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Cyber Terrorism And Cyber Espionage

By Author: Sherry Roberts
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The current technology has become a source of all types of resources and raw materials. The Internet business has established diversified utilities, functions, and applications. The world has derived much from the creativity and innovation implemented by the current technology. The entire world can rely on the internet to carry daily out transactions thus believing and trusting in the internet. The World Wide Web has become the area of exploitation in all sorts of activities and functionalities. The world has benefited from the internet through good facilities like improved sources of education that impact knowledge, skills and training. The Internet has also facilitated the business progression through buying, selling and advertising the goods and services. The internet has boosted the growth and development of health sectors especially on health awareness of health disasters like AIDS. However, the very best platform has also become the most dangerous epidemic, disaster and threat to the society. The internet value has diminished thus becoming more of a liability than an asset. The internet has become the potential of performing all forms of crimes and experimenting attacks across the world. The World Wide Web has turned into a den of terrorists, hackers, and intruders among other hilarious community hazard professionals.
Cyber Terrorism
The cyber terrorism refers to the destructive and the disruptive practices implemented against innocent individuals with a connection to the terrorist group or their ideology using computerized controlled attacks and explosions (Valeriano, & Maness, 2015). The cyber terrorism supports the functions and the plans of the terrorist by acting on behave of the terrorist group to accomplish the attack on the targeted area using the automated systems. The cyber terrorism is characterized by
a. Conducting the computerized intrusions intended to intimidate the government. The terrorists target the government organizations to express the events that lead to causing instability to the government functions (Valeriano, & Maness, 2015). . The terrorist attacks on the government-driven projects like the security monitoring agencies and the intelligent systems intending to monitor the activities of the terrorists. The aim of the terrorists is mitigating the efforts of the government to secure the society against the terrorist attack. The terrorist usually conducts the prior attacks on the government computerized security to avoid any detection to the future attacks on that state.
b. Carrying out the automated attacks intended to bring havoc to the population. The terrorist initializes with attacking the government intelligent agencies so as to gain non-discovered access to the entire population of the state. The computerized attack on population has the simplest form of implementing since the direction, and the target is diverse. The attacks get conducted in a remote location where the organizers control and manage the attacks.
c. Implementing a computer controlled explosions that disrupt a political, social and religious agenda. The terrorist formulates different forms of attacks relating to a particular aspect of life. The main aspects defined are three which include the social, political and religious. The major terrorist attacks planned due to revenge or constant peculiar status on the trends of the past histories. The social, political and the religious attacks are long lasting. They keep on repeating the occasionally after long periods of time.
d. The induction of fear and undermining confidence in public by setting up the computerized attacks. The terrorist attackers implement programmed threats to occur on particular scheduled periods. The operations on the program attacks usually take milestone of events that get implemented to manage and control the time of the strike. The terror attacks based on the fear and undermining the confidence within the society may take several continuous attacks or series of attacks that lead have programmed time and locations to strike (Valeriano, & Maness, 2015). .
The Ways Cyber Terrorist Use the Web
The cyber terrorism has greatly advanced due to the application of the web applications. The cyber terrorist has no dedicated link with a particular state, organization or group. The terrorist has applied the website to cover and protect their identity. The website has made the terrorist operate under a high level of decentralized technology.
The terrorists apply the web to spread their propaganda across the world. The terror groups have dedicated website mainly used for facilitating their communication across the world. Initially, the terror groups used the news outlets to spread their news. The news outlets had limitations in providing impassive news as the group desired. The news outlets aired little information, interjecting their views and skewing the message against the group desires. The current technology allowed the terrorists to post messages on their website. The terrorists provide very provoking information and the opposing views. They display brutal information used for radicalizing the members in the group. The platform provides two-way dialogues that provide more influencing and convincing information. The terrorist presents themselves as individuals seeking peace after having forced to participate in violence. The terror groups also provide over 3000 detailed books containing monographs from respected jihad thinkers. The books intended to instill more conviction can easily get downloaded on the mobile phones. The terror group provides the videos clips of the successful attacks against the USA targets. The terror groups display the recorded war scenarios on the places like the Iraq. The sites advocate for the superiority of the group in fighting. They ensure that pictures get displayed to show that the entire group defeated a superpower. The sites call for heroes training through creating the main characters like the Bagdad Sniper and the Sniper of Fallujah. The main aim is ensuring that the entire group has won the favor from public. The terrorist analyzes all possibility of succeeding and controlling the world under simple actions uniting together to eliminate the enemies from the face of the earth.
The terrorists have diversified their methodologies in recruiting new members in the organization. The terror groups initially applied the interpersonal relationship. The internet platforms provide a fast and effective platform for recruiting the new members. The web applications eliminate geographical limitations making it possible to reach the new recruits from the entire world. The major recruits convinced to join the group include the second generation immigrants. The individuals who have no particular family members, county of origin and the unit in the community find their way in the terror groups. The terror community attracts and accommodates the desperate in the community (Uma, & Padmavathi, 2013). The terror community prepares early platforms for radicalizing the young children. The children get videos and the games that induce them in terror actions. The group targets the easiest group prone to desperations and problems. The individuals suffering from the community rejection and abstraction form the main targets of the terror groups. Attracting rewards and salaries get provided in joining the terror groups. The terms and the conditions can easily get downloaded from the terrorist websites. The radicalizing videos clips that develop global Jihad culture has encouragements from the video clips and the games. The main recruiting conviction used is the advert on having the self-defense and defending the world against the infidel invaders that corrupt the world. The websites of the terrorist have a different collection of the cartoons that capture the minds of young children. The education clips based on cartoons and the war games that advocates for jihad get fed into the mind of young people to acquire the war traditions. The main goals of the terrorist recruiting platforms allow the participants to follow the steps of the jihad heroes and aspire to become an aspirant of the group (Uma, & Padmavathi, 2013).
