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Effective Anxiety Treatments That Can Help You Quickly

By Author: Johnnie Loffier
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The first method that has always been a great way to deal with your anxiety is by getting therapy, even if you are not really comfortable with it. If you broke a bone you would go to a doctor to fix it and the same goes with anxiety and therapy. Even though you will find all sorts of people using different therapies for their anxiety you will find that cognitive behavioral therapy is the one that most therapists use. When it comes to this therapy, the therapist tries to get the person to identify the cause of the anxiety and also gets them to look at it rationally in an attempt to reduce the anxiety. There are people that when feeling anxious turn in to a glass is half empty way of thinking, and this therapy helps them to see it differently. You can find relaxation techniques that can help you deal with your anxiety. The techniques we are talking about are breathing techniques as a way to relax your body and mind. Many different traditions have meditation techniques designed to help you relax, and if you practice such exercises regularly, they can be quite effective and helping you control anxiety. These meditation techniques are so useful because they help control your breathing, when most people are feeling anxious they take short, shallow breaths. One of these breathing techniques that can help you will be to take deep breathes. The Internet is loaded with programs and guides that can teach you breathing techniques. To get over your anxiety there are some self-help programs you can buy online. If you are tired of being anxious, these programs are worth trying, but they might not work. The Linden Method, which uses various techniques, like exercises for relaxation, is the most well-known for helping you get rid of anxiety. Your symptoms stemming from anxiety can be eliminated by this thorough course that will reprogram your thinking in order to change your behavior. Consistency, and following directions, is the key to success with any program you choose to do. Many people can be helped by following a program, such as the Linden Method, whereas others need the motivation provided by a therapist.

For anxiety symptoms that aren't too severe, natural remedies and a few lifestyle changes you can make on your own may be all you need. Yet if your symptoms are severe, it's best to seek professional help and get an expert diagnosis. First of all, medical causes should be ruled out, as certain conditions, such as heart problems or thyroid disorders can cause symptoms of anxiety. It should also be determined if your anxiety is caused by something in particular, such as a phobia, or is generalized. It can help make things clearer for you once you know what type of condition is causing your anxiety, as this will influence the type of treatment you pursue.

You may want to try herbs to reduce your feelings of anxiety, as this approach is often successful. Although St. John's Wort is best known as an herb to help with depression, it's also often useful for anxiety. This is something that takes time to work, so don't expect instant results.

Just as with many medications, it can take a few weeks for the benefits to start becoming apparent. Passion Flower is also often recommended for anxiety, because it helps make you feel calmer. Valerian may help you sleep at night, especially if your anxious thoughts have been keeping you from sleeping well. Be careful not to take herbs that relax you too much or make you sleepy before you have to drive, go to work or do anything that you have to be wide awake for.

A newer form of therapy is something called EMDR otherwise known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. As I am sure you guessed this deals with you eyes, but it may not be what you think as this is the process of moving your eyes to the left, right and left again, and repeating it. If you want to learn the right way to use this technique you should see a therapist because there is actually more to it than moving your eyes. If you do a little research on this topic you will find that not only does this help with anxiety but it is also useful for other type of issues like depression and phobias. The reason this works is that moving the eyes in a certain way has an immediate effect on the brain, and painful memories and unhealthy habits can be changed quite quickly this way. Another method of treatment is hypnosis which is a very popular approach. The results you can get from hypnosis can actually be amazing, however you must realize that this will not work for everyone. For hundreds of years hypnosis has been used to help cure people of their anxiety issues. A hypnotherapist will give you suggestions you can use to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Of course the choice is yours, but if your not having any luck dealing with your anxiety, you may find a hypnotherapist to be a good option.

