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Tree Trimming Services: What's In It?

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By Author: Bart Trimble
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If you have a property that has a backyard or lawn that’s full of trees, then you might have noticed that your trees could need some bit of tidying. Not only does tree trimming help make your lawn look better, but it also makes it safer and more valuable. There are a lot of benefits you can get from hiring a tree care service such as Tree Trimming Abbotsford. However, you first need to know its ins and outs to make the most out of it.

Different Types of Tree Trimming Services

There are different kinds of tree trimming services. These are standard pruning, fine pruning, hazard trimming, and crown reduction trimming. The fine pruning process is the act of removing a tree’s limbs to make it look sleeker and more polished.

Meanwhile, the standard pruning is all about improving a tree’s branching structure, thus making it stronger and healthier. This is usually done for heavy cutting tree services. Then there’s the hazard trimming which is done to remove extended tree branches that overlap by two inches or more.

There’s also the crown reduction trimming that’s done for removing major tree branches. This trimming type is usually done every after a storm hits your place and damages your trees. There are also other times when this is used to solve power line interference issues.

Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming

Beautify your landscape.

There are times when branches die and the tree’s crown becomes overcrowded. To avoid this situation from happening, regular tree trimming needs to be maintained. This helps the tree’s branches to grow properly as they assist and support its growth. For best results, it’s advised that you prune your tree during winter. You can also give it a trim annually instead of doing all these in the later years of the tree’s life.

Make your tree healthier.

Trimming helps remove any problematic areas in your tree. This also stops the spread of disease and infections because the infected branches get cut off in time. Aside from that, this also avoids pest and insect infestation. Removing diseased branches and wood allows the tree to direct its energy towards a healthier growth.

Reduce the effects of storm damage.

Annual trimming is needed for trees that are located near homes, structures, and power lines. This helps ensure the safety of the people living and working nearby. Getting rid of weak or cracked branches helps prevent accidents from happening in case a storm hits your place.

Ensure safety.

Untrimmed trees prove to be hazards especially during extreme weather conditions. For example, ice can cause weak branches to crack and eventually fall. Old branches can also swing randomly and hit a passerby’s head, or even damage parked vehicles or nearby properties.

However, you don’t have to worry about any of these if you seek the services of a tree trimming company.

Better relationship with neighbors.

Everyone wants their own private space. However, this is a bit tricky to manage especially if we’re talking of trees. Your relationship with your neighbor can be at stake because your tree might block their view or have outgrown roots on their area. To avoid issues with them, it’s better if you have your tree trimmed by professionals.

It’s all about aesthetics.

Yes, sure, you can shrink a truck of a tree. But you can clean up its canopy. That’s what expert tree trimming specialists do. It makes your yard look bigger, cleaner, and tidier without doing anything major, other than trimming up your trees.

Save money in the long run.

Let’s face it, hiring a tree trimming service can cost you hundreds of dollars. It might seem much at first glance, but in reality, it helps you save money in the long run. Why? It’s because it saves you the hassle of having to pay for the damages overgrown branches can cause.

Hanging twigs or dead branches can fall anytime, either on someone or on parked vehicles. Paying for accidents like these such as for hospital bills and car damages costs thousands of dollars, apart from the hassle it’ll cost you. To avoid this from happening, simply seek the help of tree car companies. It’s a wise investment.

DIY Tree Trimming Tips

It’s best to do the trimming during the dormant season, just like in summer or spring. However, you can technically trim a pine tree anytime you want, it’s still advisable to do it when they’re dormant during the aforementioned seasons.

You need to consider the branch size that you’re dealing with. For example, there would be no problem if the branch you’re removing is less than 5cm in diameter. However, if you’re dealing with a 5cm to 10cm diameter branch, then you need to be extra careful. If possible, abort the mission and seek the aid of a tree trimming company.

Also, if possible, it’s best to only limit your trimming to weak, V-shaped branches. Those that have narrow angles are easier to trim and pose little to no threat. Retain branches that you deem to still be strong and have U-shaped angles.

The distance of the lateral branches is ideally 1/2 and 3/4 the stem’s diameter from its point of attachment. If not, then they should be removed. Take note of this as this is usually where homeowners fall wrong.

Also take note that if you’re done trimming, see to it that the living crown ratio to the tree height is 2/3 of its way. Remember that pruning branches is better if they’re still young. Not only is it easier to do, but the risk of you getting scratches is lesser.

Also, never trim branches that are too close to one another or too long. Never leave large stubs or remove a tree’s branch collar as these have a major function in bringing nutrients to the tree’s entirety.

Choosing the Right Tree Trimming Service

More experience, the better.

There are lots of tree trimming companies out there. However, not all of them does a great job in tree care. To get the best one, it’s best that you consider a company’s level of experience first. The more experience a tree care company has, the more likely that they’re better at what they’re doing. Experience is important especially in tree removal and tree trimming. However, this also doesn’t mean that newer companies aren’t good at all.

Check for their qualifications.

Make sure that they’re qualified to do the job. Are they certified? Are the workers licensed arborists? Ask them what tools they’re using or what techniques they implement in tree trimming. Knowing these factors lets you know if they’ll do a good job or not. You should also make sure that their workers undergo annual medical examination, aren’t blacklisted by the government, and goes through regular seminars and training. This way, you are assured that the ones dealing with your yard are professionals.

Search for reviews.

Reviews tell a lot about a company. You can check the internet and search for reviews about the tree trimming company you’re considering. Satisfied clients are more than eager to share their positive experience. If you find lots of negative comments, then that’s a good sign that the company’s not worth hiring.

Getting insurance.

Insurance is a necessary factor when it comes to choosing a tree service. Anything can happen when they’re doing their job, such as accidentally damaging your property or injuring someone. If those things happen, who will cover the costs? If the company isn’t insured, then you’re going to pay for those damages. Insurance is necessary. If a tree care company doesn’t have one, then move to the next. You might have to pay more for a company that has insurance than one that doesn’t have, but it’s totally worth it because the likelihood of having these accidents is high.

Featured services.

Know what services the company offers. Sure, you want tree trimming services, but you might also need to have your tree removed if it’s assessed that your tree has a disease or is damaged severely. You want to hire a tree care company that have tree trimming and tree removal services so that you’ll make the most out of your landscaping.

Final Thoughts

Tree trimming and tree removal might sound easy. But in reality, it’s a complicated thing to do. Not only does your safety hang in the balance, but the security and value of your property as well. Yes, you can trim them on your own.

However, if you want the best possible output, without any hassle, then it’s best that you seek the help of a tree care company such as

Tree Trimming Abbotsford. They’re experienced, skilled, and passionate in what they do.

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