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The Classic Products Of The North Face    Submitted as: Marissaconnie
In this spirit of leadership, the North Face challenge the limit of science and technology. Through the strict survey, design, production process and the test by athletes, the brand produce the most advanced production, scientific mountaineering and outdoor products. In 1970, the North Face created RUTHSAC. Ruthsac was new product that improved backpack internal structure. In the improvement, it first applied curve radian. Ruthsac adopted the unique convenient zip at that time. Nowadays, the technology has become an standard production in the industry. In 1975, the new series products were CAT'S MEOW. The sleeping bag of CAT'S MEOW took advantage of the most advanced material. The sleeping bag was in the smallest volume and minimize weight, so it was convenient to take along. What is more, the good function of Polarguard reflected in the usage of cold wet area. The material can stop the invasion of the water. Nowadays, CAT'S MEOW have to be the most popular sleeping bag. In the same year, Ouai Intention Tent were invented. According to the theory of Buckminster Fuller, the engineer of the North Face, the elliptic type originality was first applied into the design of backpack tent. The improvement possess epoch-making significance.  It improved outdoor products of industrial process. Later on, the North Face developed shockproof and clever aluminum alloy tent rods, which to be an industrial standard nowadays. The triangle design can stand the weight of tents and external impact because of its inherent strength. Today, all the tents of the North Face are the series products that break through design. In the following year, rhe new products of the North Face was Back Magic. When the brand was developing Back Magic, it put forward the design idea of improving the framework of backpack. In 1985, the brand lauched Mountain Jacket series products. This product has to be the necessary eqiupment for the outdoor sporters in cold area. The all day long Mountain Jacket are listed as the first choice for many exploration party. Because of all the series products of Mountain Jacket are made out strictly in accordance with the design standards. In 1999, as the usual years, Micronamics was the new underwear fabrics of The North Face, which was one of the most advanced fabrics in the market. It can keep body temperature and isolate moisture. Even under the wet circumstance, it can maintain temperature, especially worn in cold weather. In 2000, in order to commemorate the millennium, the North Face sepecially produced 800 limited down jacket. In the next year, the brand lauched MET5, which was a high technological coat. The special fabric made the clothing has god heat preservation effect. There was a heater in the MET5. The heater in charge of lithium battery for small energy. The temperature of the clothes can be adjusted by regulator. The North Face see the high technological coat's target customers as the climber. What's more, the U.S. military expressed a keen interest to it.(read entire article)
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How To Avoid Heels Painful Wearing High Heels    Submitted as: dankieen
High heels make the wearer's heels be higher than toes. There are so many different high heel styles in the market, especially in the change of heels, such as stiletto heels, thick heels, wedge heels and so on. In addition to high heels add one's height, the more important is that they can improve allure. High heels reduce the women's stride because of body gravity move backward. In the hot summer, high heels are the necessary items for girls. Nevertheless, you may have such experience—we feel great and happy when put on new high heels, but walking for a little while, we feel uncomfortable and somewhat painful in the feet. Then when we stand for the pain until we went back home, we can't wait to take off the shoes. I guess this is an experience that most girls have to went through, especially for the girls wear high heels at the first time. In fact, every pair of high heels have to be worn by several times until they are comfortable and suitable. The following tips to help you avoid the pain of wearing high heels. The first tip: Use a wet towel over a few minutes in the shoes grinding parts, then use another dry soft towel to cover the place torning feet. At the same time, knock several times with a hammer to knock it smooth. Through the steps, the leather turn to soft and smooth, then it won't tear feet any more. The second tip: crush a newspaper and wetted it with some water. But do not too wet. Then use another dry newspaper to cover the wet one. Move the papers to the tearing part, then put shoes in a sealed plastic bag. Let them in the bag for a night. The shoes will not tear you feet tomorrow. If the shoes are too small, then they tear your feet, you might as well cover the place with a wet towel first, and then hold the shoes big with a wedge. The next time when you wear high heels, they will not tear feet any more. The last tip: before you wear high heels, use a toilet soap or a candle to wipe the place. The tearing place turns to be smooth, so we handle the problem easily. Actually, doctors always give advice to women wear high heels. In order to keep healthy, women should choose the comfortable high heels. The thick heels are always more safe than stiletto heels. In addition, women should control the time to wear high heels. The appropriate time for wearing high heels should control in six hours. It should not be more than 12 hours. Meanwhile, high heels wearer should pay attention to moderate rest. Women work in office, go home and in holiday break had better wear flat shoes or shorten the time wearing high heels to let feet palm has opportunity to rest.(read entire article)
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The Down Jacket Of Canada Goose    Submitted as: Marissaconnie
In addition, Canada Goose down jacket have excellent heat preservation function under the circumstance of severe cold. It not only provides comfort to wearer, but also can guarantee to provide more warm in the cold winter. The brand is the necessary protective clothing for the Antarctic explorer. At the same time, Canada Goose is the specified brand of the Antarctic expedition, which is organized by national science foundation. The surface material of down jacket is processed by protective agent, which is produced by Du Pont Company. The process mekes the clothing has functions of prevention stain and lasting the new. The protective agent of TEFLON has to be a new forefront of the technology in the new generation of clothing. It is widely recognized by the fashion industry. The protective agent of TEFLON is aimed at enhancing clothing's new functions. It provides more rich design inspiration and wide development space for fashion designers. The protective agent combines fashion and technology together perfectly to satisfied the various needs for men in different situations. A down jacket is one of the best choices when it comes to winter attire. These jackets can typically stand up to subzero temperatures, allowing you to remain comfortable and protected from the cold. The outside of a down jacket is typically made of durable, water-repellent nylon. This