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Things You Need To Know Before Knee Replacement Surgery

By Author: Pooja Sharma
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If your knee is severely broken by arthritis or injury, it's going to be exhausting for you to perform easy activities, similar to walking or using stairs. You will even begin to feel pain when you are sitting or lying down.

If nonsurgical treatments like medications and using walking supports are not any longer useful, you will need to think about total knee replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery may be a safe and effective procedure to get rid of the pain, correct leg deformity, and aid

Total knee replacements are one of the foremost productive procedures in all of medicine.

Whether you are simply beginning to explore treatment choices or have already set to have total knee replacement surgery, this text can assist you perceive a lot of regarding this valuable procedure.

Importance of a health knee

The knee is the largest joint within the body and having healthy knees is necessary to perform most of the everyday activities.

The knee is formed of the lower finish of the thighbone (femur), the higher finish of the tibia (leg bone), and also the kneecap (patella). The ends of those 3 bones wherever they touch are coated with articular cartilage, a sleek substance that protects the bones and allows them to maneuver simply.

The menisci are situated between the femur and leg bone. These C-shaped wedges act as "shock absorbers" that cushion the joint.

Large ligaments hold the thighbone and leg bone along and supply stability. The long thigh muscle provides the knee strength.

All remaining surfaces of the knee are coated by a thin lining referred to as the synovial membrane. This membrane releases a fluid that lubricates the cartilage, reducing friction to almost zero in a very healthy knee.

Normally, all of those elements work in harmony. However, illness or injury will disrupt this harmony, leading to pain, muscle weakness, and reduced performance.


The most common reason behind chronic knee pain and incapacity is arthritis. Though there are many sorts of arthritis, most knee pain is caused by simply 3 types: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis.

Osteoarthritis: This is often an age-related "wear and tear" sort of arthritis. It always happens in individuals fifty years of old and older, however might occur in younger individuals, too. The ground substance that protects the bones of the knee softens and wears away. The bones then rub against one another, inflicting knee pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is often an illness during which the synovial membrane that surrounds the joint becomes inflamed and thickened. This will cause an injury and eventually cause pain, and stiffness is also the commonest kind of a bunch of disorders termed "inflammatory arthritis."

Post-traumatic arthritis: This may follow a significant knee injury. Fractures of the bones encompassing the knee or tears of the knee ligaments might harm the articulary cartilage over time, inflicting knee pain and limiting knee performance.

Knee Replacement procedure

A knee replacement (which may also be referred to as knee arthroplasty) may be more precisely termed a knee "resurfacing" as a result of solely the surface of the bones are literally replaced.

There are four basic steps to a knee replacement procedure.

• Prepare the bone: The broken cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and leg bone are removed alongside a little quantity of underlying bone.
• Position the metal implants: The removed cartilage and bone is replaced with metal elements that recreate the surface of the joint. These metal elements could also be cemented or "press-fit" into the bone.
• Resurface the patella: The base of the kneecap is cut and filled with a plastic button.
• Insert a spacer: A medical-grade plastic spacer is inserted between the metal parts to form a sleek gliding surface.

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