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People Should Not Lie

By Author: Sherry Roberts
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Lying is making others to believe false statements as true. The number one reason that promotes lies is when no one is mad or upset at them. Lying is commonly done verbally, through writing and use of signs and symbols. In many societies, it is considered to be a disrespectful as well as unethical act. It remains bad for our society and just living. Lies can destroy physically, mentally and emotionally.
Personal experience
I honestly would love if no one lied to me, even if truth hurts. I usually say 99% truth all times and I remain hopeful to raise and maintain this virtue. However it very disappointing to learn that most people around me like lying. Out of all the whole family, only my elder sister maintains 100% truth at all times. She never makes up stuff that misleads others. She is the only person who I truly trust. Speaking of quality of life and relationships, I believe that lying ruined my relationship with my husband. Since he lied to me a number of times, I developed disbelieve in what he says and most of the times I have to question whatever he says even if it is absolute truth. It is very sad that I never trust my better half.
Religion and lying
In Islam lying is haram or forbidden because it leads to many bad manners or acts. For example a person can steal and lie about it, but if he stops lying, he will stop stealing as well. So telling the truth can help keep our society peaceful and organized. Common sense in Islam suggests lying as Harām. The corpus of hadith verifies this and lying belong to the same list of greater sins in the Fazl Ibn Shazān narration from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.).The tradition of Holy Prophet declares, “Beware I inform you regarding the greatest of the mortal sins: Associating anything with Allah, disobeying parents and lying!”1. The same tradition has been quoted from Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) also, “All the evils get locked in a room, and its key is lying. The Prophet of Islam quotes on lying by saying, “When a believer utters a lie without a valid excuse, he is cursed by seventy thousand angels. Such a stench emanates from his heart that it reaches the sky and because of this single lie Allah writes for him a sin equivalent to that of committing seventy fornications. Such fornications that the least of which is fornication with ones mother”3 Lying is therefore the worst of sins. It is that evils of lying are more dreadful compared to those in adultery. According to Donner and Fred, ‘False words can lead to war between tribes or sections of a society’ (Donner, Fred, and 197-198) Lies blight honor of people or also endanger their lives leading to economic disasters. One falsehood type is that attributed to Allah, the Holy Prophet or the Holy Imams. Lying remains the worst type of falsehood. From lying, innocent individuals get sent to gallows while destroying their families. It is this reasons that Quran traditions state: “Lying is an evil, greater than drinking wine.” In Surah an-Nahl, verse 105, Allah the Almighty says that “Only they forge the lie who does not believe in Allah’s communications, and these are the liars.” .the Surah az-Zumar mentions that, “Surely Allah does not guide him aright who is a liar, ungrateful.” (Surah az-Zumar 39:3).It is understood from these verses of Qur’an that liars call for divine curse and also invite anger of Allah (Majid, Abdul, Muhammad Najm-ul-Hassan, and Muhammad Abdullah Abid, 2012).
Biological View of Lies
Oxytocin is a biological brain chemical underlying lying behavior in both men as well as women. For instance, Nursing mothers, have high levels in their blood. It’s known as the bonding hormone.” At Israel Ben-Gurion University, psychologists in their Negev Report on Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences conducted an experiment using oxytocin to see whether the ramping up individual’s oxytocin levels led them likely to lie for benefits. According to Mann, Heather, and et al., ‘The experimenters functioned with sixty healthy men volunteering personal administration of nasal doses of oxytocin or placebo’ Mann, Heather, et.al 1-9). (They were never told t which type they were taking.) The experimenters then assigned every man to a group of three. After taking oxytocin effect, computers engaged every man in betting about outcomes of heads-or-tails toss game. All men got informed that if they performed, all the three members of t would be rewarded. Every man reported his scores, which, since they were in the room alone with the computers, it gave them good opportunity of lying. They forgot that the computer was as well keeping score. From the expectations, oxytocin increases the frequency through which men lied. The psychologists also re-ran similar experiment to see if oxytocin increases lying when men heard that only one would benefit from the game. Men never tend to lied for themselves in the re-run. The suggestion was that oxytocin became responsible only for increased emotional bonding in men. Therefore this suggests that the biological hormones coupled with strain in the mind like the desire to achieve something leads people into lies. Lying is also hereditary.
Psychological view
Lying puts our bodies and midst in stress which can harm a person as a result of illnesses related to stress. Studies have shown that when a person lies he/she fells anxiety, headache, back pain and a lot more. They also show that eating well and getting a regular sleep, exercise isn’t enough to stay healthy. We must develop healthy habits of telling the truth.
One objection to my argument would be that lying is sometimes good, since it can save a person's life.
Response to Objection
If lying is a big and a shameful act what about killing / murdering a person! If every human in our society stops lying they will stop killing as well. Also, if lying harms us by causing stress, then why would we harm ourselves to save others?

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