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Easy Ways To Identify If You Are Having A Panic Attack Or Not

By Author: Johnnie Loffier
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If you are susceptible to panic attacks, you could learn how to deal with them much more effectively by knowing what symptoms to look for. If you do suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis, you may notice that you will have physical and mental issues. The underlying cause for panic attacks, symptomatically speaking, are mentally related. By altering the way that you think, and removing irrational thought processes, you can begin to eliminate panic disorders from the root. The following are some of the symptoms that you need to deal with. Have you ever experienced a panic attack before? In today's world, being stressed is very commonplace for most people. The economy, and a host of other issues, are the root of why many people feel stressed. Handling panic attacks begins with knowing what symptoms they may cause; keep reading to find out how to handle these situations. Personality traits with each and every person usually originate from the time of childbirth. As you get older, you will slowly learn to deal with negative issues such as anxiety and stress. The end result of dealing with these types of circumstances will either have a good or bad ending.

For some, even the smallest things can cause a panic attack. The rest of this article is about some of the symptoms of panic attacks, and why they are good to know about. You will find that a panic attack can happen to anyone no matter what age they are. Panic attacks are not something to be taken lightly and anyone who suffers from them will tell you that. Dealing with these symptoms can make a person uneasy and even frightened. And because there are no real warning signs when a panic attack hits it is a surprise. Panic attacks are experienced by nearly three million people in the United States alone. While panic attacks are hard to predict we are going to be covering some of the symptoms that might mean a panic attack is on the way. Panic attacks are experienced by the majority of people at some time in their life. When you have a panic disorder, then you are having many panic attacks. When it comes to panic attacks, some are so small they are never noticed. Here we will be discussing some of the symptoms associated with panic attacks so you can help avoid them in the future. A panic attack is something that happens in your brain when it finds a situation that is stressful for you.

One of the first physical symptoms that you should be aware of in regard to anxiety disorder is neck and shoulder pain. Figuring out whether or not the pain is from stress, or actual physical work, is a good place to begin. If you are stressed all the time, or were recently in a state of panic, this could have adversely affected muscles in your body. Pain is most often your body trying to tell you something, such as relax, slow down, or enjoy yourself. To begin relaxing, start smiling, and you will see that it is much easier to unwind. Different symptoms, experienced almost simultaneously, can be used to diagnose whether or not you are experiencing an anxiety attack. Often times, individuals that have heart palpitations will notice that their heart is racing and they will panic even more. If your heartbeat is so loud that you can actually hear it, you are more than likely experiencing a severe panic attack of some kind. Often times, these anxiety attacks are confused with heart attacks due to the similarity of the symptoms. Usually, people experiencing a heart attack will feel as if their heart is being smashed inside their chest cavity. The odds of having a heart attack are very great, which means that if you are having heart discomfort, it is probably related to an anxiety issue. People that experience worry or panic on a regular basis can actually know in advance if a panic attack is going to occur based upon the situation at hand. These disturbing events have a technical name: phobias; they can be very detrimental to people that experience them regularly. Phobias are usually attributed to some type of inherited genetic imprint that comes from DNA opposed to experiential situations. Being claustrophobic, arachnophobia, and having a general fear of heights are symptoms of this particular anxiety.

Some things are more understandable than others, but it might be hard to understand why someone would fear walking on a sidewalk and fear stepping on a crack. People that have phobias that are extreme, or very mild, are usually differentiated based upon the situation that the fear arose in. A very common and prevalent phobia is in regard to those people that do not like large crowds which may cause them to stay at home more often. As with anything that can be debilitating, you need to get a handle on your fear and panic attacks if you suffer from them. Panic attacks can be so severe that people can wind up losing control of their own minds. These attacks are not something to be taken lightly and unless you have been through it, you will never realize how bad they can be. One of the worst thing about a panic attack is that you never know when they will happen and that can cause even more stress for someone who has panic attacks on a regular basis. These attacks are not as bad for everyone as everyone is different. Some people have turned to therapists to try to deal with these panic attacks and many have had pretty good results, although it can take a while. One of the symptoms of a panic attack will be when you have a very sudden need to go to the bathroom. If you have children, you certainly have witnessed where they have wet their pants when they have been frightened. Adults can have the same thing happen to them, and this is one symptom of a panic attack. Think about the times you have been in a situation that has made you very nervous, and how you probably had an urge to go to the bathroom. The worst part is when this happens and you are nowhere near a bathroom. You will normally see this happen to adults when they have a accident in a car. It is common for many people that are experiencing a panic attack to feel as if they have been lifted out of their body. Nothing seems real, and you don't feel like you even exist, except in like a dream. Stressful situations like these may induce the mind to create places that do not exist to help us deal with the stress. In a way, the entire event becomes emotionless, and allows you to be less involved emotionally. Often times, these types of events are etheric in nature, making us wonder if it was real or not. Panic attacks are sometimes extremely hard to deal with, but by doing simple relaxation techniques, we can overcome anxiety filled moments with ease.

A second symptom trying to tell you that you are having a panic attack is a shortness of breath. The need to breathe is very strong with most people, which makes the panic attack get worse as the shortness of breath continues. Those of you that have experienced not being able to breathe are well aware of how this feels. When you can't get your breath, or you struggle to breathe, if you weren't panicking before, you will be soon. Breathing slowly, and consistently, is your first step toward stopping your panic attack from occurring. Breathing is essential to life, and as a result, if you suffer from panic attacks which involve the symptom of shallow breathing, you need to know how to take deep breaths.

