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Umrah Packages

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Umrah Trip

The sacred trip to the Holy land of Mecca and Medina are the most memorable events of any Muslim’s life. Most people become so excited in preparations that they forget the basic purpose of this trip. We must all learn the fundamentals of Umrah trip as well as its history. Why do we perform Umrah? What is the significance of Umrah? When did it first start and what’s the perfect Islamic way to perform it? As a Muslim we must know the answers to all these questions because if we don’t realize the importance of anything than it’s useless to physically act upon it.

People usually choose travel agents to arrange everything for their trip. Islamfreedom.com offers many Umrah packages which clearly state the services they will be providing. They are responsible for the services you pay for which may include accommodation, food, etc. The lavishly you pay the higher benefits you get. You can find several best cheap Umrah packages through islamfreedom.com. If you’re travelling for the first time then consulting them is your only best option. However, frequent travellers can handle all tasks like paper work for visas, residential matters and food arrangements by themselves.

Purpose of Umrah

Islam is the only religion that preaches a thorough and detailed code of life. Each and every action of a Muslim reflects the importance of Islam in his/her life. There are various kinds of praying methods in Islam and Umrah is one of them. The basic purpose of performing Umrah is unknown to many Muslims including those who might have already done it. The main purpose of going on Umrah is to accomplish a Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH). Unlike Hajj, Umrah is a lot easier and requires less effort. Even financially Umrah is more affordable as compared to Hajj expenses.

One who is capable of bearing Umrah charges is called Mustati. Such person is obliged to spend in the way of Allah and observe this Holy journey. People who can’t afford travel and other expenditures have a choice in this matter. It’s named as Mustahabb (desirable not obligatory) in Islamic term.

All countries have their own rules and regulations about the Umrah packages they offer. Some of them are costly and some others are not. It all depends on the quality and facilities you’ll be getting according to the paid amount. You can find more information at Umrah 2014 main page.

Umrah Rituals

It’s a desperate dream of most Muslims to visit the chaste land of Mecca and Medina at least once in their lives. Once we are closer to fulfilling this dream we often forget the most necessary thing i.e.

learning the rituals of Umrah or Hajj. The overexcitement confuses our minds and we often forget to gain a good understanding of what we will be doing there. The procedure of Umrah includes

• Tawaf- Circling around the Kaaba seven times in anticlockwise direction. Each round must start from the black stone (hijr e aswad) by saying ‘Bismillah, Allahu Akbar’.
• Saii-It’s walking at a fast pace seven times between the Saffah and Marwah hills.
• Taqsir- Men should shave their heads and women must shorten their hair partially.

All men and women must wear ihram from the Ayesha mosque before performing these rituals and can only take it off after taqsir.
Umrah is simple and very easy to learn. You must memorize all Ayahs you’ll have to recite during tawaf and saii.

Make sure you choose the deluxe Umrah packages to make your trip more comfortable. Acquire help from a travel Umrah agent or do your research online. Check out some of these fantastic Umrah packages from UK.

Step by step guide to Umrah

The journey for Umrah is of high value for all Muslims. The first step is to find an Umrah agent and pick one of the Umrah packages they offer. Following is the step by step guide to Umrah

• Make intention of performing Umrah by washing yourself properly.
• Get in Ihram and pray 2 nafals.
• Say the required intentional prayers before starting tawaaf.
• Finish 7 rounds of tawaaf-e-kaaba while walking anti clockwise direction.
• Pray 2 rakahs after finishing the tawaaf.
• Walk towards the Safaa and Marwa for the next step of Umrah i.e. Saii
• Recite ‘dua’ once you reach near the Safaa Mountain.
• Beginning from Safaa one must keep walking toward Marwa. Men should run as fast as possible in the area of green lights.
• Continue these rounds until you’ve walked between the mountains seven times.
• Once you’re done, men must get their heads shaved while women must have a hair lock cut.
• Both men and women can get out of Ihram.

It’s utterly important to memorize all supplications, ayahs and intentional prayers that you’ll be reciting during tawaaf and saii. For more information see this Umrah package main page.

Significance of Umrah

Umrah is a sunnah of Prophet (s.a.w) which is also called as ‘minor hajj’. Unlike hajj it can be done at anytime of the year excluding hajj days i.e. 9th Zil hajj to 13th Zil hajj. The value of Umrah is described several times in Hadith. Prophet (S.a.w) said, “One Umrah is compensation for the sins committed between it and the next Umrah”. (Muslim)

“The pilgirms of Hajj and Umrah are deputations of Allah. If they call Him, He responds to them and if they ask for His forgiveness, He forgives them”. (Ibn e Majah)

More and more people wish to travel to Makkah during Ramazan and perform Umrah. Travel agents overcharge people for trips during Ramazan and even regular Umrah packages are more expensive in that Holy month. It’s because the significance of Umrah is many times greater in Ramazan. It’s been proved according to Hadith that, “The blessing of one Umrah in Ramazan is equal to performing hajj”. It’s also stated in Hadith that Prophet (S.a.w) said “its equivalent to doing hajj with me (Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w.)”.

The hadith clearly explains that blessings of Umrah increase manifolds in Ramazan. It’s also stated in one Hadith that Umrah during this holy month is equal to performing hajj. Click here to check recommended Umrah packages 2014.

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