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Top 10 Weight Loss Fruits

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By Author: Anita kapoor
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Fruits are nature’s gift to mankind and consumption of fruits for good health has been a practice since time immemorial all across the globe. The popularity of fruits as nutritional powerhouses has received media spotlights in the recent times because dieticians worldwide have hailed fruits as weight loss-friendly and health boosting. Thus, if you are a fitness freak or a serious weight watcher, you would definitely wish to include fruits in your daily diet.

Fruits have a rich nutritional profile, are rich in essential nutrients, low in calorie count, hunger suppressing and metabolism boosting in nature. Thus, consuming fruits can definitely prove to be beneficial for health as well as for weight management.
Here are some of the best fruits you could consider consuming for weight loss:

1 Apples
We all are aware of the age-old adage, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Yes, the message conveyed through the proverb is indeed true of apples. This nutrient dense, crunchy fruit is rich in fiber. Also, water content of the fruit is 85%. That indicates that you can snack with apple and then forget about hunger pangs for the next few hours. Also, apple is low in calories and also in fat and sodium. That again makes apple a wonder weight loss fruit.

2 Avocado
In most weight loss diet plans, avocadoes find a place. The fruit contains loads of anti-oxidants and healthy fats. Healthy fats unlike unhealthy fats rev up your body’s metabolic rate. Also, healthy fats lead to increased levels of the hormone; testosterone. Testosterone is the chief hormone associated with pounds shedding in both men and woman. Consuming avocadoes thus can help you shed your extra pounds. You can consume avocadoes in the form of avocado salad or avocado stuffed sandwiches.

3 Peaches
The potent fruit; Peach is an amazing pounds busting fruit. Peach contains Phenolic Compounds that are known to have supported weight loss since time immemorial. Also, the antioxidants and natural fructose present in Peach Fruit inhibit fat production and thus, help to control obesity.

4 Coconut
Coconut is steeped in healthy MCT Oils. These healthy oils can contribute to a higher metabolic rate and suppressed appetite. These two factors help in healthy weight loss for the obese lot. However, coconut is a high calorie fruit and therefore needs to be consumed in moderation. Coconut may be consumed in the form of oil, shredded coconut or as coconut water. If you are consuming coconut for weight loss purpose, it is best to consume coconut water rather the coconut oil or the shredded form.

5 Pears
Pear is a fiber rich fruit. A medium sized pear fruit can give you 24% of your daily fiber requirement. Fiber in Pear has appetite satiating attributes. Also, Pear is a low calorie fruit with zero fat content. Inclusion of Pear in diet can prove to be tummy flattening & waist whittling. You’ll definitely love the crunchiness of the fruit!

6 Grapefruit
When it comes to weight loss fruit, grapefruit has always received the vote from fitness experts. Grapefruit has a high content of water. This makes the fruit a great detox fruit. Your system is purged of toxins when you consume grapefruit and that speeds your metabolism up. The high water content of grapefruit also curbs hunger and keeps your system thoroughly hydrated. If your body is de-hydrated you may mistakenly assume your thirst for hunger and consume more calories than needed. Furthermore, there are powerful fat combusting enzymes present in grapefruit and that helps you burn more fat than usual.

7 Oranges
Orange; a popular and tasty citrus fruit is steeped in Vitamin C, a vitamin that supports tissue repair post rigorous weight loss workouts. This power fruit is rich in fiber and has a pretty low calorie count. That makes oranges a perfect fruit to be included in your weight loss diet. You can consume oranges raw or can even juice them out. However, it is best to consume whole raw oranges instead of juice because juicing causes the fruit to lose its fiber content.

8 Watermelons
Watermelon with a high content of water and fiber and a low calorie count and low fat content makes a perfect weight loss fruit. A single watermelon wedge comes with only 86 calories, less than 1 gram fat, 4% of your daily fiber requirement. Thus consuming watermelons can curb appetite and help in healthy weight management. You can consume frozen water melon salad or may even add chilled yoghurt to it to enhance taste and make it more filling.

9 Guava
Guava is another nutritious fruit packed with fiber and low in calories. Consuming Guavas thus can help you stay in shape by boosting your body’s metabolic rate, curbing your appetite and stopping you from binge eating. One large sized Guava fruit contains nearly 9 grams Fiber. Eating Guava eases constipation, improves digestion and helps in smooth bowel movements. Good digestion facilitates better absorption of nutrients from food and lowers the chances of fat storage. Also, Guava stabilizes blood sugar levels thereby stopping your body from converting excess sugar in blood to body fat. You can consume Guava in fruit salad with a pinch of black salt.

10 Kiwi
This fruit with a brown coat and green core is a fiber-dense fruit with hunger curbing attributes. The insoluble fibers present in Kiwi fruit can also improve digestion, bowel movements and facilitate better assimilation of food nutrients. Poor digestion as we all know is an enemy of weight loss. Improved digestion puts your body on a weight loss mode. Vitamin C present in Kiwi fruits help to abate inflammation; another weight loss foe. Thus, consuming Kiwi fruit can help you shed your extra pounds with ease.

Thus, if you wish to have a flatter belly, a slimmer waist and a leaner body, you do need to include fruits in your diet generously. A daily fruit salad or fruit chaat will indeed be great…in fact, the bigger is your fruit platter the slimmer will be your body. So, eat right & eat fruits for maximum weight loss!

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