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5 Steps To Writing Shareable Social Media Content

By Author: Kevin Nelson
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Social media marketing has recently become of the most effective strategies for promoting business online. Today, any company, no matter the industry, prefers to have an active Facebook and Twitter page to attract customers and prospects. This is quite understandable as there are 2.80 billion of social media visitors out of 3.77 billion Internet users all over the world, and it’s easier to reach them online, especially if you promote your services or run business globally.

However, young companies, small businesses, and startups frequently ignore SMM thinking that this is too complicated. In fact, SMM is not the most difficult thing in marketing and anyone could start to produce high-quality posts for social media.

In this article, we are going to tell you a couple of secrets for writing effective social media articles that anyone will read and repost.

Choose Proper Topics for Articles

When you were studying at school, you probably had a problem of choosing descriptive essay topics that the lecturers will love. However, being a student you had to satisfy only one person, but when you choose a topic for your article for SMM strategy, you are to reach the whole audience.

Of course, it’s not easy to find a topic that anyone would like. Moreover, it’s impossible to do that. But you need to struggle to define a topic that your audience will love. For example, you are working in the company that sells trowels. Your Facebook followers are definitely those who do renovation at their houses, construction companies and individuals, and people who just need to buy a trowel for house needs. If you start writing about the latest trends in home renovations, this topic will be close to them and they will pay attention to your article. But if you write about trends in fashion, they would hardly click the link.

Therefore, prior to starting to write on Facebook and Twitter, you need to understand your audience. There are many approaches to identifying your target persona, and Hubspot has already covered the best ideas about that. You may try different approaches or find something that will work for you.

Also, it’s important to find the effective way to convey your idea of the topic to readers. Do remember that the first thing people read is the headline of the article or post. Thus, it should be interesting and intriguing enough. What does that mean?

In copywriting and social media marketing some formulae exist that help to create catchy headlines. These formulae are:

XX ways of something
How to do something to get something
XX advantages and X disadvantages

As you can see, the numbers of ‘how to’ works for the titles. You can apply these ideas to your writing to see what’s better for your audience.

Be Short but Informative

Did you know that over 58% of Americans use mobiles to check social media? It means that it will be hard for them to read long posts with long paragraphs. You are to be short with what you write, as no one will read 2,000-word articles from mobile. SEO gurus will tell you that 500-word articles are not so good for SEO so you need to write more. However, here we are talking about social media, and here SEO is not what’s important. Your post will be featured in a feed if only other readers like and share it.

There is also another thing that you need to keep in mind: length of the paragraphs. If they are too long, it will be hard to catch the information. It’s better to write paragraphs that have 2-3 sentences in each. It will be far easier for your readers to scroll them.

Also, do remember to use different formatting types to point out some information. For instance, you may use bold or italics, or even try some other colors of the text. This will help to catch the information better, especially if the post is too long. Don’t forget to use emoji, as they help to make your post more emotional, and this is what is needed for SMM.

What should you do if you want to feature long post on the pages of your Facebook profile?

If you have written a long post in your blog and you want to share it on Facebook or Twitter, use the following recommendations:

Write a couple of sentences to intrigue your readers and show that this post deserves their attention
Add the link to the post. Always use goo.gl to shorten the link and track the statistics of clicks.
Add some picture of the video. We will talk about the importance of visuals a little bit later.

Create Content That Will Have Positive Effects

Some forget that Internet is not the place where the negative emotions should prevail. It’s always better to write positively and convey positive ideas. People do need this approach and they prefer to subscribe to pages that follow this strategy.

Also, you need to write in such a way, to be sure that your words won’t cause negative effects to the reader. For example, if you are writing about home improvements, you should always warn the readers about the difficulties that may face and the dangers that may appear.

Just imagine that you are writing about electricity. You are to warn your readers that it’s dangerous to fix electricity on their own, and it’s important to contact professionals who will do this job for them.

The positive effect in posts may be reached in different ways. For example, you may use a certain tone of voice for your messages. This will create a proper atmosphere on your page, and your visitors will know that when they come here, they won’t face any negate experience. Also, the positive effect may be reached with jokes and humor that you use in your posts. However, here you may be very attentive to how you use these tools as not everyone understands the same jokes in the way that you thought they will be understood.

Add Images and Videos

Writing content for social media is not about texts only. You must remember that images and videos improve the conversion, help to attract the attention of those who scroll the feed and highlight some information that you present in your article. Visuals both help to support ideas and convey them to the readers.

In some cases, you may even put the whole text in the picture by creating an infographic. This is an interactive type of visual content that allows readers to capture the presented information better than the plain text. Infographics can be used for presenting different types of content, but it will be more effective for:

Results of the analysis,
Research data.

If your audience likes the experiments, and if you’re not afraid to use some humor in your posts, add gifs. Gifs are animated pictures that help to covey certain emotion better than just a picture. They are loaded faster than videos, which makes them so attractive to the visitors.

Another type of visual content that your subscribers will love is video. Have you noticed that you always watch videos of the companies that you love? Moreover, if you don’t watch the video, you read the description. Your subscribers will do the same with your content. So if you are not sure that you can attract readers with your texts only, add some visuals.

Set Goals

If you don’t want to know what effect you want to reach with your articles and posts, your SMM strategy won’t ever be successful. First of all, you need to define your main goal. Why exactly you want to make your social media page active? What for do you publish the posts? Do you want to educate your readers, build your brand awareness, or tell them about current offers and sales? The main goal of your SMM strategy will presuppose the types of content you will publish, the schedule of posts, the necessity of giveaways, etc.

Also, you need to set a goal for each particular post. In this way, you will be able to define call to actions that you will use as well as the messages. For example, if you want your readers to share the post, you are to write that in the text. This will be a direct call to action. If you want them to click the link to get to the page of your website, just write ‘Click the link and see what we have for you on our site’. This approach is perfect for a call to action, as your readers clearly understand what they should do. Just inserting links to the article won’t ever be enough, as there are almost no chances that the reader will click it.

In SMM, buttons are important. If you want to persuade your reader to do something, it’s better to add the button or at least the link with CTA.

Writing effective posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is not easy indeed, but it does not mean that you can’t cope with this task. You just need to pay enough efforts to turn every single post into a small social media masterpiece that everyone will share and like. To make sure that you have chosen a proper strategy, always track the performance of each post and readers’ engagement. You’ll see that you can always get better results with your marketing strategy.

We hope that this article will be useful for you. Don’t hesitate to follow these tips, and you’ll soon notice the results!

More About the Author

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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