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‘e-intelligence' Shining Bright: Rated Top Most Reputation Management Company In India    Submitted as: ‘e-Intelligence’ has been rated the best Reputatio
‘e-Intelligence' has been rated the best Reputation Management Company in India consecutively for the past two months and again, it has topped the charts for the month of February this year according to the website topseo.in.(read entire article)
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Category : Search Engine Optimization

5 Good Reasons To Insure Your Business    Submitted as: 1. Fire It doesn’t take a genius to understand tha
1. Fire It doesn’t take a genius to understand that a fire can have truly devastating effects for a business. Not only can it wipe out your stock, but it may well destroy your machinery or possibly your entire premises. This alone is reason enough to have adequate protection for your business. You may think that your company is free of any fire hazards, but this may not be the case. Nowhere is entirely free from the threat of fire, no matter how many precautions you take. Faulty wiring or equipment is always a risk and there are also plenty of people who get their kicks by starting fires on purpose! 2. Staff If one of your employees were to be injured whilst going about their duties then it could end up costing you an enormous amount of money! Your company would be seen as being entirely responsible for the incident and the bills for any medical treatment would be delivered directly to your door. There are several types of commercial business insurance which are specifically created to offer you protection should this type of scenario arise. Any company would be advised to take out this cover for their employees, but it is doubly important if your staff use dangerous machinery to carry out their work. 3. Theft Any works property is at risk of being broken into, no matter what type of business it is. Computers, tools and petty cash are all attractive prospects to thieves and some companies will have many more valuable items on their premises. A break-in will have many unexpected effects on a business and having your contents covered by insurance will be an enormous help when you are getting things back on track. 4. Vandalism Most of us find it difficult to understand why, but there are a lot of individuals out there who just love to go around destroying other people’s property. And the worst part is that vandalism is a very common problem. Carrying out repairs after an act of vandalism on your business can soon become very costly, so an insurance policy will prove to be an absolute godsend. 5. Cargo Most businesses will transport their products from time to time but, if this is done on a regular basis, then it is vital to have an appropriate insurance policy in place. Any large order suffering damage whilst in transit could end up setting your work schedule back by days, weeks or possibly even months. Obviously, this will all be hugely frustrating and it will have a large and unforeseen impact on your profits. Small businesses in particular just cannot afford to take this risk!(read entire article)
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Category : Insurance

5 Good Reasons To Shop For Your Lorry Insurance Online    Submitted as: unknownmem
But finding a better deal with your lorry insurance cover doesn’t need to be such a big deal. Why not have a look on the Net for your cover? There are certainly plenty of reasons why you should.(read entire article)
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Category : Business

5 Great Places To Go On Holiday    Submitted as: 1. Cornwall Thousands of surfers flock to Cornwal
1. Cornwall Thousands of surfers flock to Cornwall ever year because, well, because it’s the best place to surf! But this part of the country isn’t all to do with riding the breakers either. Cornwall has so much more to offer than that. Many families will book holiday cottages in Cornwall and spend much of their time away exploring the picturesque villages and going for relaxing country walks. Cornwall also has some beautiful golden beaches and who could go away without sampling the delicious local pasties or cream teas. This part of England is also home to many wonderful historic towns with some excellent shopping areas as well as Cornwall cottages! 2. Scotland Scotland has some breathtaking scenery to offer its visitors and the whole country is poetry, adventure and romance! But Scotland also has plenty of activities to keep the kids amused. There is the Highland Wildlife Park, the Blairdrummond Safari Park or the Loudoun Castle Theme Park just for starters! Spending a day in Edinburgh is also a must! Scotland’s lively capital city is full of music, art, culture and all manner of exciting events! 3. Wales A lot of us will love to spend time on the beach whilst we are away; but wouldn’t it be nice to get away from the crowds? Well, if you are looking for somewhere that has quieter stretches of coastline, Wales is the perfect choice! You will also find plenty of things to see and do, with everything from walking or cycling to water sports or theme parks. Wales has something to offer for everyone in the family, whatever their age! 4. The Lake District If you are looking for some peace and quiet, then The Lakes are a great place to go on holiday. Many people would agree that this is one of the most tranquil holiday locations in the whole of England. There are some stunning views in this area and many beautiful lakes to visit. The Lake District is a great place to re-charge your batteries and forget about the worries of modern life. 5. North Yorkshire The rugged terrain of North Yorkshire is home to some wonderful scenic walks. And there are also some wonderful towns and villages to explore. Goathland is where ‘Heartbeat’ was filmed and there are many familiar sights to see. You may also like the idea of hopping on a steam train at the village’s North Yorkshire Moors operated station! Robin Hood’s Bay is a beautiful place to visit and it is full of fascinating tales. Learn all about its history of smugglers and swashbucklers! Who could go to North Yorkshire without seeing Whitby, the centrepiece of the Victorian Gothic masterpiece? The Count may not have been real (?), but you can certainly see where Bram Stoker got his ideas!(read entire article)
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Category : Travel

