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Management Og Gods Part 1

By Author: neeraj sharma
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Dear Friends,
This is a small article written by me on management of GODs and its related aspects, based on my beliefs and faith. It is not intent to hurt anyone feelings, beliefs and faiths. If someone is hurt by its contents and ideas, I apologise for it. I thank you to read my article.
This article is not for contradicting anyone beliefs on GOD. Every person should believe on something which he seeks or desires, something which gives him satisfaction, a feeling of security, fear that someone is looking over him and he is not alone at all in this universe. He is not alone in all his despairs, mis-happenings, misfortune i.e. something counting his pains and struggles, and one day he will get the benefits out of it. The sadness, pains, struggle is very essential for life as without facing it you will never realize the pleasures of opposite. A beggar understands the importance of money more than a wealthy person. Moreover the bad things happening to you is just to filter your life, makes you more pure, nearer to GOD. So one should believe in anything he wants but he must believe in something as without it his life will become without any purpose and direction. Moreover a fear is also needed of someone, without it a person will never hesitate in wrong doings and hence make one’s life more in despair.
This article is the summary of my beliefs generated through my experiences, my dreams, my thoughts and my learnings. This is what I believe in. Believing in something doesn’t mean that you do not believe in other things. I do believe more in other aspects and this is just a different way to look things. I am not claiming it to be true but just a written work arises inside me.
I must admit that there are many mistakes in my article like vocabulary, grammar, arguments, ideas, logics etc. so please pardon me for that. I will welcome any feedbacks, suggestions, improvements, questions, complaints i.e. anything at all. Feel free before reading anything and Feel free to say anything. Please write to me on my email neeraj20042000@gmail.com.
Thank you
Neeraj Sharma
Does GOD exists?
You are the owner of a house, you have many things in your house, say television, fans, tubelights, fridge etc. Can any of these things start by itself without any command? No. You have to give them command to get in operation i.e. some hand is needed to switch them on and off too and in between also, you will only decide how they should work. Everything in this universe is needed some command to get active and inactive. So, how come the universe can get started by itself just like that and who is directing it and how it can be ended just like that? How can be the universe so controlled and defined? There must be something who triggered on this universe, directing it and the same power only can get it off. Can’t we call this power as GOD?
Myth of not believing in GOD?
Some people say they don’t believe in GOD? But they believe in some power like nature, science, energy etc. Which decides the basic fundamentals functions of this universe, or we can say that which controls and defines this universe. So GOD is the power/energy/force/science which is present everywhere. Nothing in this universe can work without it, it is the commanding and supervising force. But everyone must be believing in something. So can’t we give name to that thing as GOD, if not you can call it by any name, but its presence cannot be questioned?
Importance of GOD?
It is the same as the importance of father in a family. To feel secure, to respect someone, to fear from someone, to get guided. Without GOD, there could be no science, no nature, no law and order and eventually no universe, nothing. It is a string connecting everything.
Why should we love, respect, fear or pray to GOD?
You need not to. It is just to get you a good human being, to warn you from doing bad things as there is someone who is looking, counting and deciding the consequences to whatever you do. So that you can choose what is right and what is wrong by whatever factor love, respect or fear from GOD for e.g. the fear of getting punished by the police or law can get many people away from crimes.
What is right and what is wrong? Who is the deciding force as GOD does not tell us?
The deciding force is you only. Something which is right for someone could be wrong for the other person, something which is right in one situation could be wrong in other. There could be no deciding parameters, it’s just your conscious. Our elders made some criteria’s about right and wrong, good things and bad things which we have been taught from childhood for e.g. “Honesty is the best policy”. It is their judgement and decisions based on experiences and made for ideal situations. We can say an experienced person is better than a new person in the same situation. So
there are two options, you can follow their judgements as these has been evolved over the experiences of thousand years or you can decide your own as no two situations can be exactly the same and ideal in this universe because if everything remains constant, time changes. Yon need to follow your conscious which should be based on various deciding factors to weigh your act like what its impact will be on every moving and non-moving particle of the universe, what will be its future outcomes, how much satisfaction it provides etc. But decide wisely as it will eventually come to you back.
What is GOD?
