123ArticleOnline.com: Savio Vadakkanhttp://www.123articleonline.com/rss/author/119221/savio-vadakkanArticles written by Savio Vadakkan from 123ArticleOnline.comen-usCopyright (c) 123ArticleOnline.com All rights reserved. 10 Signs You Should Start Investing In Your Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/866745/10-signs-you-should-start-investing-in-your-employee-referral-program Employee referral programs have come into highlight recently as most of the multinational corporations have declared employee referrals to be the cornerstone of their recruiting strategy. 14 common misconceptions about referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/866753/14-common-misconceptions-about-referral-program Employee referral programs have often suffered due to some common misconceptions associated with running them. 3 Ways To Match Your Hiring Strategy With Your Employee Referral Program Solution http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/865935/3-ways-to-match-your-hiring-strategy-with-your-employee-referral-program-solution Recruiting in today's economic scenario is no piece of cake with demand for good talent far exceeding supply. The job market now being heavily tilted in favor of candidates, most good candidates have the luxury to choose the company they would like to work with. 5 Ways To Convince Management For Implementing ERP http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/842115/5-ways-to-convince-management-for-implementing-erp The success of any employee referral program depends upon the active support of three important stakeholders, employees who are responsible for generating referrals, the recruiters who are responsible for getting them hired and last but not the least Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employee Referral Program? http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/862404/are-you-getting-the-most-out-of-your-employee-referral-program Hiring good talent remains an ever present challenge, irrespective of whether the job market is tight or flush with candidates. With so much of information now accessible on the net, hiring quality talent still remains a challenge as companies vie with each other over the same group of talent. Candidates Do 360-Degree Review Of A Job Referred To Them http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846946/candidates-do-360-degree-review-of-a-job-referred-to-them A job is more than just a place of work; it also happens to be the place where you spend more than 8 hours every day working alongside colleagues and other people above and below you in the corporate ladder. Cost Reduction Strategy For Your Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/862406/cost-reduction-strategy-for-your-employee-referral-program Employee referral programs make a splash for the incredible incentives they offer, for instance an employee receiving a brand new car as part of the referral bounty makes for good news. Do You Make These Common Recruiting Mistakes http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/869896/do-you-make-these-common-recruiting-mistakes A bad hire can cost an organization thousands of dollars in productivity, not to mention wasted time and effort. Yet recruiting mistakes are common and continue to occur at frequent intervals, primarily because organizations fail to introduce a system of checks and balances to make their hiring fail proof. Does Branding Your ERP Increase Employee Participation? http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846376/does-branding-your-erp-increase-employee-participation Any employee referral program to be truly successful, needs to be more than just a page on the intranet or simply an HR initiative on a piece of paper. Evaluating ERP Periodically Plays An Important Part In Creating An Effective Employee Referral Progr http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846433/evaluating-erp-periodically-plays-an-important-part-in-creating-an-effective-employee-referral-progr Employee referral programs are now universally recognized as being one of the most effective hiring tools providing the organization with high quality hiring fast and at low cost. Five key things you should know about a successful employee referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853396/five-key-things-you-should-know-about-a-successful-employee-referral-program An employee referral program needs a strong frontline of highly motivated employees passionately working as ambassadors of the organization to help recruit new talent. Gamification &Reporting Tools ForEmployee Referral Program: Future, Roadmap And Strategy http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/862407/gamification-reporting-tools-foremployee-referral-program-future-roadmap-and-strategy Any program if left unchanged for a long time loses relevance and employee referral programs are no exception to this rule. Employee referrals need to be constantly reviewed and upgraded to ensure they remain relevant to the evolving technologies as well as changing employee expectations. Gamification Strategies In Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846452/gamification-strategies-in-employee-referral-program Traditional recruiting has always focused on rewards as the primary means of motivating employees for referrals. Getting Employee Feedback Is Important For Running Successful ERP http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/842145/getting-employee-feedback-is-important-for-running-successful-erp Feedback plays a very important role in an employee referral program; in fact very often it is the frequency and effectiveness of feedback that determines the success or failure of a referral program. How Can a Mobile Technology Revolutionize Your Referral Program? http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/869902/how-can-a-mobile-technology-revolutionize-your-referral-program While an employee referral program runs and operates in the workplace, referrals do not actually originate at the workplace. Referrals are the direct result of the ability of employees to network with friends and colleagues How can an effective requirement study help you select the right employee referral system http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853402/how-can-an-effective-requirement-study-help-you-select-the-right-employee-referral-system When it comes to choosing the right employee referral system for your organization, a one size fits all approach will definitely not do the trick. How Much Does Social Media Help In Getting Referrals http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846507/how-much-does-social-media-help-in-getting-referrals Employee referral programs are increasingly the norm at most global corporations with close to 40- 50% of all hiring happening through employee referrals. How social media has changed the referral industry http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/866758/how-social-media-has-changed-the-referral-industry If there is one factor that has improved hiring while increasing employee engagement in the referral process, it has to be the use of social media. Here is how the use of social media has changed the referral industry: How social media has changed the referral industry http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/867705/how-social-media-has-changed-the-referral-industry If there is one factor that has improved hiring while increasing employee engagement in the referral process, it has to be the use of social media. Here is how the use of social media has changed the referral