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How To Develop Entrepreneurship Skills - Ritu Singal    Submitted as: Ritu
If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you need to improve your Entrepreneurship skills, Leadership skills, Communication skills, Marketing skills, management skills, and many more to in this article How to Develop Entrepreneurship Skills? by Conflict Resolution Coach and Life Coach India - Ritu Singal(read entire article)
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Category : Business

Why Is Communication Skills Training Important?    Submitted as: ritusingal
Communication skills are very important for everyone in their profession and personal life. Along with Communication skills, your listening and speaking skills are also important. To more how to develop your communication skills read the article by Life Coach Ritu Singal.(read entire article)
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Category : General

10 Best Relationship Advice For Men And Women   By: ritu singal
A true relation between men and women is understood to each other, caring, loving, and trust. To know the 10 Best Relationship Advice for Men and Women valuable advice by Conflict Resolution Coach and Life Coach Ritu Singal. Check out the article.(read entire article)
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Category : Family

How Choose Best Life Coach In India   By: ritu singal
You want to move in your life. Yes, you can feel what's bothering you and you don't want it anymore. But you don't know how to do it. You need to be coached! So how do you choose a Life Coach India? As the athlete who is looking for the best coach who will help him develop the best of his potential while taking care of him, you are looking for your best partner to help you in this precious step: the one where you will finally be able to live your life fully!(read entire article)
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Category : Others

7 Tips To Improve Parent And Child Relationship    Submitted as: ritusingal
Conflicts between the parent and child relationships are common nowadays. Parents need to understand their child emotionally and mentally feeling to make a healthy and happy relationship. To know more check out the article 7 tips to improve Parent and Child Relationship.(read entire article)
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Category : Family

Corporate Team Building Activities For Employees, Why?    Submitted as: Pooja
Every company wants maximum output from their employees, but most companies make a mistake by putting them under tons of workload for their whole period of time in the company. That eventually makes their output less or with mistakes, this is not the right way to treat with employee.(read entire article)
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Category : Others

How To Find Long Term And Short Term Goals In Life   By: ritu singal
What goals should I set in my life? A common question isn't it. Somewhere we all face this question in our life because we are afraid of failing in our life, afraid of how I will live my life? The answer is in your heart. You just need a medium to know, like this information by Life Coach in India. The people who set goals are more likely to succeed in their life by working hard. Doesn't matter whether you are too young or too old, unemployed or employed, there is no age to start doing something good for your life. But before you set Short Term and Long Term Goals, you must understand the different types of goals that exist. How to Set Goals for Successful Career Planning? It may seem unnecessary but it's important to know that it is about the objective of your life. What you really want to do in your life with a better career plane. Achieving your goals may give you a significant financial change, living a successful life, or changing society in one way or another. "Reason for never reaching your goals is that you don't define yourself, or you don't see yourself as credible or achievable." The Mistake of Having Too Many Goals There are no limits to think or finding several goals for yourself and it's great to be multitasking, but within a day handling all your work is not a way to be perfect on something or you may not be able to do everything. Sometimes we focus too many things at the same time without any proper planning. This is very complicated for your life goals. You should always be distracted. Life Goals: Long Term and Short Term Goals Whenever you think about one life goal from your list of goals/objectives, they mainly are of two types, Short Term and Long Term Goals. They are the only types of goal where you have to be careful. Of course, if you have too many short term goals, or e.g., you will also feel overwhelmed and you will probably fail to achieve some. But you can always retry them later when you understood your limits. This is unfortunately not the case for long term or life goals, which will take you all of your time and whose outcome will remain uncertain for a long time. This will not allow you to move on or to realize your mistakes easily. Life goals The best way to find these life/Short Term and Long Term Goals is to protect yourself into the future, and imagine what you would like to become: What has your future accomplished you? Is he happy with what he has? Is he single or did he start a family? Does he live comfortably or just comfortably? What is said about your future you in your entourage? When you imagine the future version of yourself, you are indirectly reviving your life goals, Career Problems, and Solutions. These are goals that you have always had in you, and that is precious to you. If you reach them, then it will allow you to make this vision of the future a reality and transform yourself into that person. For example, becoming a millionaire through your own 100% natural clothing business. These life goals include all of the other goals you set for yourself in your lifetime. Of course, it will take both long-term and short-term goals to start acting and moving forward today. Long Term Goals These are your most powerful goals. You must set a time limit to reach them: typically between 5 and 10 years. Remember that most people overestimate what they can do with short term goals, but underestimate what can be accomplished with long term goals. Unlike life goals, these are more precise and require a certain level of planning with Career Problems, and Solutions to be able to obtain the expected result by the given deadline. Short Term goals Short term goals ... are not always very short. This can be a goal to reach in a month, 6 months, or even a year. These are goals that are supported by springboard goals, with the sole purpose of achieving your long term goals or your life goals. These short term goals can be renewable every year (like saving money). Another example, like paying off your small loans, may also require some sacrifice, but unless you have huge debts, you should be able to achieve those goals using the springboard goals. Likewise, becoming minimalist requires that you get rid of everything that you don't use or that you could do without. The Mistake of Not Having Too Many Goals We talked about setting too many goals is complicated for your life goals, well here is the reverse. If make proper planning for achieving too many goals in life with right execution and approach you'll be definitely succeeded. Failure to set enough goals. Because yes, not getting enough goals is problematic in itself. Take, for example, Jay. Jay wants to evolve in his career. He then sets a lot of Short Term and Long Term Goals which is to have a better job within 5 years. Its short-term goals are: Increase sales by 20% for next year. Read 3 books on leadership / personal development per month, for a year. Training in sales in his field of activity. Learn communication tools such as the Gordon method, to motivate you and become more efficient at work. Get promoted before the end of the year. Jay has neither relational objectives, nor objectives for his health, neither spiritual or of passions. Therefore he needs to be a little more balanced in his Short Term and Long Term Goals. If you facing a career problem with short term and long term goals get in touch with the best Life coach India Ritu Singal to solve your Life and career problems.(read entire article)
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Category : Others

Parent Children Relationship: Why Is It Important And How To Build It   By: ritu singal
Maintain a good Parent and Child Relationship is important and you should always teach them a good manner. From there birth, till they get young it's important to make them comfortable to tell trust with you, whatever it could be bad or good. Make a sharing bond with your children, everything happen good or bad they will share with without any hesitation. Feeding your children positive and good thoughts. Get to know more how to build this kind of Parent Child Relationship read the article.(read entire article)
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Category : General

How To Save Relationship | Advice On Relationship   By: ritu singal
Every couple fights or the slightest trouble between, start to feel then end of. Then your mind is full of negativity and frustration and that time most couples think about the separation and end of their relationship. But this is not a solution to any fight or argument. The separation will not make you happy for long. Because somewhere inside your heart you don't want to lose your partner.(read entire article)
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Category : Service

Indian Women Entrepreneurs Facing Problems And Their Solution   By: ritu singal
Without saying it, we all know that male dominance in India's every sector. From home to work, everywhere women face problems in their routine life. There is no doubt of Indian women's capability and intelligence. She also proves herself in every field. In today's world, women and men are equally the same. But somehow as we talk about the corporate world, Entrepreneurship women's are facing many challenges in their professional life.(read entire article)
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Category : Business

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