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Pest Control Services In Canada

By Author: Asifa Ishaq
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Introduction to Bees and Wasps in Brampton
As summer is starting and vacations are here, outdoor activities will increase. With the outdoor activities, outdoor summer danger also increases, as there are some wasps and bees around they might sting and are harmful for you and your children as well. There are almost 30,000 species of wasps found in the world. They live socially also alone. Some of them are not dangerous but some of them are harmful in some ways. Wasps eat flies, other bees and fruit nectar also. Wasps can sting again and again because their sting doesn’t remove as bees. Stinging insects such as wasps and bees are only pests if they invade your surroundings. Wasps’ sting is mostly fatal because they produce anaphylactic reaction for the allergic people. Most of the time wasps build their nests near human residents therefore they are threat for the children.
As far as bees are concerned there are 20,000 different species in the world. Among these 20,000 species 800 are found in Canada. These include mason bee, bumble bee, solitary bees and honey bees. Honey bee is the only bee that can survive longer and is found all over the world. Honey bees sting for their defense, their stings are painful and sometimes life threatening. It causes serious rash and allergy on human skin that cause sickness and dizziness.
Bees, wasp’s removal and treatment:
There are many aspects to be kept in mind when time of removal of the bees and wasp comes. Activity of wasps nest removal can be dangerous because wasps become aggressive when they found any alarming situation. In this condition they are always ready to sting and become protective about their nest. Main cause of presence of the wasps is that you have any nearby nest of wasps you just have to remove the nest. Best time to remove the wasps nest is early spring so that you avoid serious problem caused by the wasps in summer. Best time to remove the nest when it is smaller and you can access easily. Along with the small size it is helpful when it is early spring. When the Wasps are not very active they can be removed easily. Make sure that the person who is going to remove the nest is not allergic to stings if get any of them, and wearing suitable cloths at the time of removal. Wasps nest is difficult to remove if it is in enclosed space within a wall. Keep in mind one thing that wasps nest is never repeated and used next year if it is used once. Every year wasp’s queen use new nest the old one is expires then. But it is usual that new nest can be built as was built on previous location. Wasps’ nests get mature in late summer and are often harmful and must be removed. There are many wasp control solutions in market. Species that cause issue are identified by the experts. Thus experts ensure effective control to prevent future invasion of the pests.
When it comes to the bees, they become defensive if they are close to colony, close contact must be avoided because there are hundreds of thousands of bees near the nectar gathering place. So they become aggressive and can sting when danger of getting harmed feel. But they can sting once, not again and again as wasp do. People react differently when get sting, because reaction is not same as the people who are allergic and are sensitive towards stings.
Pest control in Brampton:
Canada’s ninth largest city, Brampton is having problem with the wasps and bees.
Types of Bees found in Brampton:
Usually carpenter bees, bumble bees, and honey bees are found in Brampton.
1. Carpenter bees are shiny and have hairless abdomen, they are found in dry wood, window sills, railings and fence posts. Female Carpenter bees dig holes of about 30 cm long and 12mm in diameter. Male Carpenter bees are aggressive as they fly above the skies of humans. Carpenter bees are in black green, blue or purple shiny color. Types of wasps include Paper wasp and Mud Dauber Wasp.
2. Bumble bees are hairy and resembles to carpenter bees but like carpenter bees their abdomen is not smooth it is hairy also. Bumble bees usually make nest in ground under the stones, in the compost of dense long grass. They colonies in Southern Ontario as form of nests. These nests are formed in spring time. When their nest is being damaged it produce a loud voice as there are hundreds of bees are inside the nest. Bees exit the nest and aggressively invade the humans who try to destroy the nest.
3. Honey Bees are only social bees there are three types of individual present in honey bees’ colony, first one is queen, second one is worker and the third one is drone. There is majority of workers who build and maintain hive, feed the young, produce wax and honey. There is only one queen present in one hive that lay eggs. Drones are only to mate with the virgin queen; they immediately die after mate with the virgin queen. Drones are harmless because they do not have stings.
Among the wasps there are paper wasps and Mud dauber wasps found in Brampton.
1. Mud Dauber: These are found in nests in the ceilings and walls. Female wasp prey the spiders by paralyzing them after stinging and bring them to the nest. Their nests are made from mud so that they are called mud dauber wasps.
2. Paper wasp: Paper wasps like to build their nests behind shutter, under the desk attic rafters and porticos of the homes. They gather the cellulose fiber from the plant stems and from the dead wood mix with salvia. Nest becomes water resistant with the combination of this mixture.

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