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How To Prevent Bask In Summer

By Author: Lamb Feild
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In hot summer, for those who love tourism and outdoor activities, if the people do not good sun protection measures, they are very easy to be UV sunburn, tanning, and even cause severe skin disease. So how to prevent bask in summer is growing concern, because it can take precautions against solar skin disease. Of course, the beauty of the girls, it is important to sunscreen. If you want to stick pale delicate skin in the hot summer, sunscreen is vital in the key, a good sunscreen that is half white success. Follow the climate gradually becomes hot, therefore, I summarizes the three major useful sunscreen tips, let you can ease in the summer, beautiful as usual.
1, Apply sunscreen tips
In order to effectively protect the skin, sun cream is essential skin care products. However, the use of sunscreen has a lot of skill, the slightest mistake will affect the sunscreen effect.
First, you must be clear what do you do and where will you go before you use sun scream. Go to work, outings, close to the sea, or exercise. This is important, because it determines what type you use, SPF sunscreen how much value today. Common human skin, SPF value 8-12 is appropriate; light-sensitive people, SPF value 12-20 is appropriate; if only in the way of commuting workers exposed to sunlight, SPF value of 15 or less; in the wild, beach swimming, SPF value of sunscreen to over 30. If you go swimming, the best selection of waterproof sunscreen skin care products. In addition, the best selection of fair-skinned person over 30 SPF sunscreen to prevent the generation of spots. Darker skin, can be used sunscreen SPF value of 15.
Secondly, if you are out of sunscreen to think of it, this approach is also wrong. Sunscreen must wipe out the door half an hour, supplement before going out again, so the skin can effectively absorb, and give full play to their sunscreen sunscreen effect. On the dosage, the amount of each at least 1-2ml in order to achieve the best isolation; and should be avoided in the most intense periods of sunshine out ( 10:00 to 14:00 ); while also good with a variety of aids, such as parasols, hats, long-sleeved clothes, sunglasses, etc., to jointly resist ultraviolet invasion.
Finally, many girls are usually out with makeup, and if this time to make sunscreen to how to do it. Many girls choose to directly to wipe his face with a layer after layer of sunscreen, the result may be "fill" the dreaded fat particles! Correct approach is to gently wipe with a paper towel prior sweat and grease, or just use absorbing paper to absorb the grease, and then to use sunscreen powder makeup; If you face has a lot of sweat and oil, so be sure to use make-up remover wipes to wipe the sweat and greasy, and then fill sunscreen, water spray can also be used to clean the face and then fill.
2, Avoid sensitive foods
Another skill is to rely on the tonic. There is a light-sensitive foods such as parsley, radish, etc., eat more prone spots by ultraviolet radiation and increased ultraviolet radiation on summer skin damage. The shark, eel, flounder, melon, broccoli, strawberries and muscles, such as the food is excellent sunscreen, contain "sun nutrients", from which you can eat these food intake moisturizing sunscreen ingredients.
3, Sunburnt repair
No matter how better that the sunscreen work is doing well, there are likely to be sunburn, then sun repair will become especially important. To introduce some of the more common and convenient after-sun repair methods.
Showers law: as long as engaged in outdoor activities, regardless of the degree of sun, water soaked body when you go home at first, and calm, refreshing bath, and then rinse with warm water, then use cold water leaching. After the shower is completed, you can wipe some of the body 's skin care products. Or with a towel wrapped ice, iced in the heat of the skin, reduce heat discomfort.
Cucumber egg white mask: first cucumber placed in the refrigerator in advance, after the show with a paste of cucumber juice, then add the egg and stir well. The stir crumbled into a paste evenly on the face mask, you can wash until the water completely dry. Because cucumbers can be directly added the skin due to sun have lost a lot of water, and as rich in various nutrients, it can enhance the skin's ability to regenerate. Egg contains a lot of protein, can also help to repair the skin, so word of mouth is very sun repair mask.
There is a degree of severity of sunburn, minor sunburn mainly in a cool room, skin redness lasting more than two hours. Do not underestimate a slight sunburn, and this time make your skin dark quickly, so that the skin is more sensitive. Slight sunburn only apply calm moisturizing lotion, facial mask or gel, prevent drying sun -sensitive and tense, but also to replenish the skin to lock in moisture. And using the above method on it. Moderate sunburn is not only inflamed skin, but also hot, a little touch will feel pain, a few days will slowly peeling skin. This moderate sunburn phenomenon is prone to pigmentation, resulting stain. Moderate sunburn skin produces blisters, do not touch the skin will have a burning sensation, which requires go to the hospital, choose to use the same way to treat burns the skin. Sun repair can not be free, the first thing is to calm the skin and cooling. High sun skin temperature, and heat pain appears reddish irritation, this time with a wet towel wrapped ice to cool down the skin, mineral moisturizing spray can also be used to cool skin fast.
The So-called black skin is easier than white, so if you really do not want to turn black, you are sure to pay attention to the sunscreen, it is not to have an emergency after-sun repair work! And I go to work every day, and I may be sunburn, not to mention I especially like to play sports and rc helicopter, which sometimes requires the outdoors, so I need to prevent bask in, I have tried these methods, it is very great, recommended to you.

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