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Black Holes In Space

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By Author: Sherry Roberts
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What is the black hole?
Many have defined a black hole as a voracious whirlpool in space that pulls in every object around it. However, this is not a true definition. Black holes are in regions where there is a strong gravitational power that a much faster escape velocity than light. Gravity is the force that maintains us on the Earth surface, and it is possible to overcome it. For instance, when one tosses a stone up into the air, it will reach an altitude where the gravity of the earth fills it down to the earth surface. Also when the same stone toss with more energy, it also goes higher and faster before coming down. The hard imagery in throwing the stone means increased velocity that makes it difficult for gravity to slow it down enough before coming to a stop. Thus, the escape velocity of the rock depends on its velocity and gravity has the power to hold on things to it. The earth has less gravity than the sun, and it means the escape velocity is faster to almost 600 km/s (380 miles/s).
An object with high gravity is one which it escape velocity at a much higher rate than light. Therefore, this velocity is the ultimate speed of the universe and anything coming close to it gets trapped inside it forever. The trap is the black hole that no light can escape, and it is a bottomless pit (Bhanoo, 1).
The formation of the black holes is most likely through the supernova way as shown in the exploding of stars. When a star reaches almost twenty-five the sun’s mass, it ends its life by exploding. The external part of the star spreads outwards at a super high speed yet its core collapses. With enough mass, the gravity in the collapsing of the core compresses it rapidly in the black hole. The black hole will have a mass higher than the sun, and this phenomenon is the “stellar-mass black hole”, or the “regular” black hole as mentioned by the astronomers.
There are other larger black holes sizes known as the supermassive black holes. They are within the centers of stars galaxies and are super huge. Their mass is million and even billion times larger than the sun. The formation of the supermassive black holes was probably at the time of the formation of the parent galaxies, but their exact nature is not known. Likely each of these supermassive black holes started as a huge star that exploded and formed a huge black hole. Over the years, it may have been accumulating more other materials as well as other black holes. The supermassive black holes according to astronomers are at the center of each galaxy like the Milky Way galaxy.
The merging of the two orbiting neutron stars can also form the stellar-mass black holes. This form of a supernova merging produces a gamma ray burst leading to a tremendous blast in detectable energy across the entire universe. The busts of the gamma rays have the same sense as the black holes birth cries.
Falling into the black hole means getting into infinity. One never comes black and most likely one dies even before getting to the bottom of the black hole. The gravity is much stronger for all objects getting closer to the black hole. For example when one approaches the black hole, the gravity on the feet is very strong and thousands of times stronger that the force of a person heads. Therefore, this effect stretches the whole body and pulls one apart. Therefore, by the time one reaches the black hole, he will be a thin stream of matter with no flesh or born a concept regarded to as the 'spaghettification' by scientists. Thus, the entire episodes over within a few milliseconds and then one falls thousands of kilometers away to the world unknown (Overbye, 21)
The black holes have invisibility, but they can be visible through strong instruments that have managed to detect their ghostly fingers of their gravity that leave fingerprints behind. The binary systems are stars that form in pairs when they orbit each other, and if one becomes a black hole, they will still orbit one another as black holes. Astronomers who have carefully observed these systems have managed to measure the normal star bit so an s to determine the black hole's mass. They point out those there only binary systems with black holes. Astronomers have fortunately discovered the signs of black holes through the X-rays. Based on the fact that if black holes are consuming matter from other companion starts, then this matter gets very hot and it emits the X-rays. Therefore, the x-rays are the signatures to help the astronomers in identity a source of the back holes. In finding out this, astronomers are aiming to construct a spacecraft with special detectors for identifying the X-rays. Also, the black holes do emit X-rays that makes it possible for them to be spotted thousands of miles away. One such spacecraft is the EXIST that fit with detect lens for sporting thousands of the black hole; the EXIST has made it possible to identify some of these black holes that are billions of light decades away. The EXIST is now being created to have a sensitive, comprehensive map of the sky that can be used for location black holes even those that have remained hidden in our view by obscuring dust and gas (Overbye, 121).
The black holes gravity is only dangerous when one is very close to them. Black hole act as the ultimate end point for any form of matter, they rip and twists time and space and push our imagination to the limit. We also get to know how the universe works. Every matter falling into the black hole emits the X-rays and heats up. Einstein was the first to predict the existence of the black holes that forms ripples to the space fabric just like the waves of water when one throws a rock into a pool. Though theses gravitational waves have not been found, scientists are carrying out experiments s to search for them. If found, we will get to understand better the working of gravity. Additionally some scientists believe that these gravitational waves are the reasons to support the Big Bang theory. The waves will help us to realize Time Zero where everything else started.
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