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Corporatism's Plan For The Dumbing Down Of America

By Author: autumn cote
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Corporatism is a very powerful, aggressive entity that has a very ambitious objective in mind; to take control of this nation's political system, then the government and, finally, our democracy. In accelerating this process it is following a plan which calls for the dumbing down of America. The strategy, when we consider the corporate mentality, actions and behavior is simply this: the American people, under current conditions, are an obstacle, standing in the way of this objective. And so they must be neutralized and made powerless.

Corporatism, aka Corporate America, can be viewed as a parent organization with the Military-Industrial Complex as its largest, most powerful division. The other divisions include the major transnational Corporations, Wall Street, the U.S. Congress (100% of Republicans and an increasing number of Democrats), the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican state governors and their legislatures. The combination of these various divisions makes for a very powerful force that is trying to steamroll its way across and over America.

When we speak of Corporatism, its massive control of this nation and government, we must differentiate between those giant, powerful corporations and the small businesses that still remain as one of the major foundations of America. Yes, the Wal-Marts, Home Depots, and other extensive retail chains have severely damaged the small business sector, it still remains a major factor in American commerce. One day, when Corporate America is brought back under control, they will again become the cornerstone of this nation.

So let's talk about how this powerful organization's aggressive plan and agenda designed to dumb down America and what it expects to gain by its major strategies:

*One of its primary goals is to significantly weaken this nation's political process and democracy by using every tactic and technique at its disposal to water down or even eliminate the voting rights of specific segments of the electorate. This organization and its Republican governors and legislatures have been enacting laws that mandate the use of photo-ID's as a voting requirement. They are, obviously, targeting African Americans, Hispanics and other strong supporters of the Democratic Party. Their goal is to create an atmosphere that frustrates and discourages potential left-leaning voters to the point that they stay home; it's their primary tool for voter suppression.

*Their aim is to cloud and condition the minds of Americans to such an extent that they remain uninformed, or so misinformed that they become irrelevant to the political process and allow the system to become even more corrupted. This is largely accomplished through the corporate-controlled mainstream media that they use to spread their propaganda. They want the American people to immerse themselves in movies that feature intense violence, space aliens and vampires, and in watching scores of pathetic situation comedies and reality TV shows. They want people to become so addicted to their smart phones, texting and use of an infinite number of available apps that they no longer have any time to become better informed about the myriad of problems facing America.

They use their monopolistic control of newspapers and TV stations to send out a constant stream of news filled with violence, hatred and really nothing of any real substance; they devote no time to debates or deep discussions about the nation's problems; there are virtually no in-depth discussions of solutions to the problems this country faces. They want the people to become robotic, like sheeple, that combination of sheep and cattle with a herd mentality.

*Education is the key to America's future and is now coming under widespread siege by those whose objective is the dumbing down of America. Tuitions continue their upward climb and young Americans have to literally sign themselves into bondage as they incur huge student loans; these loans now, collectively, exceed $1 trillion. Then, after graduation, millions of students struggle to pay back these large debts while a great many of them can't even find jobs. When education should be this nation's greatest priority it is, instead, being grossly neglected; and teachers, the cornerstone of this great institution are coming under constant attack and losing their jobs all across America. And we ask why? Because it's a part of the overall plan; when the mass of the American people slowly but surely become less educated, less creative and less innovative, they will then become more passive, more submissive and far easier to manipulate and control.

This is a national disgrace. We are heading toward a two-tiered system of education; on the one hand a system of advanced education for those in the higher income groups who will be recruited to become the designated leaders of America and masters of Wall Street and, secondly, one in which the majority of American students, those at the lower income levels (there won't be any middle class) will attend vocational schools for the most part.
*When this egregious agenda to dumb down America becomes reality, one of its greatest benefits will be the creation of an endless stream of recruits for the "voluntary" U.S. military; young, undereducated Americans will readily join up because there is no other place where they can earn a decent salary. That steady supply of "military fodder" will be used in the pursuit of America's future resource wars that will be necessary to further establish control over world's declining petroleum reserves. They will also be needed to maintain the vast military empire that shows no signs of reducing its presence over this entire planet.

*As improbable as it might seem, the decimated American workforce could be a beneficiary of this plan, albeit not exactly what workers might like. In the future, as the cost of ocean transportation become prohibitive, and it certainly will as the supply of petroleum continues to decline and costs skyrocket, U.S. corporations will have to wean themselves off of cheap foreign labor. And when they do they will need to resurrect the American workforce. But they will want to create a new workforce, not the kind that they previously dealt with; this time they want to hire workers who are so very desperate that they will take any kind of job at almost any wage. They want a workforce that will be America's version of cheap Chinese labor.

We should remember that Corporate America does not act alone in carrying out its agenda. When it needs legislation to promote its own interests to the detriment of the American people it turns to the U.S. Congress to get the job done. When the U.S. Constitution stands in the way it enlists the aid of its other division, the Supreme Court, to subvert it. When it wants to suppress the bargaining rights of the nation's teachers, police and firefighters and dismantle their unions it turns to the GOP governors and legislators who are more than willing to do the dirty work.

The masters of Corporatism cannot be allowed to achieve their objective of dumbing down America. A powerful opposing force must prevent that from happening; that force is, of course, the American people themselves. The only problem with that becoming reality is that the vast majority of the people know virtually nothing of this war being waged against them because it is so clever and deceptive. They can feel that something is really wrong but they still haven't figured it out. But, there is a way to wake them up to the dangers that exist.
The people of America must be organized, motivated and energized. The Occupy Movement attempted to fight against the forces of Corporatism that control the U.S. government but they tried to do it alone and completely failed to muster the support of the mass of the American people that was crucial to its success. While it was a good start it represents no more than a drop in the bucket compared to the force that needs to be created.

In order to be a really effective, powerful force the Occupy Movement would have to be magnified many times over to go up against the relentless power of Corporatism. But one of the biggest problems such a movement faces is that so many millions of Americans who are under the yoke of corporate power and control remain in a state of silence and submissiveness, afraid that if they speak up they will lose their jobs in an atmosphere where jobs are rapidly disappearing.

Here's the direction that needs to be taken in order to go up against these corporate giants and win this critically important battle. There are many organizations and groups in America that are working hard to combat the power of Corporate America. They vary in size, they may use different strategies but their objective is basically the same; to free America from the vice grip of Corporatocracy. Now, before we can mobilize and activate the power of the people, we need to organize and energize these many similar thinking organizations into some form of cooperative movement.

It will take a mountain of effort, creative ability and great cooperation between these separate groups to form a powerful movement that will, eventually, remove the massive power of Corporate America from this government and to end its domination over this society. The people of America, in the face of this great danger, must strongly challenge, break up and remove Corporatism's threat to this nation and our democracy. Those in America with that kind of courage and conviction must come forward and lead the effort.

Michael Payne

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