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People Who Have Panic Attacks Don't All Have The Same Symptoms

By Author: Jule Campos
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Worldwide, panic attacks are becoming epidemic and people need to know what symptoms to look for in order to deal with this life affecting issue. If you do suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis, you may notice that you will have physical and mental issues. The underlying cause for panic attacks, symptomatically speaking, are mentally related. By altering the way that you think, and removing irrational thought processes, you can begin to eliminate panic disorders from the root. Several symptoms of anxiety disorder will be presented in this article. Have you ever experienced a panic attack before? It is becoming more common all the time for people to be completely stressed out. With the economy the way it is, along with the state of health and healthcare, it is certainly understandable. Here are a few of the more common symptoms that you may experience and that may be related to your panic attacks. People are all different in their individual personalities which they seem to be born with. Anxiousness, along with its related component stress, are things that each and every person must learn to deal with in their lives. Each person will handle situations such as these in different ways, some with good results and others that end up badly.

Panic attacks can actually be generated by small events that hit you the wrong way. The rest of this article is about some of the symptoms of panic attacks, and why they are good to know about. You will find that a panic attack can happen to anyone no matter what age they are. You may already be aware of what a panic attack can do to anyone regardless of age or gender. You may not realize this but fear is one of the symptoms of a panic attack. A panic attack can actually appear out of no where, and are almost impossible to predict. More than 3 million people in the United States have panic attacks and it seems like the number is growing every year. This article is about some of the many symptoms that could be an indication that an anxiety attack could be coming. Panic attacks are experienced by the majority of people at some time in their life. Having a panic attack can be scary, but when it is part of your everyday life it can be terrifying. You may be among the few who have had a panic attack and never knew it. Of course for those of you who know you have had at least one panic attack it is good to be able to recognize the symptoms. The main reasons people have panic attacks is because something is stressing them out to the point that your body reacts for you.

One symptom that could be caused by lots of things is to have shoulder and neck pain. You should determine if it is caused by some actual physical work you did, or the pain is a result of stress. If you were recently stressed, you could have made your muscles too tense in your shoulder and neck areas which may be the cause of this pain. You may simply need to slow down and start relaxing on a normal basis for this pain gradually go away. To begin relaxing, start smiling, and you will see that it is much easier to unwind. Typically, a panic attack is the end result of experiencing many different symptoms at the same time. Have you ever had heart palpitations, or have it racing so badly that it scared you? If you can hear your heartbeat, and it's going very fast, you are probably having an anxiety attack and you need to calm down. Although you are not having a heart attack, it might feel like it, even though you're simply scared out of your wits. You are probably having a heart attack, however, if you have a crushing sensation that surrounds your heart. Since panic attacks happen more often, you have a better chance of having one, than a heart attack. There are certain situations that can drive people to respond with abnormal fear or anxiety. Often times, these fears or phobias can occur on a regular basis which can be very delimiting for the person experiencing these emotions. Phobias are usually attributed to some type of inherited genetic imprint that comes from DNA opposed to experiential situations. The fear of heights is one of the more dominant phobias in our culture, along with a fear of certain animals and reptiles.

Walking on a sidewalk and being afraid to step on a particular crack is an example of an irrational fear whereas falling off of a ladder, which could cause damage or death, is rational. Phobias can be situations that make you mildly anxious, or those that can cause full-blown panic attacks. A very common and prevalent phobia is in regard to those people that do not like large crowds which may cause them to stay at home more often. To stop anxiety attacks from occurring, dealing with these phobias is the first step in preventing fear from ruling your life. One thing that you should realize about a person having a panic attack is that they can actually lose all control. For those of you fortunate enough to have never experienced a panic attack, you will never fully comprehend what this feels like. One of the worst thing about a panic attack is that you never know when they will happen and that can cause even more stress for someone who has panic attacks on a regular basis. Not everyone has such severe cases of panic attacks, and some people only have to deal with them every now and again. Some people have turned to therapists to try to deal with these panic attacks and many have had pretty good results, although it can take a while. There are many different symptoms of panic attacks such as urgently needing to urinate or defecate. Have you ever seen a kid pee in his pants just because something scared them? This is actually a thing that can also happen to adults when they are about to have a panic attack. Having a strong need to go to the bathroom when you are really nervous about something is a sign of a panic attack. If you can make it to a bathroom then your fine, but what happens when you can't find a bathroom? In fact sometimes you are completely unable to control it, like if you were in an accident or even if you just escaped getting into an accident. Panic attacks are sometimes so traumatic that people will actually believe they are seeing themselves from a third person perspective or floating out of the physical body. More times than not, these experiences have a strange feeling associated with them like a dreamlike state. Maybe this is a way the mind copes with stress, by retreating to another world. In a way, the entire event becomes emotionless, and allows you to be less involved emotionally. Typically, if the event is very traumatic, it will be extremely surreal, making us question if it was genuine or something we experienced in the dream state. Dealing with panic attacks is most beneficial by becoming peaceful and calm, especially when it is extremely emotional situation.

Those that have anxiety attacks have often reported the symptom of shortness of breath. The need to breathe is very strong with most people, which makes the panic attack get worse as the shortness of breath continues. If sometime in the past you have not been able to breathe properly, you fully understand how fearful you can become due to the lack of oxygen. If you find yourself unable to breathe, the longer this continues, the more panicked you will become. The best way to deal with panic attacks that cause you to be unable to breathe is to take deep breaths. Proper breathing is an excellent technique you need to learn, especially when these types of panic attacks occur.