5 Of The Coolest Hobbies To Have    Submitted as: Of course, it doesn’t really matter one iota what
Of course, it doesn’t really matter one iota what you do with yourself in your spare time, just as long as it’s legal, doesn’t cause any harm and you enjoy it. But if you want to adopt a pastime that will put you up there with society’s finest, then read on. Here are 5 uber-cool hobbies which have the potential to make you the envy of your whole neighbourhood. 1. Doing Tricks It’s been a great many years since skateboards and BMX bikes first kicked off (excuse the pun), but they have certainly not lost one single bit of their cool! They are such a wheelie (sorry) exciting hobby to have and mastering a tough new trick can be a genuinely rewarding experience! With skateboards or BMXs you can – Impress your friends! Wow the ladies! Lose your teeth! 2. Being in Control Now, here’s a funny thing. A remote control helicopter or car will often earn you the respect of your friends. Yet a remote control boat will probably result in a total loss of any street cred you previously had! It all comes down to speed and excitement I guess. Tearing up the tarmac with a car or corking through the air with a ‘copter is far more exciting than chasing the local ducks with a chug-chug boat. 3. Making Music Writing and playing your own songs has always been a really cool pastime to have. But one of the best things about it is its flexibility; you can make music with your friends or you can simply choose to go it alone. Maybe you fancy yourself as the next Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen or Kurt Cobain? Or perhaps you and your buddies have plans to be the new Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division or Wishbone Ash? Who knows. This could be the start of something really big! 4. Making Art Anyone has the ability to draw. Okay, so some people may have a natural flair for artistry, but that doesn’t stop everyone else from learning how! And there are so many different areas to consider in the world of art... graphic novels, tattoos, animation, portraiture, cartoons, caricatures, street art, web design, logo design. The list goes on forever! You could even trying making a mint by exhibiting your own unmade bed or by sticking sheep in vat full of formaldehyde. No, wait; that’s already been done. 5. Being a Good Sport As you are no doubt aware, they are oodles of different sports. And each one of these has a continual need for star players! So, do you have what it takes? If you have the ability to stay underwater for long periods of time, then you could make a great swimmer. Or perhaps your long-distance ball-throwing skills can help you to become the next Ian Botham.(read entire article)
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Category : Technology, Gadget and Science

5 Small And Inexpensive Home Improvements    Submitted as: There are all sorts of ways of making improvements
There are all sorts of ways of making improvements to your home and they do not need to leave your wallet bruised and weeping! Of course, if you set about building an extension, installing a billiard room or converting your roof space into a personal gym, then you are going to be looking at mega bucks. However, extra rooms are overrated, gyms will soon become a bore and snooker is just a load of balls... Why not make some additions to your home that will only cost a minimal amount of money? They may not be quite on par with the aforementioned projects, but they will certainly add a little extra luxury to your living space! Yep, we are talking more along the lines of pocket money home improvements! And here are 5 ideas – 1. New Door Knobs Fitting new handles to your internal doors can have a surprisingly large effect on the overall look of your home. There are hundreds of different handles to choose from and they are made with a variety of materials including; wood, chrome, brass, porcelain, stainless steel and acrylic (to name but a few!). 2. LED Strip Lights Why not think about installing some ultra-modern LED strip lights in your home? They are inexpensive to buy and will make a really attractive feature. You will not be limited to boring old white ones either... LED strip lights can be found in just about every imaginable colour!! 3. Furniture Stripping You can totally transform your wooden furniture or fittings by stripping and sanding them down. All you will need is a scraper and some sandpaper. However, you will require plenty of patience; this type of work takes a long time to complete if you are going to do it properly... 4. Under-Cupboard Lighting How many times have you struggled to make yourself a sarnie because the ‘overhead’ light is behind you??? Well, there is a simple answer to this (apart from going without your sandwich...); fit some lights under your kitchen cupboards! And there will be no drilling holes for cables because the majority of these lights are battery-powered! 5. Stencils There are some wonderful stencil kits on the market and none of them are terribly expensive. Besides, once you have created a few different designs, you will begin to accumulate your own selection of colours... This will mean only having to purchase the actual stencil sheets when you are adding any further designs to your home!(read entire article)
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Category : Technology, Gadget and Science

