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K Gold Jewelry Dancing Color Conservation Knowledge@mimo.su

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Compared with the traditional gold jewelry, K gold jewelry without losing the atmosphere of luxury, and fashion simple, its style of exquisite, color gorgeous is the other jewelry can not match. Necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, hair clips, Fake Hermes Pop H Necklace watches, small pendant, K gold all-encompassing, which, inlaid all kinds of jewelry, shell jewelry, style bold, lively, people love at first sight. There are K gold made of small mirrors and other small objects, especially cute, surplus in hand, people can not bear to let go.
This year’s K gold jewelry, dancing in color, the most popular prize money is rose gold. Waldorf jewelry sales lady told reporters that rose gold with 75% gold and 25% of other metal materials from fusion, the color than the K gold, yellow ingredients a lot less, and thus slightly pink. This unique color can make women’s skin look fair, more style, vitality. In addition, there are blue, green and other personality color.
K gold knowledge tips
One of the characteristics of gold is soft, so it is difficult to set out a variety of exquisite style, especially when inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other treasures easily lost. Therefore, people in the gold by adding a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to increase the strength and toughness of gold, so made of gold, also known as gold.
K gold jewelry is characterized by less gold, low cost, but also formulated into a variety of colors, and not easy to deformation and wear. K gold by the amount of gold and then divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 9K gold and so on.Fake Hermes H Earrings China’s most common market 18K gold, its gold content of 18 × 4.1666 = 75%, jewelry should be marked on the mark as “18K” or “750”.
K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, popular in the international gold jewelry K gold has a variety of colors, we are common yellow and white. Gold mixed with 25% palladium or nickel, it will become white, the composition of its main ingredient or gold, this is called white gold K gold. Consumers should pay attention when buying, do not confuse platinum and white K gold (or call K platinum). We call the platinum, the specification name should be platinum, its purity without K and PT, such as PT950 that the platinum content of jewelry reached 95 %%; white K gold (K platinum) is gold and other metal synthesis Of the products, the market sales of white K gold, K platinum jewelry and platinum jewelry is two completely different products. In addition, the market there is a gold-plated jewelry, gold-plated jewelry made of silver or copper, the surface coating for gold or rhodium and other metals, its appearance and platinum, K gold difference, but the value and quality there is a world of difference, Consumers should pay attention to distinguish.
K gold cleaning tips
Regardless of the composition of K gold, the way of cleaning is much the same
(1) the general clean, you can soak in alcohol after a few minutes out, the general sweat will be Fake Hermes Clic H Ringaccompanied by alcohol and volatile, washed the water can be dry.
(2) often wear and accumulation of sweat dirt, the old toothbrush can dip neutral cleaning liquid or a commercially available jewelry cleaning solution light brush the bottom of the bench, as well as the drill at the slit, otherwise the gem will be due to the overall transparency of the bottom And pale.
(3) the general store to provide ultrasonic cleaning, but before cleaning carefully check the claws are loose, otherwise it will be because of its high frequency vibration and more loose, inlaid on the stones so the probability of falling increase.
(4) In addition to cleaning, the K gold surface will be due to long-term friction and full of small wear marks, but also reduce the brightness, on weekdays to K gold cloth grinding k gold surface can have the effect of throwing, but the best is 2 – 3 years for a polishing and fine plating treatment, jewelry will be able to return to the original beautiful and bright light.
Face easy old diamond forever
“Egyptian Yan” after the love and jewelry
Elizabeth – Taylor once said that she almost forgot her glory time of fame. The only thing left is in an old picture, with her beauty embraced the dazzling jewelry. Behind every piece of jewelry worn by Taylor, there is a beautiful and moving story. Taylor finally put her and his favorite jewelry between the grace of grudges written into the text, to show the world. The name of the book is called “Elizabeth – Taylor: my love story and jewelry”. In the book at the same time, she also held a personal jewelry collection exhibition, with real beautiful jewelry to the world interpretation of her mysterious and brilliant life.
Ruby Diamond Necklace
The third husband
Meaning: the meaning of her true love
Elizabeth – Taylor exhausted her life, collecting all kinds of world-class jewelry. Of course, let her never forget, but also from her third husband – Hollywood famous producer Mike – Todd talking about.