There is some evidence that eating a healthier diet and eliminating or reducing some bad habits can help you control anxiety. A healthier diet will help with most problems, but if your symptoms are serious, it may take other treatments as well. Eating healthy is twofold, you must eliminate the bad foods and find healthy foods to eat, especially for breakfast. Cutting down on sugar, caffeine and junk food may also help alleviate anxiety, as all of these can have a stimulating effect on your body that feels good for a while, but then causes you to crash. It is amazing how something as simple as food can either cause problems or fix problems, so your first program for anxiety should be eat good foods more often in smaller amounts. Some people are able to successfully treat anxiety using alternative methods that help them to relax. Aromatherapy has gotten quite popular in recent years, and certain essential oils can be helpful at reducing anxiety and other troublesome states. Even if aromatherapy isn't going to be your only treatment for anxiety, it can be helpful if you want an easy way to relax. There are various aromatherapy devices on the market to spread the scent of an oil around the house -or you could just get a bottle of an essential oil and sniff it when you want to relax. You should find out which essential oils you find most relaxing, but lavender, sandalwood and clary sage are ones that many people find therapeutic. It's not hard to find items like essential oils, aromatherapy candles and diffusers, so you may want to learn more about this fascinating field. Flowers have long been used as holistic remedies, and their use dates back to ancient cultures such as Egypt. The best known of these remedies in the modern age are the Bach Flower Remedies, named after a doctor who created them in the 1920's. Rescue Remedy, which contains a few flower based ingredients, including Rock Rose, is the best known of these.

If you or someone you know is prone to panic attacks, a few small drops of Rescue Remedy might help to calm you/them down. You can use the flower remedies to treat many other conditions as well, as each one is meant for a specific purpose. If you need something to help you feel more confident, for example, you could try taking Larch. You can find guidebooks that describe what each flower remedy does. Most of the time you will find that your anxiety can be directly related to the amount of sleep you get, so more sleep can help you reduce your anxiety. Anxiety, of course, can be a cause of insomnia, if your problems keep you awake at night. And the fact that your anxiety is causing you to lose sleep and the lack of sleep is causing anxiety, is really a double edged sword. For this reason it's essential to make sure you get enough sleep, even if it means making certain changes in your schedule, diet or habits. When you have tried every thing and you still can't sleep you may want to talk to a doctor about getting a prescription for some sleeping pills. Exercising is another great way for people to deal with their anxiety issues. Your anxiety issues could even disappear if you start a new exercise regimen. Strenuous exercise, which can include anything from riding a bike to swimming to playing a racket sport, can take your mind off your troubles, get more oxygen into your body and help prevent feelings of anxiety. Of course you don't have to leave out the weights because hitting the gym for some strength training can also be very beneficial. While these techniques will work for a lot of people you will find that other people may still need group therapy or counseling, it all depends on the severity of your anxiety. A professional opinion on the cause of your anxiety would be good to have, before you decide which treatment you want to try. Self-help might be the best method to use, but by adding counseling and diet and lifestyle changes, your odds of success are even better. Your well-being is dependent on you dealing with the issues in your life, especially something like anxiety, because if you don't treat it, the consequences can be serious.

There are no anxiety symptoms so severe that someone hasn't successfully overcome them. It's best if you don't let yourself get overwhelmed by circumstances. It's usually easier to deal with issues when you consider each one by itself -you can't fix everything all at once. The above suggestions can give you some ideas for ways to treat anxiety -there's always something that will work for you.

There are lots of anxiety treatments, but you should base your approach on your particular symptoms. There are many doctors, therapists and support groups to help you deal with anxiety if you feel that you can't manage it on your own. There's no one right answer when it comes to the best anxiety treatment -sometimes you need to combine a few different methods that might include herbal remedies, talk therapy and a better diet, for example.

Of course not all treatments will work for all people, the first thing you need to do is to find the cause of your anxiety. Of course sometimes even if you know the cause it may take a few different treatments to find what works for you. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors, and sometimes the best way to fight it is to use several tactics at once. Most importantly, keep in mind that anxiety is something that can be overcome. In summary, it's important not to underestimate what a big problem anxiety can be. Anxiety should not run your life although anxiety every now and again is a normal thing. You should also realize that if you can not deal with your anxiety on your own you should see a doctor or even schedule an hour or so with a therapist.

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