type of lining insures that no water can penetrate and also keeps the wearer dry. The nylon is typically thicker around the shoulders and neck of the jacket. A down jacket is filled with goose feathers, which are very warm and are known to insulate heat very effectively. Down jackets will typically include other amenities for warmth, aside from the down goose feathers and water-resistant lining. Many down jackets will have fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets along with inside and outside chest pockets. A down jacket has a draw cord at the bottom and the top of the jacket. These cords can be easily tightened to seal in heat. Down jackets also come with full-length zippers and a chin guard to further keep out the cold. How Down Jackets Keep You Warm? A down jacket keeps you warm by storing warm air that has been created by the body in the insulation of the jacket. A person's body radiates heat, and the down feathers in the jacket will store the heat. This creates an oven-like effect inside the jacket. The drawstrings on the jacket further help prevent heat from escaping, and the jacket will continue to get warmer the longer you wear it. The more insulated the jacket is, the harder it is for heat to escape. There are so many benefits of Down Jackets. A down jacket is very beneficial for someone who lives in an area where there are freezing temperatures. These jackets are tested to withstand up to zero degrees, and can therefore ward off frostbite. Despite its extreme warmth, the jacket is still lightweight and won't weigh you down.(read entire article)
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Compare Down Jacket With Wool Coat    Submitted as: Marissaconnie
The first point is weight. Compared with down, wool is a heavy fabric. It is the denseness of the fibers, however, that provide the degree of warmth offered by wool. Cold winter winds won't penetrate this material, keeping the wearer warm and toasty. However, wool, for all its heaviness, is a relatively thin choice for a coat. If you're looking for a dress coat that will lie close to the body, wool is your choice. Down, on the other hand is a filling for a coat, not the entire fabric. It is often encased in a synthetic material and, while it is also warm, can be very bulky. Women's down coats are sometimes referred to as "puffer coats," as these coast tend to bulk up the body's appearance, making it seem puffy. The second point is Allergies. Since both materials are natural, coming from animals, you may find that you have an allergy to one or both. An allergic reaction to either material will knock wool or down right off your winter coat shopping list, regardless of how warm either one might keep you. Wool allergies come from contact between the fabric and your skin and should show up almost immediately as an itchy rash. An allergy to down can manifest as a skin rash, but also as itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and trouble breathing. No matter how warm, you'll want to mark wool or down off your list if you find you are allergic to either one. One of wool's main claims to fame is its ability to keep the skin dry when it gets wet. The water tends to stay on the outside of the fabric -- as it does on its four-legged wearers in the wild. Since water does not penetrate the fabric easily, you will stay warm and dry even when the wool becomes wet. On the other hand, down absorbs water and does not dry very quickly. If your winter coat requirements include exposure to wet conditions, consider the benefits of selecting a wool instead of a down coat. No matter how warm you may be when you set out, once the wet weather sets in, the wool coat will feel warmer, as it will keep you drier. Coats are available that combine these two advantageous materials in one. Jos. A. Banks offers a reversible men's jacket. One side is faced with wool and the other is down. Depending upon weather conditions or other circumstances, you can opt for which side you will show the world. Or, consider combining wool and down by dressing in layers. You can wear a lightweight down vest or jacket close to the body as your first layer and then add a wool coat over the top. This will provide maximum warmth and allow the most external layer of wool to wick away any moisture.(read entire article)
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Introduce The Famous Columbia Brand    Submitted as: Marissaconnie
Depending on her a stream of drive and determination, Columbia Sportswear back to life and turn into profit, which was close to a desperated situation. In addition to the brand development philosophy of strong and unyielding to challenge, and Gertrude Boyle even personally spoke ads image, all these fully show the true qualities of brand, which is persistence hale, inflexible, unbending, and the courage to challenge. The public address her respectfully as "Ma Boyle", she is not only the mother of three children, but also the mother of Columbia Sportswear. Ma Boyle is 79 years old now. She won many awards in her life. After having the honour to get the American 50 outstanding female businessman in "Working Woman", she was elected as a Best Manager by Business Week. The outstanding achievement of her is still the most respective and loved "Columbia Tough Mother". In 1982, Columbia first came up with Interchange System®. The new concept successfully created multifunction outerjacket, which could add or reduce the lining. The new design concept not only obtained the recognition of the industry, but also to be the great turning point for Columbia to a great leap forward. Later on, nearly all the following outdoor brands adopt this design. In 1984, Columbia created $12.9 million in sales. In the same year, chairman of the board of directors--Gertrude Boyle started to be her own product spokesman. In 1989, Columbia became the first outdoor brand in America. In 1993, Columbia set up a record of selling over 1 million Bugaboo Parka multifunction outdoor jackets. The achievement is elegant and brilliant. Between 1991 to 2003, Columbia researched and developed the patent cloth that was waterproof and breathabl, which was called Omni-Tech(TM).Therefore, Omni-Tech(TM) to be the second biggest breathe freely waterproof fabrics in sales in the world. The business of Columbia was expanded, it was listed on the nasdaq in 1998. up to now, its volume of business has over 774 million dollars. Its customers are all over the world. In the future, Columbia will creat a series of products that are quality surpass test. Eco Challenge(TM) is the famous and most challeng wild adventure game in the world. The attendances should finish all the extremely fierce outdoor games in the shortest time. The games include climbing mountains and cross-country race, rowing and so on. Since 1995 to now, Columbia is the designated outdoor clothing by congress. Nowadays, Columbia is leading skiing clothing maker in America. Meanwhile, its products expand to all kinds of fields. After continuous development, Columbia's business expand continuously. Their products have all over the world. At the same time, the brand also received high praise from all walks of life. The brand is welcomed among outdoor enthusiasts around the world and becomes the top fashion brand in globe.(read entire article)
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