industry: How To Make Your Employees Love Your Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/865942/how-to-make-your-employees-love-your-employee-referral-program With the merits of employee referral programs established beyond doubt, many companies have taken to it and have a referral program running. Importance Of Understanding The Job Requisition Before Referring A Candidate http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846964/importance-of-understanding-the-job-requisition-before-referring-a-candidate Ultimately all employees want their referral to be hired, irrespective of whether they have done the screening required to ensure the candidate fits the job requirement. Must have features in your employee referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853418/must-have-features-in-your-employee-referral-program It takes much more to make an employee referral program succeed than just sending out emails to employees requesting them for referrals. Optimum Utilization Of Your Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/862410/optimum-utilization-of-your-employee-referral-program When it comes to optimum utilization of the employee referral program, Zalp goes the entire distance to ensure that employees are able to leverage their networks to the fullest. Organizations Should Know The Real Value Added By Employee Referrals http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/846954/organizations-should-know-the-real-value-added-by-employee-referrals Employee referral programs are often mistaken for just another recruitment tool, but their value goes beyond that. Employee referral programs actually provide an all encompassing approach towards recruitment, employee engagement and employee retention. Roadmap to implementing a successful employee referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853429/roadmap-to-implementing-a-successful-employee-referral-program Hiring well is key to organizational success as most business leaders have come to realize. Another reality check in recruiting is that hiring cannot be solely the responsibility of any one individual or team. Role of Analytics & Reporting in your employee referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853432/role-of-analytics-reporting-in-your-employee-referral-program Data Mining and analytics have taken every industry by storm & Human Resources is no exception. One area where Data Analytics can go a long way in the field of Human Resources is the use that it finds in Employee Referral Programs. The 13 Biggest Referral Program Blunders http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/869903/the-13-biggest-referral-program-blunders The success of an employee referral program depends as much on the administration of the program as it does on its implementation, which is why the success rate of employee referral programs vary so much from organization to organization. The Anatomy of Employee Referrals http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/870388/the-anatomy-of-employee-referrals Whether you are looking to hire 1 or 100, you still need an employee referral program to make sure you are able to hire the best talent available. The Art Of Getting Most Precise Resources Through Employee Referrals http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/862402/the-art-of-getting-most-precise-resources-through-employee-referrals The ultimate goal of all hiring is to get the best person for the job and the biggest challenge in hiring is to gain access to the best available talent in the market to hire from. There Are Referrals, Then There Are Quality Referrals - There Is A Difference http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/865945/there-are-referrals-then-there-are-quality-referrals-there-is-a-difference The success of any employee referral program rests upon employee participation. However it is not just any referral but quality referrals that make or break a program. Tips & Tricks to Simplify Your Employee Referral Program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/870389/tips-tricks-to-simplify-your-employee-referral-program Employee referral programs can provide the perfect solution to your hiring needs, provided the process is in line with employee expectations. Top 5 Drivers Impacting Your Employee Referral Program Strategies http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/865938/top-5-drivers-impacting-your-employee-referral-program-strategies The success of an employee referral program hinges on employee participation which is also the most challenging part of running a successful referral program. Top 5 reasons why Employee Referral tool boosts an organizations ERP http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/842163/top-5-reasons-why-employee-referral-tool-boosts-an-organizations-erp The big debate going around in most organizations centers around whether an employee referral tool actually helps to improve effectiveness of the referral program. Traditional Vs modern day innovative employee referral programs http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853673/traditional-vs-modern-day-innovative-employee-referral-programs Employee referral programs have been used for recruiting since the time businesses started hiring people for growth. Understand how incredibly valuable the Employee Referral Program [ERP] is to your business http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/853710/understand-how-incredibly-valuable-the-employee-referral-program-erp-is-to-your-business Employee referral program have often been limited by the popular misconception that their value lies only in the hiring and recruiting function. Why the top companies are restructuring their referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/866760/why-the-top-companies-are-restructuring-their-referral-program Employee referrals are no longer considered a supplement to established hiring practices; they have become the central point of all hiring activity, at least for big corporations with top dollar hiring budgets. Why the top companies are restructuring their referral program http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/867706/why-the-top-companies-are-restructuring-their-referral-program Employee referrals are no longer considered a supplement to established hiring practices; they have become the central point of all hiring activity, at least for big corporations with top dollar hiring budgets. Why We Love Referrals (And You Should, Too!) http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/865947/why-we-love-referrals-and-you-should-too With the war for talent heating up, it is virtually a no brainer that employee referral programs should quickly climb up the popularity charts. Here are the top reasons why we absolutely love them and so should you Worst Referral Mistakes and How to Fix Them http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/866765/worst-referral-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them So you have implemented a world-class employee referral program in your company! When was the last time you reviewed the program to see how it was actually performing on ground? Here are some of the worst referral mistakes companies make and how to fix them. Worst Referral Mistakes and How to Fix Them http://www.123articleonline.com/articles/867707/worst-referral-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them So you have implemented a world-class employee referral program in your company! When was the last time you reviewed the program to see how it was actually performing on ground?