The Cyber Espionage in the World
The technology has greatly supported the activities of the terrorist attacks. Several terrorist plans and strikes pass without being noticed in any form. The main cyber terrorism noticed include the Ghost Net attacker, the Titan Rain, the Operation Aurora and the Red October.
The Ghost Net
The attack targeted the Tibetan community under the computer control from China. The evidence of the control was by the fact that the internet protocols (IP) address originated from the ones assigned to China. The Ghost Net utilized the Ghost Remote Access Tool (RAT) a type of malware in the family of the Trojan Horse (Uma, & Padmavathi, 2013). The Ghost RAT technology enabled the attackers to control the entire target computer systems in real time. The program had the ability to download files as well as performing the logging in into the system. The program observed the keystroke and displayed them on the end user remote computer. The Ghost RAT had the capability of enabling the attached plug and play devices as well as the microphones and the web cameras. The Ghost RAT program attacked almost 2000 computers. The attacker aimed at collecting the data and information of the intelligent meetings conducted in the Tibetan. The Ghost RAT carried out the stealing of data and information from the activist of the meeting and the OHHDL, which had world leaders meeting. The meeting was watched live at real time by the terrorists (Easttom, & Taylor, 2011). Out of the34 terminals connected to the network, only 11 terminals could not get tracked.
Titan Rain
Titan Rain refers to a name given to series of cyber attack. The attack had an intention of breaking into different us government and contractor computer networks. A lot of noises characterized the rain attack. The noise made the attack easily detected. The threat caused much of annoying result rather than the actual threat. The network security analyst detected the attack and investigated on the origin. The attack was an intrusion in the Sandia National Laboratories. The investigator noted that the attacks started happening at SNL (Andrijcic, & Horowitz, 2006). The Titan Rain attacks were hard to trace. The Titan Rain attack had characterized by hiding the stolen data and information on the hard drive of the target. The Titan Rain later transferred data and information from the target to the various servers. The Titan Rain finally transferred data to the main recipient the country of China. The Titan Rain attacks started since 2001 to 2006 affecting the systems in the USA. The areas security agencies attacked by the Titan Rain attack included a. The Army Information Engineering Command (AIEC)
b. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
c. The USA Army Space and Strategic Command (ASSC)
d. The Army Aviation and Missile Command (AAMC)
e. The Department of Energy (DE)
f. The Home Land Security (HLS)
g. The State Department (SD)
h. The Naval War College (NWC)
The Titan Rain had successfully downloaded between 10 and 20 terabytes of data and information from DoD (Department of Defense). The particular router specified by the attacker was the Non – Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). The NIPRNet repository center holds sensitive information of nonclassified data and information (Andrijcic, & Horowitz, 2006).
Cyber Espionage
The cyber espionage refers an action of collecting secrets without the authorization by the holder of the information using the methods of the Internet (Heickerö, R. (2013).The form of data and information accessed may include the personal data and information profile, the sensitive information concerning issues like finance and health and the data and information of the classified nature. The individuals whose data and information may suffer espionage include the personal, the economic, the political and the military. The hackers apply the methods of cracking techniques and the implementation of the malicious software including the malware software like the Trojan Horses and the Spyware.
The Chinese hackers are the individuals responsible for carrying out the cyber espionage. The network analysts and the security specialist from the USA have recognized the system attacks that have originated from China. The intruders and the controllers of the system get believed to come from China. The tracing of the internet protocol (IP) originated from China.
Strategies for Cyber Espionage Attack
The hackers implement the exploitation of the trust. The hackers apply the most trusted sites to attach executable codes (Taylor, 2006). The codes come as a legitimate message for the individuals thus making the targeted group excited about the message. When the message gets opened the individuals run the code affecting all the computers within the network. The malware software gets applied to implement the tasks required by the attackers.
The intruders also make use of the trusted mailing parties and the organizations. The hackers make use of the most popular sites and embedded malware code with the email document. Opening the mail document leads to running of the malware code thus implementing the code as quickly as possible. The codes spread across other computers by attaching itself to the sent documents (Czosseck, & Geers, 2009). The legitimate files sent as the emails become the main documents that spread the malware to other computers. The hackers make use of the most trusted business websites. The hackers make use of the extranet updates messages to send similar texts to the individuals using the sites. The hackers also use the extranet information to send the information to the recipients containing the malware codes. When the targeted individual opens the intranet and the extranet text, they create the vulnerability loopholes (Adkins, 2013).
The intruders and the hackers use the trusted vendors and the code generators to attach similar additional information on the codes and the files on transit. The target audiences spread the code to others through sending the emails or through the network (In Silva, 2016). The trusted vendors approach forms the main strategy applied by the hackers and the intruders to send the executable malware codes to the organizations the targeted audiences and the government agencies. The other forms in which the hackers and the intruders apply in spreading the malware code include the internet addressing protocols for the transfer of the codes having the embedded on the data and information on transit. The source and the destination application addresses get applied in creating the sessions that securely transmit the malware code. The use of the IP address ideas may lead to easily tracking hence the method is never common among the hackers and the intruders. The hackers the intruders also implement the trusted internal corporate network on the main as well as the trusted external client server (Adkins, 2013).
The intruder and the hackers attack can have reduced through establishing security policies and then arranging them in order of their implementation to ensure that the standardized security parameters get implemented to install security on the computer systems. The security agencies and the government should ensure that the pen testing and the security assessment is performed to eliminate the vulnerabilities of the system networks. The security officers should ensure high degree in checking the network security and monitoring the traffic on the network. The organizations and the government /bodies should train their workers on the issues concerning the network security and the best practices enforced to ensure high levels of computer systems security.

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