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Electronic Cigarette Safety

By Author: Julia Jackson
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Electronic cigarettes are unquestionably much safer than tobacco cigarettes and offer dozens of health benefits and safety features. Since e-cigarettes do not emit second-hand smoke or carcinogenic pollutants into the air, which are harmful to non-smokers, e-cigs are legal for use in most places where tobacco is banned. In addition, an electronic cigarette does not contain the tar, harmful chemical by-products or toxins found in tobacco smoke which are associated with most of the health risks faced by smokers, such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema. Lastly, electronic cigarette safety also prevents fires or burns because e-cigs are battery powered and non-flammable, not requiring the use of matches or combustion to help you get your nicotine fix.

Government Safety Regulations
Since electronic cigarettes only became available in 2005, there are no independent clinical studies on their long term safety. This prompted the FDA to attempt to regulate e-cigarettes as a drug delivery system, but the courts determined that e-cigs were not a drug delivery system and therefore are not subject to FDA approval. Electronic cigarettes are classified and seen in the same light as tobacco products, and their sale may be subject to federal tobacco laws. The use of electronic cigarettes is not regulated in most U.S. jurisdictions at this time, encouraging smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes to avoid smoking ban laws in public areas, restaurants, and bars. Being able to circumvent tobacco cigarette bans is one of the best benefits of electronic cigarettes, allowing smokers to indulge their nicotine craving anytime and anywhere without problems or legal issues.

Chemicals in Cigarettes vs. Ingredients in Electronic Cigarettes
Tar is probably the most toxic chemical cocktail in cigarette smoke and is composed of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are byproducts of combustion and are created when tobacco is burned. Other toxins include cyanide, arsenic, formaldehyde, benzene, acetone, methanol, acetylene, cadmium, nickel, and polonium 210. About 50 of the over 4,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke are known carcinogens and hundreds more are toxins. Some of the components in tobacco smoke have not yet been identified or classified.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes work by creating a vapor from a liquid solution that contains propylene glycol or glycerin, food additives (flavoring), and a small amount of nicotine, depending on the nicotine strength a smoker chooses. Propylene glycol has been used in asthma inhalers for over 50 years and has been proven safe in long term clinical studies. The formulas for e-liquid, the solution in cartridges or cartomizers that contain the nicotine for e-cigarettes, may vary between manufacturers and smokers making the switch are advised to check the ingredients in different brands. Claims that e-cig vapors contain carcinogens are not supported by available scientific data – to date, no carcinogens or toxins are found in electronic cigarettes, offering huge health benefits over traditional tobacco.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Addictive?
The addictive and primary substance in tobacco is nicotine, and electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine. Although the amount of nicotine is not regulated by law, most makers offer disposable cartridges with different nicotine levels so smokers can choose a level and strength that is similar to the level in their preferred tobacco cigarettes. Cartridges or cartomizers, a 2 in 1 atomizer and cartridge patented by certain e-cig brands, can come in full strength, medium, light, and ultra light nicotine strength levels, offering flexibility and a variety of choices.

In addition to differing nicotine levels, a number of manufacturers are offering nicotine free cartridges for smokers who have broken their nicotine additions by gradually decreasing their nicotine intake, but not their smoking habits. By continuing the act of smoking but slowly lessening their cartridge’s nicotine strengths, customer reviews claim that smokers are able to gradually become nicotine free.

Health Risks – Are E-Cigarettes Safe?
Nicotine is a stimulant which is toxic in large dosages. Prolonged abuse of nicotine may lead to coronary artery disease, hypertension, and heart failure. Electronic cigarettes have considerably fewer health risks than tobacco cigarettes and there are no known side effects of electronic cigarettes. The dosage of nicotine delivered by electronic cigarettes is about the same amount contained in other smoking alternatives like nicotine gums, patches, and lozenges; and these products are FDA approved for smoking cessation.

Can E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?
Electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a smoking cessation device to help smokers quit their habit, but many smokers claim, in their reviews, to have used e-cigarettes to end their dependence on traditional tobacco and even sometimes nicotine altogether. Smoking is a habit as well as an addiction and electronic cigarettes allow smokers to continue their smoking behavior while slowly and gradually eliminating their nicotine addiction, if the smoker chooses to do so. Since the habit of reaching for a cigarette can be as difficult to overcome as the dependence on nicotine, some smokers have found electronic cigarettes to be the best method for ending their nicotine use by slowly decreasing the strength of the nicotine in the cartridge they buy.

Final Word – Safety
There may be some health risks associated with the abuse of nicotine, but electronic cigarettes are undeniably much safer than tobacco cigarettes and products. Most health professionals agree that smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes greatly reduce their risk of smoking-related cancers, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, and other serious health problems or chronic diseases associated with tobacco use. Many smokers have reported improved breathing, higher energy levels, and other health benefits that are normally experienced by those who have quit smoking. Overall, electronic cigarette safety has been a top priority brands, and manufacturers will continue to offer high quality, safe electronic cigarettes. To find the best electronic cigarette for you, read our e-cigarette reviews to learn about the different brands, starter kits, nicotine levels and flavors, designs, and cheap prices.

Article Credit: www.myelectroniccigarettereviews.com

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