven therefore I can prod onward with my life knowing that I am alright with God.Some of us aren't able to look on stuff that way. Several of us hold on to thoughts therefore allow these thoughts to get in our way, sometimes, for the rest of our existence. I used to be similar to that. I used to settle on my mistakes and permit those things to frequent my view and cause me on the road to continue to fall short. It wasn't until I gave my being to the Lord, that everything changed.Amway Showed Me Something... We Are Entirely Gods People I recall numerous yrs. ago at an Amway convention (no I'm not in Amway anymore), listening to the account of an older woman who had been blissfully driving up the road driving quite a bit over the speed limit as she passed through a speed trap. Completely oblivious, she continued cruising at the same rate while a police officer with lights flashing tailed her trying to make her to pull over. Ultimately, after following this woman for over 4 miles, she finally observed the eventually lights and was shocked that he wanted her to pull over.The lady pulled her car to the edge of the boulevard and a very aggravated police officer approached the auto. He tapped on the glass and the lady rolled down her drivers window, "Do you have any conception how many miles I've been following you...Didn't you catch sight of me?", the police officer said. The lady replied, "Excuse me officer, but I only pay attention toward where I'm headed and not wherever I've been." Is not this how you should travel throughout life? Do your greatest to live a life well lived. For me, that means following the Lord and doing what he would do. The past is the time gone by, it occurred however it will just affect you if you allow it to.Would Riches Solve All Your Problems?Let's talk on the subject of money. Nearly all of us wish that we had lots more of it, correct? Most of us believe that riches will make our troubles go away, life would be comfortable therefore we might just relax. Not correct. It does not matter how much cash you make, you will still have problems. For my part, I do not give a rip in relation to cash. Not because I possess a boat load of it, because I don't. I do not care about it since I have become appreciative for what I own, no matter how much or how small that is. The bible states that contentment is great gain.Years in the past all I could ever think on was what I would purchase provided I had a pile of cash. I wanted a Rolex Presidential, a Harley-Davidson motorcyle, a German luxury sedan and a huge home. These days, I do not desire any of that stuff, I truly do not care and I without doubt do not need it. I'd rather utilize that cash to take care of the people living on the street with food, garments and shelter, drill wells in Africa as to save lives, provide for a number of starving little ones and make a little difference in this planet. I'm not saying that desiring all of the things that I used to wish for is bad. I'm just saying that I do not want any of that, any longer. If it's your dream, that's fantastic and I want you to get it and I will do everything that I can to help you to accomplish your goals.Some people might think that I have lost my vision, however that is absolutely wrong. My dream and my priorities have changed and yours probably will as well as time passes, it just may not be the equivalent as mine and that's OK. I have huge dreams...HUGE dreams! I want to influence people in a positive way and transform lives. I'm lucky that I own a business that is positioned rightly to do just that. I have the luxury of time leverage and the banquet of the yield in residual income. What does that mean? Well, in my humble opinion, job opportunities area a dead end. I have had 2 of them over the previous 10 yrs., they both reached an ending in the road and frankly, I do not take pleasure in the thought of ever getting another one.Is A Better Job The Solution To Your Money Woes?When I was let go from my job, a few people began suggesting ideas for where I could go find another one. Considerate of them, but I am not scouting around that course. What is the definition of insanity? Well according to one of the smartest men ever to live, Mr. Albert Einstein states that it's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Consequently why is it that so many people who can not make it on a job pay, act in response to losing their employment by instantly searching for another job? Both of my jobs paid me a lesser amount of than I was worth, worked me lots more than I was compensated for and demanded more than I was employed to do. I hear that this is fairly normal in the employment field these days so I have to wonder...why on earth would anyone want a job?Wouldn't it make more sense to have a business that you controlled, earned you lots more money and allowed you tax deductions that you aren't eligible for as an employee? Do you know that every day that you are an employee, you plainly burn a $20 bill? I mean that you are paying out an extra $20 per day in taxes as a full time employee as opposed to operating a business from home. That is $400 a month or else $4800 a year, lost cash, handed over to the government in the form of income taxes.Take Charge Of Your Days And Start A Home Based BusinessToday, I'm significantly more excited regarding my self employed future. I have numerous enterprises to expand and I now have the most extraordinary viral blog system to promote as an affiliate and founding member of the Empower Network. My good buddy David Wood and his partner David Sharpe have created something extraordinary and in fewer than a month, at least a dozen people have created full time residual incomes therefore have no necessity for a job. One of my other friends, Kris Darty, had $10,000 in gross sales volume in his first week, oh and did I mention that you get to keep every bit of the money?When I had a job, I was gone from my home a lot, my wife of just five years was alone with our dog. I did not get married to her to be absent from her. I enjoy being with my wife, we are a team. Both of us one half of the total. Wherever I have weaknesses, she has strengths and vice-verse. Jointly we are unstoppable as we are running on the way to the identical target and working as if we are working for God.I trust that you might step out of your comfort zone and get a bit uncomfortable to develop a superior life. Benefits occur with risk, nevertheless it all starts by way of one little step forward, that first step is when you enroll in a respectable Multilevel marketing business or affiliate program. Press Now on the way to take a step headed for a better life, there is plenty of space at the summit.

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