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Psychic Palm Reading; A Way Of Knowing Oneís Inner Self

By Expert Author: ARUKHA KHETRA

Physic palm reading is also coined as palmistry. In this form of foreseeing or foretelling anything about anybodyís present, past and future involves lines, patterns and shapes on the hands. The hand of a person is considered as the store house of various significant events of the personís life. A rough sketch of the personís personality can also be drawn by utilizing the knowledge of palmistry. The origination of this art was in China and that too 3,000 years ago. The same art was used by the gypsies for fortune telling in Europe. Physic palm reading became popular in 20th century during the spiritualism movement. This is not just about reading palms, but it also incorporates interpretation of the hands. The shape of the fingers and nails formation are interpreted as they appear. The professional palm readers will have many qualifications and have a thorough understanding about palm reading and forecasting.

By the help of physic palm reading the palmist gets to know about the atrocities that might be faced by that person in near future or he/she has faced in the past. Every minute detail like this is depicted on a personís palm. It would not be wrong to say that all the patterns and shapes depicted on the palms are associated with astrology. The significant life changes are also depicted by the changes in the pattern of the palm, as with age the hand patterns also change. Apart from age there are two more things which are held responsible for the change in the hand patterns, yoga and meditation. Experts also say that more the spirit is set free the more one connects with the divine mind.

There are also a few people who like to read their own palms, and this type of physic palm reading
is called as self-palm reading. There is no academic qualification required for palm reading. What really required is the basic knowledge and understanding of the art of palm reading or palmistry. Internet is considered as the best source for gathering knowledge. A few people take physic palm reading as a profession from casual hobby. The accuracy increases with experience. The onesí who are doing physic palm reading for years are more dependable as they have gone into the depth of palm reading. Institutes and training centers have also come up now that provide proper training and show how to reveal the true secrets of the palms.

Many might get confused by hearing about self-palm reading and might think that it is different from professional one, but the basic idea behind the two is the same. The only difference is in self-palm reading the person gets to read only one palm and in the professional one the person gets to see a lot of palms and thus the experience gained is more. This also increases the accuracy and the answers attained become unquestionable. The self-palm readers can also attain the same level of expertise by practice. More and more practice will help them to understand the relation between body and spirit.

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