7 Of The World's Most Useful Laptop Gadgets    Submitted as: Here are 7 of the most essential gadgets for lapto
Here are 7 of the most essential gadgets for laptop or netbook owners – 1. External hard drive A portable hard drive is an extremely useful item to own, especially if you are a music or movie buff! Using one of these babies to house your collection of flicks or choons will mean that you are not heaping loads of data onto your actual machine. So, you will only need to plug it in when you get an urge to hear your favourite CD, be it Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth, The Sisters of Mercy or Bros. 2. Cordless Mouse Things have really moved on in the world of computerised rodents. I mean, it wasn’t so many years ago when all mice had balls. Then we had the optical generation; these were certainly an improvement, but our mouse’s tail was still a bit of a nuisance. But, fear not; the next wave of mice is now upon us. And not only have this batch been digitally castrated, they have also had their tails removed!!! A little cruel perhaps, but it certainly makes life easier for laptop or netbook users. 3. Internet dongle The whole purpose of having a portable computer is, well... portability. However, this isn’t a great deal of use if you are unable to connect to the Net. Fortunately, it is now possible to buy a special ‘dongle’ which allows you to get online wherever you go! And these are available on both a ‘contract’ or ‘pay as you go’ basis! 4. External CD/DVD drive If you are the owner of a netbook, then an external CD/DVD drive is a must! They are super-handy to have and many will even be powered by a USB connection. Besides, an external CD/DVD drive will normally be your only option when it comes to making yourself a recovery disc. 5. Laptop Lock Anyone who uses their lovely laptop or natty netbook in public places should always be aware of thieves! Portable computers are very expensive items and they are also really exceptionally simple to steal. However, a special locking cable will help to protect your cherished possession from any tea leaves. And, if someone does try to snatch it, there is always the possibility that your locking cable will wrap around their ankle, cause them to fall and to do themselves a mischief! 6. Wi-Fi Detector If you rely on Wi-Fi hotspots for your internet connection, then a Wi-Fi Detector is a useful bit of kit to own! They are normally really diddy and will often come in the form of a key ring. Apparently, you can even buy a Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt that will light-up when you are in a Wi-Fi zone. Cooool! (I think...) 7. USB Hub Many modern gadgets will rely on their own USB connection to work, so investing in a USB Hub is a very good idea. This will allow you to have oodles of handy gizmos plugged into your computer all at the same time; a USB Reading Light, a USB Vacuum Cleaner, a USB Cup Warmer, a USB Teasmaid, a USB Hedge Trimmer and a USB Dishwasher! Rocking.(read entire article)
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Category : Technology, Gadget and Science

A Basic Guide For Renting Houses    Submitted as: In today’s recessionary economy, it is better to r
In today’s recessionary economy, it is better to rent an apartment rather than purchasing it. This helps in keeping both the monthly payments as well as the overall cost in control. But there are certain things to be taken care of while going for a house on rent. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that as a tenant you have certain rights. - The house that you are planning to rent should be neat & clean. It should meet the local and state codes for housing, zoning, building, and health requirements. - Appliances such as stoves and dish washers, garbage disposals and other amenities should be working properly. - Facilities such as air conditioners, heaters, televisions, and hot water supply should also be in perfectly usable conditions. - All the door & window locks, lights and fans should also be working. - It is important that you get an opportunity to have a basic walk through of the apartment you planning to rent in order to ensure the quality of the facilities and amenities of the house available for rent. Reach out to an apartment leasing company and gather all the required information about the apartment that you are planning to move in. Take a keen look at the lease agreement and know all the utilities that you are being provided with. Some community societies charge for electricity and gas also, apart from cable, telephone, Internet etc. You are not supposed to pay for water and other maintenance services. Never book a house before personally visiting it. Even if it may be occupied, a house owner should arrange for a visit. Have a thorough look around the house and try to visualize yourself living here. There are different rental plans that vary from landlord to landlord. The landlord will come to your place to collect the rent on the first every month. However, you can ask from your landlord for a grace period that can go up to 5 days. Some take post dated checks for the whole year and the money gets transferred to your account on the proper date. Taking a house for rent is convenient as opposed to ownership in terms of several factors, including responsibility. The various responsibilities of the landlord, for example ensuring that water pressure and heating remain in working order, are included in the lease. The payment of rates and taxes are also the owner’s responsibility. When a house is bought, these responsibilities will belong to the new owners.(read entire article)
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Category : Real Estate and Foreclosure

