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Anxiety And What Causes It - A Deeper Look

By Author: Johnnie Loffier
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Anxiety is lurking around every corner, especially when people have so much going on in their lives. You may be one of the people who seem to always have anxiety about something but you can get rid of it. One of the main keys to beating your anxiety is finding out the cause, and in this article we will be looking at some of the causes. People realize that there are many different reasons people suffer from anxiety. When it comes right down to it, peoples genetics can often be reasons for anxiety attacks. For others, it's a result of life experiences of something in their environment. The goal for most people is to find out what is causing their anxiety and find ways to deal with it. If you want to get rid of anxiety, or at least keep it to a minimum, you should start by looking at the causes. Lack of money or finances is usually one of the bigger problems when it comes to a cause of anxiety, but there are many more. If you happen to be one of the people who suffer from chronic anxiety, you will need to find methods that will help you with it in order to make your life simpler. In order to set your healing process in motion, the primary step will be to consider what is causing the anxiety in the first place. Anxiety has a myriad of causes that can range from physical, to economical, to your way of thinking. With the help of this copy, you may have a few answers to some of the most prevalent causes of anxiety and how to handle it. Unfortunately, conditions for a lot of individuals lately are ending up causing anxiety problems. Your source of worry may be personal or economical, it makes no difference which one; but it can become a substantial downfall if you are not able to get a handle on it. We will be suggesting some of the causes of anxiety so you will have a clearer comprehension.

Many people don't realize that their family can be a anxiety cause. You will find that by your kids never listing and doing things that could get them hurt and your wife never taking your side, that these seemingly small things can be a huge anxiety cause. It doesn't stop with your family, your friends can also end up being a major button pusher for you and your anxiety. Personal relationships can cause anxiety, but you don't have to let this get out of control. When your anxiety is triggered by your family or your significant other, you will find that getting counseling with the person causing the problems may be the best bet. If your anxiety is due to the behavior of people outside your home, you may want to step back from the situation and realize that you can't always control what others do. A persons job can be a trigger that causes anxiety attacks. Some of you may be worrying that your job is not secure and you are wonder what you can do. Because of this people will have episodes when they are just called in to the managers office, with out knowing why. For some people being assigned a duty at work that comes with a time limit can cause these people to worry constantly. Completing the job could end up taking more time if you just keep thinking about when you need to have it dome by. It doesn't matter what you see everyone else doing you need to relax and just do the job. If you are done for the day or the weekend, don't bring your work home, this is the time you will need to relax and unwind. You will find that there are many different types of anxiety, both big and small issues can trigger an anxiety attack. One of the small things could be something as simple as forgetting to turn the coffee pot off even though it has an automatic shut off.

But one thing that many people don't realize is that all these little things can add up if not dealt with. For this reason, when you find yourself feeling anxious about something you will need to learn how to deal with it and relax. Something you are going to realize is that what ever makes you anxious today will probably be there again tomorrow so you have to learn to let go. Anxiety is often associated with health issues. When you or a loved one is undergoing a severe physical issue, you would clearly have a high level of anxiety. Then you can add stress due to the expensive price related to treating the medical situations. You need to have a consultation with your doctor if you are feeling anxious about your health condition. When you are anxious about your health issues, it compounds the situation and makes it harder for you to heal. Sometimes therapy or medication can be of assistance in the reduction of anxiety when things are not good. Worry about financial issues is a leading cause of anxiety today. Unfortunately, people that are out of work suffer from anxiety. There is stress for those who are working, but afraid of losing their job. People have anxiety about their debt, losing their homes and paying their bills. Everyday difficulties are always going to be present; you need to discover a way to decrease the effect of stress. Stress will cause greater difficulty when you are trying to find answers to your money issues. Of course easier said than done, the absolute answer to these problems would be to find ways to spend less money and expand your profits. Major life changes can be a source of anxiety. For anyone who has to move to a different city for some reason, my be feeling anxious, and that is perfect normal. Your anxiety issues don't have to be limited to all the negatives in your life, as things that are actually good can cause stress and anxiety. The key is to not let these feeling run your life, and it really doesn't matter if it is good or bad, anxiety is anxiety. Deal with what you can and let go of the things in your life that are causing stress when you can't do anything about it. Having to deal with changes is just a part of life, but how you deals with these changes is what is going to make you a better person.

You may find your anxiety is caused by your brain chemistry. This can be caused by the types of food you eat and not getting enough nutrition. One thing that many people do not realize is that diabetes can also play a part in your anxiety. Even if you don't have such a medical condition, the way you eat during the day could be having an impact on your blood sugar and your moods. One thing you may want to try is to reduce the amount of sugary items that you eat every day. If you make sure you are eating healthy you may find that you anxiety may be reduced.

You will find that there are people out there that actually have very specific things that trigger their anxiety. In extreme cases, these are phobias, or things that can cause real fear or even panic. Some people are left to feel anxious when there is something that happens constantly, but they can not avoid it.

Some people have a problem with speaking to large groups but their jobs require them to address large groups a couple of times a week. These daily issues are really effecting many peoples lives and these people have to dig deep and try to get these issues in check. Many people have even sought the advise of a professional. One thing that has been able to help a lot of people with their anxiety issues has been joining a support group and this could be a good option for you also.

