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By Author: Ring Hot Water
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Initially Need XLE Portable Water Purifier

Conveys versatile helpful compound free water purifier for outside undertakings and global travel.

* Award winning "Organized Matrix" and simple to utilize

* First Need is Lightweight and conservative

* No Hold Time or Double-Pumping

* NEW Clean Out Port

* Indicates End of Useful Capacity

* New and enhanced components incorporate expanded limit - more flotsam and jetsam holding limit

* Faster stream rate compact water purifier

* Advanced "Direct Connect" versatility......... fits more jugs and hydration packs

* Secure connector/Pressure Relief tube

* More secure hose for discharging

* Flexible Sanitary Cover moved for simpler jug connection

* Increased effect resistance

* Easier pumping water purifier

* Increased Durability and Capacity for More Savings.

* Indepedently ensured to EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers against Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses!

Specialized SPECS:

* Flow Rate: 1.89 L/min

* Avg. Cartridge Capacity: 568 Liters

* Particle Retention Rating: 0.1 ostensible (0.4 total)

* Weight: 450 grams

* Length: 15.9cm

* Tube Length: 91cm

* Working Temperature: 33°-100°F (0.5° - 38°C

3 Way Water Filter Sink Mixer Tap 3S1

* Removes the greatest obstruction to DIY establishment, no new gap required

* Reduces sink mess, one tap as it were

* Hot and Cold mains water from one lever

* Water channel line from the other lever*

* Watermark affirmed

* When utilized as a part of conjunction with a water channel. Appropriate with any Undersink water channel framework utilizing 1/4" tubing.

Water Pressure Min: 150kpa

Water Pressure Max: 1000kpa

Max Working Temperature: 80 deg C

Guarantee: 10 Year Warranty

Seagull IV X-1F Water Purifier

World's best Sophisticated Technology for more than 30 Years

Seagull IV X-1F Is An Award Winning 3.8lt Per Minute Undersink Purifier

Seagull IV consolidates progressed "Stuctuted Matrix" techolgly

Speedy and simple weight verification establishment lines with earthenware plate tap

Seagull IV X-1F highlights a stainless weight vessel

Viable and tried and true

Speedy and simple establishment

Undersink purifier with seperate devoted spigot

Autonomously guaranteed to meet EPA manage standard convention for microbiological purifiers against microscopic organisms, growths and infections

Add immaculateness and style to your life today!

Specialized Specifications

Stream Rate: 3.8 Liters/min

Capacity* Avg.: 3800 Liters

Working Pressure: 25 psi – 125 psi

Molecule Retention: 0.1 Micron

Measurement: 12.7 cm (distance across) x 13.7 cm (stature)

Cartridge: RS-1SG

* Capacity may fluctuate contingent upon influent water quality

** proposed for COLD water utilize

Stove Temperature Control Cooktop Switch MP101

6mm Single Shaft X 22mm Long Total, Single Load, Single Pole And Solid Shaft

Culinary specialist Simpson Westinghouse Fisher and Paykel Kleenmaid Oven Cooktop Stove InfiniteSingle Simmerstat Switch MP-101 Can Be Used To Control Hotplate Elements Or As Grill Switch.

PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: MP-101 MP101 MP-101EA MP101EA MP-101C MP101C 0534001654 534-1-654 3070536 532008p FP532008P NZ91003 3070519 MP101KS MP-101KS ES101 532008 NZ91003 3070536 3070519 MP101-ETC MP101ETC NZ95562 T4-205 T5-205 GRIMP-101S

NOTES: Can Be Used On Kleenmaid Ceramic Cooktop Models CH13 CH14 CH15 However The Replacement Part Must Be Fitted By A Service Person With Appropriate Electrical Qualifications


Gourmet expert: EBC5231W GXP650SNG*02 GXP650SLP*02 GXP650WNG*02 GXP605WLP*02 Ehs610k*11 Euc5110w EUC5140W*19

