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Cisco7600 Router Deployment Considerations

By Author: Lili router
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Cisco 7600 router is the Cisco 3925 Cisco 3925 high-end route device as the core enterprise network and operator edge development of new, this statement itself is the problem. With the development of network,whether the enterprise network or network operators, the function is more and more close, isthe deployment of a IP/MPLS network to carry all of the network traffic (voice, video, data, etc.).Different network and network operators only large-scale enterprise's network in the performance and function expansibility, operator's network technology is increasingly used in enterprise network environment, such as MPLS VPN.
Cisco7600 router architecture is derived from the Cat6500 Ethernet switch, Cisco for the router to business needs, develop some new board, engines and power supply, at the same time in the adaptation of IOS operating system, provide routers need the software function, due to congenital structure problem, at present in the Chinese operator backbone network, still rarelydeployed 7600 series routers, with China Telecom and China Netcom, for example, in theprovince over the environment largely invisible to the deployment of 7600; in the Chinese market, 7600 basic as a large campus network backbone and small metropolitan Ethernet aggregation equipment use, application characteristics still have the obvious core layer three switches. The reasons for this situation:
1 core engine problem
The Cisco6500 switch to the 7600 router after years of product changes, there have been 4generation engine, SUP1, SUP32, SUP720-3B, SUP720-3BXL; now, the SUP1 engine has been introduced into the market, after the three engine can supply, the main differences are as follows:
SUP32: support 256G Ethernet switch backplane, packet processing capacity is 30Mpps, three layers switch engine typical; when configuring SUP32, SIP new development Cisco router cardcannot be used, if the WAN port (ATM155M, POS155M, E1 etc.), need to configure the FlexWAN card adapter, performance drops to 15Mpps.
SUP720-3B and SUP720-3BXL: support 720G Ethernet switch backplane, claimed that thepacket processing ability of 400Mpps support SIP card; the latest development, can provide the router function and strong performance of different 3B and 3BXL engine; the largest is thecontrol list number routing capacity and access table, a 3B engine only supports 250000 routes in the routing table, the 3BXL engine routing table 1000000 route.
All the Cisco7600 series engine plate at the same time provide the routing and forwarding functions, SUP720-3B and SUP720-3BXL also provides a switching matrix, this structure is obviously the enterprise network switch structure; in contrast, the Juniper M Series Router and Cisco GSR12000 router provides the routing engine, forwarding engine and the switching matrixseparation system structure, provide convenient development machine stability and the function of the better. This is the operator's network Cisco GSR, Juniper M routers are deployed in large scale, and the main reason 7600 rarely see.
2 Ethernet card selection problem
Cisco7600 series Ethernet card, there are three main types: LAN card, OSM card and SIP card.The main difference between the three boards are as follows:
LAN provides a 10GE/GE/FE Ethernet card: high density memory configuration of exchange board, small, cheap price, but it can't provide more business requirements of the QOS queue,ACLs, VPLS and other business functions; processing overhead for the SUP engine on theresources of the three layer of the business of a lot of. The SUP engine on the GE port to LAN port. If you use the engine's GE port, in the engine fault switching, GE port must be switched at the same time, therefore, the application operator customers do not accept the engine on theGE port.
OSM card: card OSM card is the first generation of router 7600, three layer routing capabilitiesprovide distributed, but can not provide the WAN port type rich.
SIP card: the latest development of router Cisco adapter boards, SIP board configuration largercard memory, the router function and performance is relatively abundant, SIP200, 400, 600 respectively matched with different rate of router card.
The SIP card must with SUP720-3B and SUP720-3BXL support to use.
Different card price is different, the same configuration of 16 port GE, the price gap is as follows:
LAN card: 33750 * 1 = $33750
Cat6500 16-port GigE mod, 2 Fab I/F (Req, GBICs, DFC/DFC3)
OSM card: 92400 * 4 = $369600
Enhanced OSM with 4 GE WAN ports and 2 GE LAN ports
SIP card: 1890003780063000 = $289800
Cisco 7600 Series SPA Interface Processor-600
5-port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter
10-port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter
3 wide screen card configuration problem
In order to WAN port adapter router needs, Cisco in 7600 mainly developed two kinds of cards:FlexWAN card and SIP card.
FlexWAN card: the card is designed to fit the early 7500 router PA card, from the E1 to the 155M port adapter, the need to pay attention to is, once you use FlexWAN card, the treatment can be immediately reduced to 15Mpps;
SIP card: Cisco is the latest development of SIP card WAN interface to provide high performance, basically in accordance with the functions and performance of port router needs.
The SIP card must with SUP720-3B and SUP720-3BXL support to use.
The above two kinds of card price is also significantly different, with common POS 155M port as an example, the following configuration:
FlexWAN card:
WS-X6182-2 Cisco 3925 router Cisco 3925 router

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