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4 Reasons Why Stevia Is Better Than Any Other Sweetener    Submitted as: From a health point of view, sugar is your enemy;
From a health point of view, sugar is your enemy; however, this does not mean that you must give up on sweets. The sweetener stevia is made from the leaves of the plant stevia that is native to South America. People in South America have been using it to sweeten their foods and beverages for over hundreds of years. The Food and Drug Administration approved Stevia as a natural sweetener in December 2008. And since then, its commercial use has rapidly increased in the United States. Due to its many health benefits, it has a rapidly growing popularity. It is now available under a variety of brand names. You can buy natural Stevia extracts online and trying this absolutely amazing zero-calorie and zero carbohydrate sweetener for yourself. You can make a comparative study of the brands that sell stevia extracts or powders and get the best offer. Here are some of the advantages of using Stevia as a sweetener: 1) It helps reduce food cravings One of the main reasons why stevia is very popular is that it helps people lose weight. It is used in sweetening foods and beverages so that people who need to reduce the calorie intake do not have to sacrifice the sweet foods they love. It can also help in weight loss by working as an appetite suppressant. You can swallow a few drops of concentrated stevia about 20 minutes before eating. Since stevia is all natural and has no known side effects, it can be certainly safe than taking those dangerous diet pills! Studies have shown that it also reduces the desire for tobacco and alcohol. 2) It helps regulate blood sugar: Doctors in Paraguay have been prescribing stevia since decades to their diabetic patients since stevia has properties which help to stabilize the blood sugar. While regular sugar can cause a sudden increase in one's blood sugar followed by a rapid drop, stevia leaves keeps the flow more constant. Patients with hypertension (high Blood Pressure) have also benefited from using stevia leaf as it helps to lower their BP. 3) It prevent cavities: When it is used in chewing gums and beverages, stevia can actually help prevent cavities from developing. It slows down the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth which causes plaque. It is thus used in toothpaste or mouthwash as it helps reduce problems with bleeding gums. 4) It has health-promoting antioxidants: It has been observed that those who use stevia in oral care as well as in foods and beverages, come down with cold and flu less frequently. This is due to the many antioxidants and other nutrients like vitamins A and C, magnesium, zinc and iron in it.(read entire article)
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4 Tips To Get Back With Your Ex    Submitted as: Face it - a lot of couples have at one point in ti
Face it - a lot of couples have at one point in time or another split up, only to reunite after a while and maintain a much stronger and healthier relationship together. It's time for you to think clearly, so here are 4 Tips to Get Back With Your Ex in your reach. 1 - Keeping your dignity If it's a relationship with potential you need to avoid certain things to get your ex back. For starters - always keep your dignity intact. Begging or other behavior that will paint you as desperate may make your ex feel sorry for you, but will also take away a huge chunk of your attractiveness. And even if they fall for the "poor puppy" act, just imagine how that would cause more resentment later on. If they take you back, they must take you back for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. You might not care about this right now, but you will later on. Communicate with your ex on why you think the relationship can still work. Be calm and conscious, maybe your ex probably hasn't yet realized that no relationship is perfect all of the time. 2 - No sneaky games Take a little time out, let the dust settle for a bit. Whatever it is that happened, you need to deal with it with clarity and an open mind. The first thing to acknowledge is whether you broke up with your ex or did he/she give you the heartache. After all, getting your ex back is possible and feel right, but it depends on the way the relationship ended in the first place. So trying to get your ex by playing "games" is a very wrong way to go. Trying to make your ex jealous by pretending you're better off or dating someone better may abrupt things even more. Leave insecurity at the door, avoid contacting them every other coffee break. 3 - Actions speak louder than words If your ex told you what's wrong, what's lacking, what's not right, did you consider what he/she said? Promises are cheap, don't tell your ex you've changed, show him/her that it's in fact the truth. Vague promises never seem promising and it's especially true if you've already said those things before. Your ex will feel much more respect when you apologize with less words and more actions to support it. Compromise is essential to making any relationship work. Screaming, raging, crying or worst of it all - threatening will slam the door on the relationship harder than anything else you can do. Don't blame your ex for stuff that's already past and gone. You will regret it, strongly.(read entire article)
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4 Tips To Successfully House Break Train Your Puppy    Submitted as: In the event that you are another puppy holder the