There are infinite number of definitions/descriptions of GOD around the globe because GOD is infinite. If anything can be expressed in words, then it would not be GOD as it is the basic difference between GOD and all other things that can be expressed.
Still people try to explain GOD like 1) Something which you knowingly or unknowingly calls for help in trouble times 2) Something which gives momentum in each and 3) Something present everywhere. 4) G-> Generator; O-> Operator; D ->Destructor i.e. something which possess the power of generation, operation and destruction of everything in the universe. These are just some of the characteristics of the GOD but there is more.
The description which I personally liked the most is the third one as it comprises most of the descriptions prevailed in the society. Lets elaborate it more:
1) G-> Generator : which generates. It includes generation of everything say Big Bang, a whole baby inside a woman out of nothing and just not in woman but in every species, generation of the heart beat, generation of a dream while sleeping, every smallest particle of the universe is generated by something i.e. which started everything and we can call him GOD.
2) O-> Operator : which operates. It includes the control and management of everything which is sometimes shown by our fate i.e. no matter how hard we try, we feel sometime the control of anything else on our fate. It operates everything say the flow of energy from one form to another. Any generation if not comes in operation it would be still and useless and GOD can never create a thing useless. So everything is in action and who controls it, is GOD. As said, “The world is a stage and we are just puppets”, i.e. someone is controlling and writing our fate which sometimes gives us unexpected(according to us) reactions of our actions but the right reaction is decided by someone else which is GOD. As god can never do wrong that is why, it is GOD.
3) D-> Destructor : which destructs. It includes the finishing of everything. Something which is generated has to be finished someday then only the cycle of change can be maintained. Old thing must be replaced by new but the raw material for the new has to come from the old only i.e. Everything has to be maintained from the present resources only according to the law of universe. Nothing can be generated and nor can be destroyed. So what is finished today will come back tomorrow in new form. This explains death and who initiates it, is called GOD.
Let’s say there is a company comprises millions of workers and catering millions of customers. So, is there any possibility that a single man can run/control this company having no subordinate? No. There will be a chairman, board of directors, additional directors, departmental heads, supervisors and then workers. That is a whole chain is needed to run this company successfully.
So how could GOD be a single entity as it runs the whole big known and unknown universe? There is a whole chain of GODs which helps and supports the ultimate power to complete his duty efficiently and effectively. And who we are? We are among the millions of GODs, customers and workers whom they cater. This is called the management of GODs.
The ultimate power is the final entity but it also cannot finalize anything by itself? Then how a decision is taken? Let’s say there comes a requirement seen at the lowest level for better customer service (say permanent genetic modification in a particular specie for a better adaptation in the environment), which will be notified by the next level forwarded to the one level higher. The chain goes on to the upper side till it reaches the second top level of GODs which will decide what will be implemented and it will be implemented and as on their advice the ultimate power implements it.
In this context, we are also GODs to the next lower level of us as we are not the lowest level which we will discuss later:
Let’s try to explain some of the related matters with the help of management of GODs.
Role of Science
Every company make some rules and procedures, articles of association, disciplinary requirements, fundamental rules, basic guidelines to run itself effectively and efficiently. These rules are applicable to every member and everything of the company. No one can break it. These are fundamental blocks of the company. So the management of GODs made some fundamental rules, laws, guiding forces to run this universe effectively and efficiently like gravitational force and all other forces, making every particle of this universe to follow it. These are the forces or rules, everyone in this universe has to follow and if there is something which opposes these rules like magic, supernatural powers etc. that means there are still some undiscovered forces by science but every action in this universe can be defined by these forces.
Does GOD also has to follow science?
Can the owner of the company break the rules made by his board of directors? No. The GOD is also bounded by these rules and forces. It itself has to follow it. This explains the reason why GOD not shows its presence by way of magic. Some people argue that if GOD exists it has to show something extraordinary things beyond the laws of science something undefined, then only we can call it GOD. But why the GOD will break those laws of science which are made by itself only. It could have some veto powers but that are not be used just to prove its presence. So never ask the GOD beyond the laws of science for generating faith, you will never find it.
Can GOD do something wrong?