WESTINGHOUSE: PHH285W PAJ509R*13 PAJ509R*18 PAJ509R*19 PAJ521*10 PAJ501R*01 PAJ521W PAK143W PAK8 SERIES PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ143W*13 PAJ143W*18 PAJ143W*19 PAJ144W*13 PAJ144W*19 PAJ161B*13 PAJ161B*18 PAJ161B*19 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ501RS*13 PAK501RS*19 PAJ509RC*13 PAJ509RC*15 PAJ509RC*16 PAJ509RC*17 PAJ509RC*19 PAJ518*13, EUC5350W, PAJ518*18 PAJ518*19 PAJ520*13 PAJ520*19. PAJ521W*13 PAJ521W*19 PAJ521W*13 PAJ521W*15 PAJ521W*16 PAJ521W*17PAJ521W*19 PAJ529B*13 PAJ529B*18 PAJ529B*19 PAJ558W*13 PAJ558W*15 PAJ588W*16 PAJ558W*17 PAJ558W*19 PAJ804W*00 PAJ806W*00 PAJ804W*01 PAJ804W*02 PAJ804W*03 PAJ804W*04 PAJ806W*01 PAJ806W*02 PAJ806W*03 PAJ806W*04 PAJ804W*05 PAJ804W*07 PAJ806W*05 PAJ806W*06 PAJ805W*00 PAJ805W*01 PAJ805W*02 PAJ805W*03 PAJ805W*04 PAJ805W*05 PAJ805W*07 PAJ808W*00 PAJ808W*01 PAJ808W*02 PAJ808W*03 PAJ808*04 PAJ808W*05 PAJ808*06 PAK140W*35 PAK143W*35 PAK144W*35 PAK161B*35 PAK501R*35 PAK501RS*35 PAK509R*35 PAK509RC*35 PAK518W*35 PAK520W*35 PAK529B*35 PAK558W*35 PAK140W PAK143W PAK161B*02 PAK501R*03 PAK501RS*03 PAK161B PAK501R PAK501RS PAK144W PAK509R*03 PAK509RC*03 PAK518W PAK529B PAK509R PAK509RC PAK520W PAK529B*02 PAK558W PAK509RC*40 PAK558W*40 PAK804W PAK808W PPL775S PPL775W PPL776S PPL776W PHH394U*10MP101KS,MP-101KS,ES101,532008,NZ91003,534-1-654,3070536,3070519,MP101-ETC,MP101ETC,NZ95562,T4-205,T5-205,GRIMP-101S,0534001654, MP-101, EEC1230W-L,PHL284U EEC1380, PAK557""", PHH466W, PHH284U, PAK557W

(All hard wired electrical things must be introduced by an authorized circuit repairman)


Highlights and BENEFITS

Pentek CBC Series water channel cartridges are exceptionally powerful at diminishing undesirable taste, scent and chlorine. The one of a kind structure of the Pentek CBC carbon square water channel empowers it to diminish Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma blisters and fine silt particles down to 0.5 microns.*

Pentek CBC Series water channel cartridges are produced utilizing a protected procedure and made totally from FDA-consistent materials. They are a perfect decision for an extensive variety of private, sustenance administration, business and modern applications. The Pentek CBC-10 likewise makes an incredible cleaning channel or pre-channels in applications requiring fine filtration and high limit.

• Nominal 0.5-micron rating*

• 99.5% diminishment of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma cysts*

• Premium high limit terrible taste and smell and chlorine taste and scent reduction*

• Enhanced soil holding capacity*

UPC 051678162439


Item Code: 10318

Culinary specialist Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux

Suits the accompanying models ( Please sort your model into the pursuit box on the upper right hand side of the screen instead of seeking through the rundown)

10318 3130408 10318 TF1260 10318 0122004506W 03435 0122004506 0122004395 GA26A0 3130408 GA26A000 20.35141.000 TF1260 FE-005 SE100 FE-05 03435 3130408 E2825C FE-05 FE005 1038 FE05 GRIGA26A000

