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Copywriting Secrets Of India's Mystics

By Author: Harry Foster
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Hi everyone,
Been ruminating on this one for a little while now but it's probably one of the most profound discoveries of my life. It all began with a little book about music and it's had such a deep influence on my copywriting and small business, indeed my whole outlook on life, I'd like to share it with you all now.
Here's what happened...
About 8 years ago I bought the book "Man and Music In India" by Roshmi Goswami and was introduced to a staggering thought from within its pages... that every note sounded by a musician is actually a container for the spirit of the musician.
Now breaking that open further I began to see that (I'm a musician myself; drummer, guitar player) as the notes of a musician could be filled by the very soul or spirit of the musician himself or even God or demons (if you believe in them) so the notes were almost like little boats that each musician filled with their persona unique to them and by plucking, singing, striking the note they in essence 'launched' it out into the waves of the sea of sound where it eventually reaches the 'port' of it's destination - the audiences hearing ear, who gladly receive and enjoy it (or otherwise if a bad musician).
In my mind's eye I saw each musical piece therefore (stick with me here - it's worth it I promise) as composed of thousands of little boats (the notes) sent out to sail across the sea of sound by vibration (the waves) to the audiences listening intently on the other side of that 'sound sea'.
For many years I thought about this and then realised (sorry I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes!) that this didn't just apply to notes in music but more deeply and profoundly it actually applied to the very stuff of life itself - WORDS.
As such every single every single word you say or write is a container, a 'little boat' as it were... that actually contains YOU! The question is what fills your 'little boat' before you launch it out to sea?
If the light bulb has not gone on yet it will, just keep pondering the bigger picture above - perhaps of a lone master violinist or a sitar and tabla player deeply entwined in an intricate Indian raga and before long you'll understand exactly what I'm driving at... and it's deep, very profound.
When you apply the above metaphor to words you see the little boats not as notes just being "containers for the music and spirit of the musician" but rather words as little ships themselves that contain YOUR very essence, spirit, soul and persona.
Every time you speak or write a single line you release a little 'Armada' of these little boats out onto the sea of existence itself - if speaking, then out onto the splashing waves of the 'sea of sound' - if writing, then even more deeply into the sea of 'heart to heart direct communication' itself... without a sound, directly to the target.
What' s so profound about the written word is its ability (when the writing is good) to bypass all the defenses humans erect against other humans' intrusion and drop directly into the emotional and decision making part of the heart to evoke powerful responses. That's also good if you want to sell something to someone.
Quick example...
My wife didn't even know I really had feelings for her in the first months of us knowing each other and she'd moved to another town 65 miles away - I wrote her a letter; it was pretty powerful (I was terrible at controlling my emotions then and splurged the clumsy letter full of poetry and undying declarations of love etc!) and she phoned me saying she was surprised at my feelings for her; within 8 weeks we were married and that was 17 years ago.
Prior to the letter I'd just been a fleeting acquaintance and if I'd tried face to face I'd probably have blown it being so nervous and all but; the words carrying my spirit, passion, persona bypassed all her natural resistance and... melted her heart!
So what's this all got to do with copywriting? Well a massive amount really; the point I'm trying to uncover here is that you reveal your very personality through every single word you write... even if there are some aspects you'd rather not show to others, especially prospects or clients.
Each little copywriting 'word boat' is saturated with an invisible (to you but not your readers), almost DNA like substance which betrays who you really are to everyone who reads what you write.
Eek! Kinda scary...
So putting your best food forward for business doesn't mean covering up the nasty bits and hoping folks won't find them. Their 'sixth sense' tells them to avoid you or do business with you because the 'substance' leaks out from the little boats to alert them to who the real you is, whether you like it or not.
Rather, you fix what's wrong in your business, align who and what you are with an honest decent direction and let that saturate all your future messages as you roll out your campaigns to win the world. Then your transparency will win you friends and business... you become attractive.
Never forget when your words drop through someones letter box, email box or arrive through the ether on a telephone wire folks instantly know deep in their gut whether you're the 'real deal' or not.
You can't hide it - when you wrote your copy or launched into your sales pitch you filled your 'little boat' with who you really are, your own unique DNA ... probably without even knowing it.

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