Not at all. This is the basic distinctive feature of the GOD, that it cannot do anything wrong. Because if there something goes wrong at the top level, the whole management will collapse. All the lower levels look above for command and guidance, hence every level is correlated. So the impact of wrongdoing at the top level will affect the lower level in the same way, which will result in chaos and destruction, breaking of rules, guidelines and procedures eventually results in mismanagement. So it would be needed to be shut down means collapse of the whole universe and then restarting again with all new top levels.
Now it is important to point out that something seemed as wrong at the lower level is not wrong according to the upper level. Everything from the upper level is very carefully observed and controlled. For e.g. a person doing good deeds is always facing bad outcomes in life which will make him not to believe in GOD as GOD is not doing right to him, this will push him away from good deeds and towards bad things, crimes as the trust, fear and faith in GOD is diminishing. So, it should be noted that everything which comes to you in this life is not the outcome of what you do in this life but the outcome of what you did in previous life (discussed in detail later). Sometimes you must have observed that what is seemed wrong at present becomes
right in long run i.e. the outcome is not decided just to give you pleasure of right at the moment but depends on many criteria’s like your previous deeds, its impact on the whole universe at the moment and in the long run etc. The correctness of the GOD can be seen by the example of him as the protector of children. The children are unaware of the effect of the various natural forces on them like gravitational forces, fire, water etc. they just do things unlike us as we know the effects of these forces. For e.g. we will not jump from the roof but a small child can as he his not aware of being harmed by this. But you must have seen in most of the cases, the kids remains unharmed despite of doing very dangerous things like falling from the bed every hour. So who is protecting them, need not to say GOD itself. That is if someone is unable to protect himself or unaware of the surroundings, he will also live if his destiny allows. That is your death cannot be decided by you no matter how hard you try as same as your birth is not decided by you.
Organizational setup of the management of GODs
As in the company, the supervising staff is elected by the lower level that by whom they need to be controlled, so in the management of GODs. We are the deciding force only to elect our GOD, whom we start praying, believing will be elected as our supervisor. So there could be many GODs as per the group of its followers. This has been proved by having unlimited no. of GODs which vary from region to region, place to place on earth and each and every GOD has marked its presence for its followers by some means i.e. it really exists. So every GOD is true for its followers and marked its presence over a period of time.
Can the GOD be changed?
As in the company, the seat remains fixed but the person sitting on it changes. So in the management of GODs, the GODs keeps changing as per the requirements of its followers which is proved by the disappearing of some of the GODs which our forefathers used to follow, pray. Everyone has to be changed even the ultimate power which is elected by its board of directors. Its directly depends on the lower levels whom they want to be elected as their GODs and soon after election, the authority and power transfers. The seat can be remain vacant also if the lower level stops following anyone which results in the collapse of the society (discussed under the importance of praying).
Can a person from lower level promoted to supervisory level of GOD?
As in the company promotions depends upon the effectiveness and efficiency of one’s work. So in the management of GODs also, promotion depends upon the effectiveness and efficiency of one based on how one lived his life in the lower level which can be proved by that some of our GODs has been made among ourselves but this is very few as the promoting criteria matching up to the next level is really very high.
What is the working area of a GOD?
The working area of a GOD is decided by the presence of its follower. You must have noticed that a rule or procedure of one culture does not give the same effective outputs if done by the follower of another culture. That is GOD will always be more effective in the presence of its followers.
Believing and Praying
Importance of Pray?
No company can run without profits. The praying/believing is the profit of the GOD. If you keep praying/believing, the need for the presence of GOD remains. You pray/believe more, more is the existence of GOD. You stop praying/believing, there is no need of GOD. If everyone in this universe stop believing or praying to GOD, the whole management will go in losses and hence the company will be needed to shut down which will be the end of the world. So for the world to remain in existence, keep praying and believing in GOD. You must have noticed that from the time of not believing in GOD in a particular society the decline of the society starts.
Can Pray/believe make an ordinary person GOD?