WESTINGHOUSE: POL662W PGL657 PXL698 POH688 PAJ521W PPL775/776 PXL688S PPL778X PPL776W POL668W PXL688W POL667W POL667S POL668S PPL778W PPL775W PPL775S PPL776S POL662S POL662K PXL688K PDVJ792W PDL794S PDL790W PDL790S POJ787A POL783S*30 POJ767A PDL794W PGH658W*14 PSL632W PSL632S PXL698S PXL698W POL662S PXL668B PGL657W DSL635W DSL635S PGL659W PGL659S POL781S POVJ782S POH662W*00 POH662S*00 POH662K*00 POVJ782W PAJ806W*06

ELECTROLUX: EEC1380W-L*27 EEC1380W-L*03 EPL633S EOC673S EEC1380W-R*27 EOC633W EEC1350W-R*27 EOE643S EEC1380W-R*06 EOC643S EOC633S EXC643W EEC1380W-R*20 EXC643S EOC673W EOC643W EOCR633W EEC1350W-R*20 EEC1380W-L*06 EEC1380W-L*20 EEC1380W-R*03 EEC1350W-L*20 EOCR633S EEC1350W-L*27 EDCD697S*30 EOC697 POH662K*07W EDED697S EDE693S DSE6653S EEC1380W-L*20 EEC1380W-R*30 EOC693S EOE693S EXC693W EXC693S EFC653W EGC653S EGC633W EGC633S EGC652W EDC693W EDC693S EOE697S ESE6634S

SIMPSON: 63G808S 63C906S*00 63C906W 63c906s 62F854W*27 88E736S*02 63G911W 61F925W 63G911S POL667WCY 61F931W 63G912S 63G9065 POL662KCY 88E736W*02 POL668WCY POL688SCY 63G808S 63G808W 63G912W 63G906W POL662WCY POL662SCY 63C808S*11 85E726W*02 85E726S*02 85E726W*01 85E726S*01 83E712W*02 67G616W 67G616S 87E716W*02 87E716S*02 88E738W*02 88E738S*02 63C911W*11 83E711W*02 83E711S*02 83E706W*02 83E706S*02 88E738W*02

Gourmet expert: EUC5340w ES4395 e2825c EOC671W EOC641K EOS631S EEC1380W-L*27 EEC1350W-R*27 EEC1350W-L*29 EEC1380W-R829 EOCR633S POHL662WCC POHL662SCC EEC1350W-R*29 EEC1380W-L*29 POHL668SCCEOCL633S POHL668WCC POH667S EEC1350W-L*27 EEC1380W-R*27 EOC643SCC EOS631S EOC697W*30 EOC697S*30 EXC691S*03 EXC691S EXC641S EPSC613S EPSC631W EPCC681W*03 EPCC681S*03 EPSC631S EOC691W EXC641K EOC691S*03 EOC691S EOC691K*03 EOC691K EOC671TR EO63c906w,C671TN EPSZ631W EPSZ631S EOC691W*03 EXC641W EOC671SA EOC671S EOC671BS EOC641W EOS631K EOC641S EDC691W*03 EDC691S*03 EOS631W EGC651S*03 ECG651S EGC631W EOS671S EGC631S EGC652W EDC693W EDC693S EDC691S EDC691W EOS671W EXC691W*03 PAH806W PAJ518*19 EUC535010318,TF1260,10318,10318,0122004506W,03435,0122004506W,0122004506,0122004395,GA26A0,3130408,GA26A000,20.35141.000,TF1260,FE-005,SE100,FE-05,03435,3130408,E2825C,FE-05,FE005,1038,FE05,GRIGA26A000,1026, 10318PAJ558W, PGH658S, poh698, 66E204W, 63C906S, POH782W, PAJ509RC, POH792K, paj521w,""" paj520w, 63C844W, PDVJ792S
Visit our website https://www.ringhotwater.com.au/ for more information.

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