Stressful circumstances, along with the anxiety of the situation, may cause some people to get migraines or headaches as a result. Those that suffer from these types of conditions may have tension headaches as a result.

Your head literally feels like someone is squishing it, usually a byproduct of a tense or stressful experience. Emotions of anxiety and stress can actually make your headache more intense, but cannot cause something like a migraine to acutally happen. Negative emotions can certainly enhance how bad a headache will feel, though they are usually initiated by reading too much out of a book or working on the computer. Relaxation techniques are often the best way to prevent such headaches from occurring.

Some people have a terrible feeling like they are choking and that must really be a horrific sensation. To make it even worse these panic attacks can last between 15 minutes to half an hour or even longer. There is a lot of stress that accompanies a panic attack and the worst part is that the stress can prolong your panic attack. Panic attacks can be so stressful that people who are going through them for the first time really believe that the are dying. Another thing that can clue you in to the fact that you are having a panic attack is hyperventilation. The other end is also true, when some people have a panic attack they can not breathe at all. If you hyperventilate it doesn't mean you are having a panic attack because this can also be caused by various other medical conditions, but it is a possibility. Hyperventilating and panic attacks can end up feeding each other making both matters worse. Getting your breathing under control during a panic attack can be done by telling yourself that nothing is wrong, this may help to slow your breathing. Meditation and deep breathing exercises will allow you to focus and calm down.

Panic attacks have several other symptoms, including heat flashes and chills that affect your body and the way it feels. As you probably know, the body has many nerve endings which is part of the nervous system. Essentially, panic attacks eliminate electrical communication to the brain from the nervous system. So if you feel flushed, or chilled to the bone, this is your body reacting to the stressful situation. Sometimes people believe that they have a cold, yet in reality, they are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks. Often times, panic attacks are the result of your mind perceiving something that is not true or unreal. Excessive sweating is also related to a panic attack, an issue that many people overlook. People that have anxiety issues may actually begin sweating profusely, as if they are in the hot midday sun, while talking to people at their place of employment or at a social gathering. You haven't been at the gym working out, you haven't been out running, and you haven't even been walking up the stairs. This excessive sweating can actually occur while relaxing in a lounge chair for seemingly no reason at all. If this has ever happened to you, you know how embarrassing these situations are and how you never want them to happen again. If you have ever experienced a tingling sensation in your hands or fingers, along with some amount of numbness, this may have occurred while having a panic attack of some sort. These physical symptoms are typically felt as a result of panic attacks that originate in your mind. Bloodflow is another issue to consider, specifically if it is interrupted for any period of time.

Feeling stressed is definitely a precursor to improper blood flow which can cause a tingling and numbness in your hands and feet. You simply never know the type of reaction that your body will have to the stress that you feel. Stressful situations can definitely cause numbness in your extremities, but the tingling may also be due to a medical condition, something that you should consult your doctor about right away. These attacks can also mess with you brain causing unwanted thinking. And as you can imagine the thoughts people have are never good, and they don't go away during the panic attack. Your thoughts can wildly go in directions you don't want them to go, thinking about normal concerns and then about imagined fears. It is like your brain is fighting you and showing you all these terrible things. It is almost like your brain is actually trying to drive you insane. You will also find out that stress can actually effect your entire body. When your nerves are shot, the result can definitely be seen in your digestive system. For some people stress and anxiety can even end up making you get sick. And normally when these symptoms are caused by panic, you may find that you panicking even more because of the symptoms. Just one of those could be enough to effect your outlook on everything. Not to mention that your stress level will also increase when you are having more symptoms. You should now stay away from things that cause you stress as you now know what it can do to you. Panic attacks are mainly caused by having an overly exaggerated view of some situation that you fix your mind on, causing you fear. Your anxiety is then fed by your overzealous fear and panic. The only way to stop panic attacks from happening is to deal with your anxieties in an appropriate manner.

For the symptoms to be related to a panic attack, they need to happen together and not occur one at a time. But, when they are added to three or four others, then there is a pretty good chance that you are having a panic attack. Severe, or moderate, panic attacks can happen to numerous people for a variety of reasons. Just keep in mind that if you continuously experience multiple symptoms, specifically the ones we have just mentioned, you may be having anxiety attacks regularly. To help yourself avoid panic attacks now and in the future, you simply need to be aware of the symptoms related to this condition.

Panic attacks are real, even if you have never experienced one. Abrupt and scary situations will definitely reveal the reality of panic attacks to those that experience such situations. To minimalize the probability of having a panic attack, get a hold of your anxieties and learn to control them.

Again if you have never had to deal with a panic attack I think you will now agree that you can't even imagine it. Life is hard enough with normal stresses and worries, but when they make you panic, life can become unbearable. The symptoms we covered here are not all the symptoms associated with panic attacks and there are many more. Don't forget that there are ways for you to treat and even get rid of your panic attacks and one of those ways is to talk to a therapist or going to a doctor to see if there is a medication that can help you. Anxiety and stress is beginning to enter peoples lives in every aspect and this of course is leading to more panic attacks. For people who have chronic panic attacks, you should learn how to treat them so you can avoid them in the future. For the most part the people who have the occasional panic attack, they normally don't last that long and are not that severe.

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