Stress can also cause physical maladies such as a headache which is a symptom of anxiety or fear. Those that suffer from these types of conditions may have tension headaches as a result.

Compression of the skull is a typical description of how these headaches feel after experiencing a stressful situation. Anxiety can actually make these headaches worse, though medically speaking, migraine headaches are not induced by stress. Negative emotions can certainly enhance how bad a headache will feel, though they are usually initiated by reading too much out of a book or working on the computer. So, if you do suffer from these types of headaches, by learning how to relax or meditate, you can help abate these types of situations.

Some people have a terrible feeling like they are choking and that must really be a horrific sensation. To make it even worse these panic attacks can last between 15 minutes to half an hour or even longer. It is highly stressful to be in a situation where you think that you are choking when you are not. I can not imagine what it is like to go through this day after day, but can you even imagine what it must feel like the first time it happens with no warning? Rapid breathing, or hyperventilation is another symptom that comes with panic attacks. As opposed to hyperventilating you may not be able to breathe at all, it all depends on the person. You will find that certain medical issues can also cause rapid breathing and it doesn't have to be a panic attack. Unfortunately a panic attack can cause rapid breathing, and rapid breathing can cause more panic, which can turn into a vicious cycle. If you find yourself having a panic attack and you begin to hyperventilate try to calm yourself and get your breathing under control. Meditation and deep breathing exercises will allow you to focus and calm down.

Panic attacks have several other symptoms, including heat flashes and chills that affect your body and the way it feels. The nervous system of our physical body has many nerve endings which allow us to feel. It is common for many people that have anxiety attacks to have their nervous systems shut down causing it to act erratically. Symptoms of this occurrence are felt as sensations of extreme heat or cold for seemingly no reason at all. When you feel that way, you might just think that you have the flu, but then again the times when you think that you have the flu, maybe you were just having a panic attack. Your mind is a very powerful tool; that is why when it believes something, yet it is not true, your panic attack may come full force because of this mental misperception. Another symptom that shows panic could be creeping into your life is to begin sweating excessively. This type of sweating can be very embarrassing, especially if you are interacting with a group of friends or colleagues at the place where you work. You haven't been at the gym working out, you haven't been out running, and you haven't even been walking up the stairs. Sometimes you could be relaxing on your sofa, and the sweat will profusely appear. These upsetting situations have happened to many people, most of which find such situations embarrassing and hard to deal with. In the beginning of a panic attack, you may have tingling or numbness in your fingers and hands. Panic attacks are usually mentally induced, however they do have this type of physical side effect. The stress that you experience mentally can actually prevent your blood from flowing properly during these situations.

This blood flow problem is why you will be feeling the numbness or tingling in your hands and feet due to it not being able to reach your extremities. Stress does a lot of things to the body, and it can be different for each person. The numbness and tingling sensation that you feel in your hands may have a medical reason for occurring, though it can sometimes simply be the result of an anxiety attack. Another thing that can happen is that you may find yourself thinking about thing you don't want to think about. The actual thoughts are never of pleasant thing, they are bad thoughts that will stay there until the attack subsides. In fact some people believe that their bad thoughts are actually happening. In fact you may even see disturbing images that end up scaring you more than you already are. Many people also say that during the attack they feel like they are losing their minds. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress you will be able to tell because you body can be effected. Heart burn is something that can happen not because of the food you eat but because of the stress your dealing with. You may notice a major discomfort from your abdominal area, and this to can be caused by stress. And when the stress causes these physical issues you can end up with more panic. And of course being miserable is the next step when you have these physical effects. Like with most of the other problems stemming from panic attacks, these symptoms will only cause you to stress out even more. You should now stay away from things that cause you stress as you now know what it can do to you. Panic attacks are mainly caused by having an overly exaggerated view of some situation that you fix your mind on, causing you fear. It is important to know that the more fear that you feel, the greater your anxiety attacks will become. Panic attacks can be stopped, but you need to get control of the fears that you have in order to do this.

In conclusion, these symptoms usually have to occur together, and if not, it may not mean anything. For the symptoms to be related directly to a panic attack, three or four of them must occur during specific situations. Severe, or moderate, panic attacks can happen to numerous people for a variety of reasons. Just keep in mind that if you continuously experience multiple symptoms, specifically the ones we have just mentioned, you may be having anxiety attacks regularly. To help yourself avoid panic attacks now and in the future, you simply need to be aware of the symptoms related to this condition.

It is safe to say that panic attacks are a very real phenomena that could affect you as well. People that hike may experience a wild creature that may put them directly into panic attack mode. What you learn how to control your fear in different situations, panic attacks will become a thing of the past.

Again if you have never had to deal with a panic attack I think you will now agree that you can't even imagine it. You should remember that one of the causes of panic attacks is stress and reducing your stress can help reduce your panic attacks. These are only a few of the symptoms of panic attacks, there are still many more. If you happen to be one of the people who have been dealing with panic attacks for a long time, you should know that therapy and even meditation can help you reduce your attacks. Because stress is becoming a part of everyones lives the amount of panic attacks people have keep rising. For people who have chronic panic attacks, you should learn how to treat them so you can avoid them in the future. In regards to some people, they will find that their panic attacks are short and don't disrupt their lives.

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