A Buried Treasure: Undue Influence Exposed    Submitted as: Whether it’s Brooke Astor, Jerry Garcia, James Bro
Whether it’s Brooke Astor, Jerry Garcia, James Brown or Anna Nicole Smith, celebrity probate disputes fill both tabloids and Court dockets. However, such dubious distinctions are not exclusive property of those having achieved stardom. Be assured that back on Oak Street, the future of the family business, the distribution of the family’s wealth and the snuffing out of family relations are the sources of emotionally charged arguments staged at your neighbor’s kitchen table, exaggerated by rumors and innuendo at your friend’s wedding reception or exchanged in a string of harsh emails, stored on a jump drive, just waiting to be introduced into evidence. We must learn from the woes of souls passed that we can shape our destiny, build our legacy and protect our aura, or in absence thereof risk the carnage of probate litigation where a fractured family seeks to right the obvious wrong. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and it generally doesn’t take long after one’s demise for the smolder to burst into flames. It may start with a disagreement over the planning of the funeral service, the location of the burial, a church or synagogue, open casket or closed, the wording of the obituary, or a missing goblet, but make no mistake, such disagreements stand as a beacon of things to come. Expect thereafter, a surprise Will, a newly inked Will, a missing Will, or an outdated Will being offered for probate. A recently changed beneficiary designation form, odd financial transactions or alleged gifts will follow. Allegations of promises made and promises broken are proffered as a new lawyer enters the scene, and family members scramble to fight fire with fire. A caveat blocking the Will from being admitted into probate may be filed, and an order to show cause seeking to vacate the Caveat then docketed by the Court…a life’s journey on Trial subject to a discovery schedule, expert reports, motion practice, briefs, mediation and a Trial, all seeking to find the truth which now lies buried - a treasure never to be found but judicially constructed. Attorneys will argue before a Chancery Judge that undue influence existed because the loved one, in their waning days, lacked free will and was subject to the stronger will of a second spouse or a child. That the now deceased family member yielded to the will of another for the sake of peace, or lacking the energy to push back, or was coerced into changing his or her Will. A word of caution, Anthony Marshall, who was accused of influencing his late philanthropic mother, Brooke Astor, into changing her Will in his favor, now awaits sentencing for his part in pilfering the Astor fortunes. Respect the Will of another, but should you smell smoke, act promptly as the fire spreads quickly.(read entire article)
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Category : Legal

A Do-it Yourself Guide To Laying A Flagstone Patio    Submitted as: Building a Flagstone Patio can add beauty, charm a
Building a Flagstone Patio can add beauty, charm and often increase the resale value of a home. The homeowner can accomplish this addition to the home with the correct materials, tools and a little physical labor. Her is the list of things to be done before actual construction of the Flagstone Patio  Decide the type and size of patio you are making and calculate the amount of stone required accordingly.  Gather all the tools needed for its construction. A basic list includes, sand, chipping hammer, pick, and shovel, ruler, rubber mallet, string line, level, broom, concrete, and AB3 sand and gravel.  Make sure your safety apparatus is in place. You should have the following items; back brace, gloves and goggles. Tips for laying a flagstone patio: Since the shape of a flagstone is irregular, laying a flagstone patio is like putting a puzzle together. The thickest, widest pieces will give you the most stability. Laying flagstone patios in sand, as opposed to mortar or concrete, known as "dry construction," is easier for do-it-yourselfers than wet construction. Not having to worry about finishing your stone placement before a layer of mortar hardens makes for a good carefree project. However, wet construction is more "permanent." Stone laid in sand will have to be re-adjusted over the years. As settling occurs you will have to add sand, to keep the desired level. If you don't mind tinkering with a project after it's "done," this shouldn't present a problem. The instructions above assume a location away from the house. If you choose to lay a flagstone patio up against a house, ensure that the surface slopes slightly away from the house, for drainage purposes. The last thing you want is to end up with water in your basement! Though less of a concern with dry construction than with wet construction, I still recommend being on the safe side here. Especially, if you live in a region where heavy snows will be resting up against the house in winter. It's nice to have a helper for laying flagstone patios, especially large ones. That way, one person guides the screed on one side, and the other on the opposite side. If your yard is wet, or you'd simply prefer a better foundation, you may want some additional drainage under your flagstone patio. To achieve this, simply excavate deeper at the beginning of the project. Then apply a layer of crushed stone before shoveling in any sand. Another improvement you can contemplate is purchasing stones with a thickness greater than 2". You'll pay more, and they're heavier, but they're also more durable. Adjust your excavating measurements accordingly.(read entire article)
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Category : Home and Garden

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