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The Bible Of Manipulating The Rc Helicopter

By Author: Alina Jones
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As a player for the remote control helicopter, you must have your own the bible of manipulating the RC Helicopter. Because the remote control helicopter is not a simple toy, its principle is the same as the real aircraft flight. If you adopt the improper operation, it is very dangerous. So I have to remind you to pay attention to safety, and remote control helicopter must be on the premise of safety to bring you happiness. The novice is always very excited and easily to control the remote control helicopter at the first touching. Such as manipulation is not correct, it will happen to bad condition that fell down the ground and can be dangerous.
Compared to the operation of other remote-control devices, RC helicopters are a little trickier to master. Their responsiveness is also their handicap for the novice, because one misstep will send your new toy hurling to the ground below. Once the remote control helicopter does not receive radio signals, the propeller stops working, and the helicopter will directly fall into the ground. Although helicopters have the design of seismic, but this kind of way is not conducive to extend the life of the model. Unfortunately, the best remote-controlled helicopters are made to take a few crashes. Here are a few tips for your first flight.
1. Start small. Although helicopters are easily operation and have good stability, it is still an aircraft. If you want to handle it well, you also need a period of time and learn how to operate it. Only by constantly improve your own manipulation skills can you find the great fun for the remote control helicopter. You must carefully read the accompanying instructions before the flight, and do not be eager to real machine operation. Even can look for an experienced person to learn as a teacher. It is also important for you to check after the assembly. What is “nip something in the bud.”
2. Start from the test flight. At the beginning, you’d better priority to low flying (about 1 meter), and push the lever to half, feeling the manipulation of the handle. It’s not difficult to to make the helicopter fly high, the great master will fly to in the low altitude stationary hover, and steer and precise fixed-point landing around. Manipulation of the remote helicopter that is where the greatest pleasures, but you want to reach this level, you usually need to 5 ~ 6 voyage (to charge for a voyage), not impatient.
3. Start from charging. Your helicopters flying batteries stored the parts for you in the first time to test the functionality of the helicopter. The helicopter is not charged before the first test, you can simply fly a few minutes. When power become weak, you should land the helicopter and recharge the batteries. Please follow the instruction of the charging time. When the helicopter fly, the battery need to run out the power and repeat 3 ~ 5 times. And then the performance of the battery is in the best state. Maximum flight time, let the battery cooling between flights. A hot battery don’t charge as efficiently and may interrupt the fun after two or three minutes instead of the five to seven minutes that most RC helicopter batteries provide at their best. Consider buying an extra battery so that you can be using one while the other is charging. You also note that you should turn off the power switch of the helicopter before charging, and battery plug cannot be plugged in reverse, otherwise, battery will break.
4. Start from familiar with the directional controls of your RC helicopter. On two-channel helicopters, you only control the up/down movement and left/right rotation. These helicopters can’t hover in place, they move forward as a default. Three-channel helicopters put you in charge of forward (and sometimes backward) movement, so they can hover in place if you set this to zero (usually by not touching the control). Four-channel helicopters can also move sideways. The more channels, the more control you have over your device, but the more practice it takes to get good at it. you have in your device, but more practice to get good. It is difficult for a novice to operate the helicopter at once. So you’d better be good at using the fine-tuning button on the remote control. You effectively control helicopter flying up and down and it is easy to operate it flying left and right. In generally, the novice can simply operate the helicopter in a week. If you want to play a variety of fancy, you need more efforts to practice.
5. Start from crashing. When the plane crashed into an object, you should quickly push the accelerator down or turn off the switch, and should not continue to refuel to reduce the damage to the motor. After a crash, check the condition of your helicopter in you put it in the air to avoid missing parts again. So you control the helicopter, you can use small, subtle movements. Fast speed or direction changes will make you lose control.
6. Start from safety. Your operating level is not very good, when you learn the control of the helicopter at beginning. It is possible for you to happen to accident or hurt other people. Therefore, the best place to play the helicopter is flat over and no obstructions open field. It is more ideal, if there is a lawn. The most basic is away from the crowds as far as possible to ensure safety.
May be you will think that the remote control helicopter is just a toy. From now, I hope you can change your mind, because it’s really dangerous if you adopt to wrong operation.
In a word, hope these tips can make you get you more the pleasure of playing remote control helicopter. To be honest, I has played remote control helicopter for a long time, in my hectic life, it is not just a way to relieve stress and release the mood, also has exercised my ability. I adhere to manipulate it every week, and I keep practicing. It’s really make me develop good patience and perseverance. If you want to prove you helicopter flight technology, in addition to practice, and practice. So come on! Let your remote control helicopters fly freely in the sky!

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