Ted to give Taylor a lot of jewelry, inlaid with a huge diamonds diamond necklace is a very special one. Whenever Taylor touched the string of fine works of art, she always murmured: “In my life, never seen anything like it, may also not see him again. Generous, so I am so considerate, I can deeply feel that he was protected, love.
But did not last long, this poignant love eventually crash to the plane crash Todd ended. The two sweet years lasted only 13 months. Taylor later recalled: “He left me for love, he taught me the meaning of love.”
Weighing 69.42 Knockoff Hermes Replica Cage d'H Necklace karats of “Bolton – Taylor” diamonds
La Pale Grenada pearls
By: Richard Burton
Meaning: can not smooth the feelings of scars
About 10 years later, Taylor met another love for her unforgettable love. She and the British movie star Richard Burton’s two marriage has once become the world’s most dazzling entertainment news.
They were married for the first time in 1964. Throughout the 20th century, 60 years, Burton couple scenery moment, and once became the most watched entertainment couple. Of course, Burton gave Tyler’s jewelry never inferior to what she had received before, such as the famous La Pale Grenada pearl, which is the world’s finest pear-shaped natural pearls.
When the pearl was first received, there was a big scar on the beads. But in the Taylor and Burton in the Las Vegas hotel holiday process, a surprise so that the beads again become flawless. That day, Taylor is wearing the beads inlaid with the necklace in the hotel around the wandering, she suddenly found this priceless jewelry was gone! “I heard that one of my puppies had been chewing on the bones, and I suddenly realized that we had not fed the bones.” When they took the pearl from the puppy’s mouth, the pearl Scar on the miraculous wings of the fly.
But unfortunately Burton spent huge sums of money to please Taylor and buy jewelry can not quell the growing disputes between the two. After two divorce marriages, the relationship between the two finally declared a formal end.
Jewelry box, which collects diamond bracelets, watches and necklaces
Speaker: Michael – Jackson
Meaning: lucky guardian
Although these earth-shattering love stories from her side by hurry, but these different men gave her long-lasting jewelry can be always accompanied by her side.
In recent years, the famous singer Michael – Jackson has been accompanied by her close friends. Jackson specifically to Taylor to send a jewelry box, which collects diamond bracelets, watches and necklaces. Taylor describes that she and Jackson are deeply concerned about each other, with a sister-like sincere feelings.
When it comes to her collection, Taylor said she felt very lucky to be the “guardian” of these jewels. She said: “I am their guardian, no one can like me from them feel so much happiness.
Elizabeth Taylor won the Lifetime Achievement Award
The famous movie star Elizabeth – Taylor’s grand European tour continued in London, where she was born in the country set off a wave of admiration. The British Film Academy awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award.
She won the award for a charity dinner for love. Her friend, singer George – Michael, Jerry – Harryville, the famous model mining Di – Jide, Mary – Haven, fashion designer Vivian – Westwood are warm to the performing arts community warm congratulations.
The wedding star several times is also an anti-AIDS warrior. “It is a” long, slow and hard struggle “that she is aware of the dangers of AIDS,” she said in her speech, “to build a strong and powerful organization to prevent the disease from happening.”
Earlier this year, because of Taylor’s contribution to the film industry and philanthropy, the British queen gave her an aristocratic title, with a knight level. The actress raised more than $ 120 million in donations for AIDS research and auctioned two personal diamond jewelry items on Wednesday night as charitable donations.
Taylor is the daughter of two art dealers from St. Louis. She was born in London in 1932, but in 1939 with her family moved to Los Angeles. She played the role of “national treasure velvet”, the next “little woman” and “the father of the bride” and “the place on the sun”.
1955 “Rainforest of the country”, 1958 “iron house on top of the cat”, 1959 “Suddenly, last summer” made her three times Oscar nominated. Her first Oscar-winning film was the “8th Sauce” in 1968. In 1966 she won the Oscar for “who was afraid of Virginia – Ur Fu”. The last time she appeared on the screen should be in the film “Flintstone”.
She had married eight times, and her favorite companion Richard Burton had twice gone through the red carpet. She also works with him in the film “Clapela” and “Who is Afraid of Virginia – Ur Fu”.

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