Yes, the power of prayer is very strong. Actually it is the power of words which we speak that is why it is said that we should be very careful while we speak because it just not affects one or two person, but the whole universe. As I already said that even the small molecule moves, it affects the universe. Same goes with the words. In this universe what we do, what we think or what we say moves in the form of energy. This universe is nothing but the flow of energy. These all types of energy decides our future. Their impact decide what the next second will the universe be. So if you pray for someone or says good, it actually flows the power of positive energy to the desired person and hence makes him more powerful or strong. This energy moves in both directions, outward and within too. So it will affect you as much as the desired person.
Let’s say thousands of people instantly start praying for some ordinary person, then what will happen? A huge mass of positive energy will start flowing to that ordinary person, making him feel strong, powerful and hence will make him special person from ordinary person. This will start moulding the whole universe in favour of that person. The society will also start feeling strong and healthy due to flow of energy within. He will start getting famous, rich and popular and everything will go in favour of him. If the prayer continues, he will become an extraordinary man. This process only can make a ordinary man GOD. This also lead to a overall development of society as well. So, a person himself is not responsible for what he is, but the society decides for himself and for itself too.
This is the process by which: 1) A dying person can be revived just by praying 2) Parent’s wishes can make their children life happy 3) An ordinary man can become special like Mahatama Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc. as their follower’s wishes and prays give them energy and the universe start acting in favour of them and the followers as well.
Can a GOD be converted into an ordinary person?
But be careful, the negative words/feelings are also as powerful as the positive energy. It can make a person life miserable too. That is why we should not say any bad words for anyone as the energy moves in both directions. It will affect you as well. This is the reason why 1) Parents hating their child and vice versa can never get a happy life and the son as well 2) Society having depressed and complaining people will just increase the number of bad elements in the society.
So if you stop praying, believing and following a particular GOD, it’s presence will start diminishing and slowly, it’s existence will be over and it will remain nothing but a ordinary person need to come between us to live just like us.
Does soul exists? It is the most arguing sentence which goes as along with the question does GOD exists? Hence the definition of soul comes from the definition of GOD itself like 1) The life energy lies within, which keeps us moving. 2) Energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed i.e. it is immortal. So does each of us have one soul? No each of us has billions of souls, how?
Let’s go with the basic definition of soul. 1) The life energy lies within, which keeps us moving. 2) Energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed. This energy is just not present in us as a whole but it is present in each and every molecule or the smallest existed particle of the universe because both definitions fulfils for every particle i.e. every particle is in momentum, so what is that immortal energy which gives them momentum i.e. soul. So every particle in this universe has a soul.
How we act like as a whole?
Now as per the management of GODs, like in an organisation, we make team constitutes of many team members. But we see this team just as a single entity not as team members. Team is known by its single name, by its united work which is indirectly is an effort of many underlying members. We are nothing but a team of souls in various stages. Like the smallest particles constituted together to make a bigger particle and those bigger particle constituted again to make a more bigger particle. This process goes on till they finally reaches for a specie. So what we do what we decide or every action of us is a result of underlying billions of souls within. These souls keep on changing, like new souls keep coming in we can say birth, and the old ones keep on going out we can say as death.
There could be various types of teams, formations of those infinite souls moving in this universe. If you put permutation and combination to these souls, you can’t even imagine the number. These combinations only decide the type of species. That is a human being is a combination of a particular type of formations of these teams or souls. So each specie is. This explains the biological inventions of new species and genetic engineering. There are infinite number of new species undiscovered just what is needed is the change in the formation of souls.
The affect of prayer on a soul?
As we said the words, feelings, thoughts etc. affects at the root level of the universe i.e. at the soul. These things manipulate the souls at the root level which gives the result in a bigger view. This is how the prayer, wishes works for a particular formation. This is how the flow of energy moves in the universe.
Do machines have souls?
As I said every soul is the basic root level of the universe, the smallest one. Machines are also nothing but a particular formation of souls. It also acts and gets
affected by what is going in the environment. For e.g. You keep hating and keep bringing negative thoughts for a particular machine in your house, it will soon start giving you problems. On the other side if you think positive and say good words about a machine, it will last longer than you expected. It can be proved by you at your house, just give it a try.
Thank you
For any feedbacks, suggestions, improvements, questions, complaints, please write to me on my email neeraj20042000@gmail.com.
Neeraj Sharma
Continued to part 2…………………

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