In the event that you are another puppy holder then you are sure to be amped up. It is exciting getting your new pet home and showing them loads of new traps. We all need our puppy to take in the fundamentals, for example, latrine training, and a couple of fun things that we cannot show off to our companions. On the other hand, there's dependably the stress that your new pooch will not take to training great, or whatsoever! Puppy training could be a stroll in the recreation center (reason the play on words) for individuals who utilize the accompanying 6 tips. 1. Tolerance is an ideal We've all heard the expression; however, never has it been correct until it comes to training your new puppy. The thing you need to recollect is that a puppy can take some time to take in new things, paying little respect to how astute their breed is. You would not anticipate that a child will be potty prepared inside days, and nor if you anticipate that your infant canine will be the same. Basics of potty training are easy to grasp if you care for your puppy. 2. Concise training sessions Your puppy can get exhausted and eager immediately when being taught new things, particularly when they are extremely youthful. In the event that you attempt to prepare for long times of time then, you will be fixing the sum of your diligent work; new pup will see this training as to a greater degree and discipline. Verify you keep your training sessions short – no more than 15 minutes each one time. In the event that you see your puppy getting exhausted then complete the training and begin again at an alternate time. 3. Be steady and certain Your puppy requirements to know who is in control of the circumstances; else they will begin to command the entire methodology. Be steady via training the same charges over a time of a couple of days or weeks, without attempting to get anything new until the first trap has been learnt. Be certain by utilizing a solid voice and clear orders, with the goal that your puppy realizes that you are the one in control. 4. Never berate your puppy It is prosperity sure and telling with your tone of voice, yet determines you are not utilizing this force to reprimand your pup. Puppies do not comprehend what is going on in the event that they are in a bad position, so yelling at them or physically rebuffing them will have a negative effect on their training. Determine they know when they have completed something right, and they will react significantly all the more decidedly, whilst taking in new traps quickly. Once you are done potty training your dog, you will be a happier man and so will be your dog.(read entire article)
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5 Main Rock Climbing Knots For Professionals   By: davis walker
Rock climbing is the most exciting outdoor sport that helps you boost your overall strength. But you must take care of the safety when you're hanging a few metres above the ground. In this article you will find a number of rock climbing knots that can be used while rock climbing.(read entire article)
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5 Most Profitable Businesses You Can Think Of Starting!   By: davis walker
Starting your own business is definitely a great career move. This article provides a list of 5 most promising profit making businesses or industries that you can plunge into without the risk of failure!(read entire article)
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6 Most Useful Basics To Potty Train You Dog    Submitted as: Many pet owners experience problems while trying t
Many pet owners experience problems while trying to house train a puppy and they inundate the veterinarians with desperate cries for help. If you are also facing similar problems, here are a few tips that will help you to potty train your dog. 1) While training your dog, you shouldn't expect it to stand outside door when it wants to use the toilet. For the dog to learn the rules, you must begin house training early in its life. 2) Encourage your pup to use newspapers and other materials like wee pads, when it is inside your home. This is ideal when you have an apartment or a small home with no garden or backyard. After a few days, the dog understands that using the newspaper or wee pad to relieve itself is what you want. 3) Another method is to train the pup is by using a large litter tray that is filled with an absorbent material. If you stick to a proper routine, your dog will reward you back by letting you know when it wants to do its toilet, in just six months or less. 4) In the initial few weeks of house training, you need to keep a constant watch on your puppy. Don't be put off by the weather outside, even if it's snowing or raining, it must be taken outside. The fresh air will do good to both of you. 5) If you're organized, night time should not be a problem. For example, you can have your puppy in a cage like thing besides your bed so you can hear him whine if he needs to relieve himself. Be constantly alert to its needs until it gets old enough to last through the night. 6) Try to guide your pup on where you want it to relieve itself. Within a few days it will surely get your message will automatically use this spot every time. And don't forget to always clean up after your puppy because there is nothing more disgusting to the visitors than piles of dog excreta spread across your backyard. There are so many ways to train your puppy, but at the end it is all up to you. Be prepared since the day you get a pet and study thoroughly what it takes to look after them and their toilet training. Without a total commitment to your puppy's needs, you will surely face a lot of issues that may take many extra weeks to solve.(read entire article)
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6 Tips To Help You De-stress Yourself!   By: davis walker
There is a lot of pressure at the workplace like the meeting the deadlines, targets work-flow, etc. People get stressed out with this which is actually not good for your health. This article provides some tips to reduce your stress.(read entire article)
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7 Ways To Physically Flirt With A Girl?    Submitted as: Flirting can cause great anxiety to some men while