If you are prone to be apprehensive you may be vulnerable to anxiety. This has everything to do with an inclination to approach life with ill will. Given your preconceived notion that things will not turn out in a positive way, you are setting yourself up for anxiety. Many people also are in the habit of saying negative and disempowering things to themselves, such as, "I'll never be able to do this," or "They don't like me." Instead of raking yourself over the coals, try giving yourself a pat on the back for a change. If you are not able to pump up your self esteem, you should find help through a medical professional that can address the situation. For some people, anxiety is a result of being a perfectionist. If you are never satisfied with anything less than perfection, you will almost certainly be anxious a large portion of the time. We will never be able to have exclusive power over our lives; or the lives of others. Unforeseen events may pop up at any given moment of our every day lives; instead of being surprised, we need to half expect them. If you are unable to accept these occurrences, you will not be able to unwind and relieve your stress. When you realize that nothing in life has a guarantee, you will have the advantage over stress that would otherwise be apparent.

Research has show that your anxiety could even be something you have a genetic disposition to. If you come from a family of worriers, for example, you may have inherited this trait. It is of course possible that you learned this from them and has nothing to do with genetics. Your anxiety is something that you have no matter if is was learned or something you inherited, and you can deal with it. You have to remember that there are counselors and therapists that can help you if you really want it. When it comes down to it you will find that your anxiety issues can go away, it is your choice to make. Something else that can be an issue is when you are not getting enough rest. Fatigue can be caused by a few different things including, not getting enough sleep or just sitting around watching TV for too long. Your emotions can be tried when your tired and that can also make tiny things seem huge. If you can, try taking a nap during the day or even try going to bed an hour earlier or sleeping in a little as this can help with fatigue issues. When your tired your anxiety will tend to be worse, so do what you can to keep yourself from being fatigued. Your life experiences, including those from childhood may be a cause of anxiety. Some people don't realize that certain traumatic things that may have happened in your past can cause your anxiety even though it is no longer something you normally think about. Some of you may have a great job now but you started off being poor, this itself can cause many issues when it comes to your finances. Or people who were abused as children may have a lingering sense of anxiety about personal relationships.

In such cases, it's often necessary to seek counseling or therapy to resolve these issues, as we may not even be conscious of them most of the time. Medicines, even illicit drugs can result in anxiety. Anxiety can be the result of many things, one of them being an ill effect from drugs, both prescription and private drugs. Given the fact that controlling substances will alter your brain chemistry; it is understandable that there would be a certain amount of anxiety involved as it dissipates. When you are using a drug suggested to you by your doctor and are having any adverse effects like anxiety; tell your doctor right away. If you have involvement with other substances, you may want to consider getting assistance from individuals or groups that deal with these situations. Just keep in mind that you will be much more relaxed when your system is clear of these foreign things. If a person is experiencing physical discomfort, they may also be feeling stressful as well. The stress is not about the ill heath you are experiencing, but something going on with your body that is resulting in stress. A few of the medical conditions that can cause a considerable amount of anxiety are asthma, emphysema, as well as altitude sickness; this resulting from the lack of oxygen to the brain. Grounds for anxiety could also be related to a patchy heartbeat. If you suffer from a thyroid problem, you will probably have a heightened level of anxiety. In a round about sort of way; when you have a medical situation that causes anxiety and you take care of it, you have begun the resolution of the anxiety issue as well. Learning good breathing techniques could be the answer to a healthier you, because a lot of serious health issues are linked to insufficient oxygen to the brain. Whether your late for a meeting or you just got bad news from your doctor, you will find that both big and small things add to peoples anxiety. Your anxiety issues are just that yours, and no one is going to make them go away for you, you have to do it yourself. Your anxiety is not going to go away by itself, and like I said before if you need help getting this under control, go and get it.

You will soon realize that people are different and respond to things differently and people with anxiety issues tend to make a bigger deal out of a small issue. If you happen to experience anxiety you will need to find out the cause and try to deal with it. Some people will not be able to figure out the cause on their own and that is where a trained professional may come in handy.

If something in your life is causing anxiety, it's best to acknowledge it and look for an effective solution. All of you will end up finding different ways to deal with your anxiety whether it is using a support group or choosing to try therapy. The goal of course is to find the best treatment that will work for you once you find the cause of your anxiety issues.

No matter what causes it, anxiety can have a very unpleasant impact on your life. Your thoughts on the reason for your anxiety may not easily be determined; it might be a good idea to get some assistance in figuring it out. Case in point, just because your occupation is demanding, with a high stress level; it is not necessarily the root of your anxiety. It is best to figure out how to maintain an even temperament when facing every day challenges. The factors that are responsible for anxiety are wide ranging, as we have pointed out in this copy. As we know, anxiety can make a stressful situation even worse and at the same time, a stressful situation can cause anxiety; it would seem to be a vicious circle. It is essential that you concentrate on alleviating the stress factors in your life; even if you call upon support like a physician, counselor or group to help you.

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