Flirting can cause great anxiety to some men while for a few it just comes natural as if they were born with this magical trait. So if you've just met a really pretty woman and you want to do the right things when you flirt with her, here are a few ways you can make her fall for you: 1) Look her in the eye: One thing you must do while talking to her is look the girl in the eyes for an extended period of time. Eye contact conveys a lot of emotions. It shows your confidence. You might have heard that one thing most women find attractive in a man is his eyes. Being able to lure her in with your eyes is one of those techniques that you can use time and again to woo any woman that you want. 2) Research studies have found that attraction is built through touching. Fleeting short touches show interest. You can sit next to her with shoulders/thighs touching. But you don't have to over-do it or you will be called the “touchy guy” and that would trigger a red flag. 3) Tickling is a great way to start flirting. If she likes you, she'll tickle you back probably smiling or laughing. And then if you take turns tickling each other there are chances that you might end up in each other's arms in close proximity. 4) One of the most basic forms of physical flirting is holding her hand. Initially a hand shake or a high five can break the ice. And then when you go for a long walk, keep your hand really close to hers or you can just gently hold her hand. If she likes it you may try interlocking your fingers. Most women find this sweet and comforting. You can play games like thumb wrestling. 5) Play with her hair. This can be done when you're hanging out watching a movie or having coffee. If you see a strand of hair falling in her face, tuck it behind her ear. Girls love this as it is incredibly romantic. If done right, it could make her heart melt. Get close and smell her hair. Tell her that she smell's good with a smirk. 6) Dance with the girl on the dance floor. Ask her for a dance on a slow music. 7) Play footsies with each other. If you're sitting across the table, gently put your feet on top of hers. Don't be afraid. An assertive and self-assured guy will touch in a casual manner, without being hesitant. And being touched playfully by a confident man is by far the best feeling in the world for any woman.(read entire article)
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9 Storage Tips For A More Effective And Efficient Warehouse    Submitted as: It is a common misconception that your company has
It is a common misconception that your company has an efficient picking operation only because your products roll out on time and the customers are happy. The efficiency and productivity of your storage systems depends on how your reorganize the process and the systems and train your workforce accordingly! The following are 9 tips to improve your warehouse operations: 1. Profile your orders. Store Keeping Units change with the seasons hence you need to re-slot your warehouse to accommodate your business model. You must review the setup at least once a year. This ensures that your units are in the correct physical location and storage media thereby reducing unnecessary travel for your order pickers. Your warehouse management system should have a dynamic slotting module. 2. Analyze your current picking methodology. You must make sure your picking methodology suits the needs of your organization. A correct picking methodology is critical for optimizing productivity whether you choose single order or multi-order, batch picking or zone picking. 3. Use software to sequence orders. Sequencing your orders by pick path, batching together all the single lines and same-zone orders saves tremendous time on the distribution part. 4. Create a warehouse within a warehouse. By grouping together 20% of your SKUs that complete 80% of your orders you can gain extraordinary efficiency as it cuts down the travel time for your pickers. But you must ensure that the 80-20 zone is properly designed to accommodate high-volume activity. 5. Evaluate your storage equipment to ensure proper application. One of the most effective storage tips for an efficient warehouse operation is to place the slow-moving, low-cube items in bin shelves and the fast-moving items in carton/pallet flow. This improves the storage density and picker productivity. 6. Create “wheelhouse” zones in your picking area. You can improve your order picker ergonomics by slotting your fastest-moving units in the waist-to-shoulder better known as “wheelhouse” area of your storage media. 7. Designate only two or three standard shipping cartons. With only two to three boxes plus a few custom sizes to choose from the pickers will put orders together faster. Cutting down the sizes of the boxes optimizes freight expenses. 8. Consider automation. Order pickers spend 60% of their time walking the product or moving the product around. Consider a conveyance or any other automated solution to reduce their extensive travel time. You can use multi-level pick towers to save travel time. 9. Understand your technology options. There are plenty of options are available to increase the efficiency which includes the bar codes, voice-activated technologies, pick-to-label etc. These technologies are designed to improve accuracy and provide different levels of increased picking productivity.(read entire article)
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A Natural Cure To Treat Conjunctivitis For Kids –tea Bags   By: davis walker
Pink eye is highly contagious and is most common in preschoolers, schoolchildren, students, teachers and daycare workers. However, pink eye - also called conjunctivitis is easily treated and can be avoided with some precautions.(read entire article)
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